Salon Marketing – A Salon Business Plan Strategy for Client Retention

hey it’s Dustin with and I’m totally pumped in this video to share with you the four-step
system that we have implemented into our salon to dramatically increase the
return rate of our clients turning first time client into lifelong clients so
stick with me. As a salon owner that lives in a city where there’s a salon on every block I totally understand the importance of getting the first time
client to book a second appointment so they can become a return client in your
salon. Of course it’s always a great idea to be able to pre-book them while they are still in the salon. But we all know that doesn’t always happen so does that
mean that this client is gone for good? or is there something you can do to
dramatically increase the likelihood of them booking another appointment with
you in the future. I’ve created a simple and unique four step system called the Salon
Profit Circle that will dramatically increase the amount of return clients you
get your salon and will also get your clients to share your salon on social
media. The four steps are easy to remember because they all start with the letter S
they are Service, Survey Social Share and Social Proof. The first step is service
and it’s probably a no brainer for you when you get a client to sit in your
chair it is your goal to absolutely give them the best customer service and the
best hair service that’s possible so that they prebook their next appointment
with you while they’re still in there in the salon. When this occurs, you don’t even have to do the next three steps. Step number 2 is a survey. Within 24 hours of your
first time client’s visit you wanna send them an email or text message with a link to a
4 or 5 question survey on your website. What this does is it allows your customer to give feedback which gives them a sense of investment in your salon and sets them up for step number three which is where all the money’s at. Number three is social
share. Once they click the submit button on your survey, it redirects them to
another page on your website which says thanks for filling out our survey we’d
like to give you $5 off your next appointment all you have to do is click the Facebook
share button right below this video. When they click the facebook share button
unlocks a voucher for $5 off their next appointment was really sweetens the deal
for them to book their second appointment in your salon. If they’re willing to do that
they’re willing to come back. They say word of mouth is the best form of
advertising and so not only did you get your first time client to book a second
appointment but you’ve also got them to share your salon with all their Facebook
friends which really increases the likelihood of their Facebook friends
becoming first-time clients and getting on the salon profit circle. So you might be
thinking that sounds like an excellent concept but I’d love to see an example
of how it’s done so I can implement it into my own salon and that’s why I’ve
created a free four video training series that will walk you step-by-step of the
different parts of the salon profit circle and how to do it in your own salon. In this free
training series I let you look over my shoulder so that you can see exactly
what the client will see as they walk step-by-step through the Salon Profit Circle. All you have to do to get instant access to the salon profit circle
training series is click the button on this video or the link down description if this video has been
helpful and you love the concept definitely give me a thumbs up or if you
have any questions submit those in the comment section below Again the button on the screen or the
link in the description and I look forward to seeing you on the next video

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14 thoughts on “Salon Marketing – A Salon Business Plan Strategy for Client Retention

  1. I m owner of salon from 4 yrs but I didn't get any best result in my salon m moving in 1 ratio from 4 yrs so how could I have to grow it plz help me.

  2. Hi! Loved watching your video! Thank you for sharing. 1 question …what if someone has a bad experience in your salon and shares it after we send the survey?

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