Satya Jewelry: How to Run a Profitable Purpose-Driven Business

Hey, it’s Marie Forleo, and you are watching
MarieTV, the place to be to create a business and life you love. And if you’ve ever wanted
to run a business that’s not only highly profitable but that also makes a difference,
you are gonna love today’s guest. Satya Scainetti is the founder and designer of Satya
Jewelry. A philanthropist, yoga teacher, reiki healer, Satya lives a lifestyle dedicated
to giving back to the world community. The name Satya, meaning truth in Sanskrit, inspires
each wearer to find their individual truth. Satya has built a devoted global following
as she creates beautiful, inspiring, and meaningful jewelry that resonates with each customer’s
own personal journey. Satya’s background in social work and passion for early childhood
education sparked the creation of the Satya Foundation, a nonprofit organization that
provides children all over the world with hope, change, and the opportunity to fulfill
their destinies. Satya lives in New York with her twin sons and 2 dogs. Satya, thank you so much for coming on MarieTV. Thank you for having me. So I shared this when we first met. I adore
you, I adore your jewelry, I’ve been such a fan for years. Back when Josh and I first
got together he would actually get me gifts for Christmas and my birthday that weren’t
Satya jewelry and I’d always send him back to the store and say, “You know what? If
you wanna make me happy, go to this store and get one. Just one little piece of jewelry,
I love everything they make.” And I am so excited about our collaboration, which we’re
gonna talk about a little bit later. But first I wanna learn about your journey because you
went from being a social worker to being a yoga teacher to creating this incredible business.
Take us back to those early days and tell us about how this came about. Sure. Yeah, I thought, as a social worker,
I was really gonna make a big impact in the lives of children. And after a few years in
the industry I was like, “Ooh, it’s just…” I wasn’t making the changes. I didn’t see
the changes happening as quickly as I was hoping. So I started doing a lot of yoga,
a lot of meditation, and just continued to open up my whole spiritual practice and decided
to take a little hiatus from social work. And I ended up in the Bahamas doing a 30 day
yoga teacher training and during those 30 days so much unfolded. Not only did I tap
into a lot of my own inner power, my own inner abilities to create and design, but I, at
the end of the 30 days, they gave me the name Satya. And the name Satya is truth. So that
evening I had this dream and it was so powerful and it was one of those dreams where you wake
up you’re like, “Where’d that come from? Who said that?” And it basically said you’re
going to design jewelry of all truths, Satya, and donate money to children around the world.”
And I was like, “Wow, that would be awesome.” So I call one of my best friends at the time,
I said, “Quit your job. I have an idea. I have a name,” and within 10 days we were
incorporated and I started the brand. Satya, 10 days? That is so fast. So you guys
got incorporated. Did you have doubts? I mean, you’ve never run your own business before,
did you? You know, I didn’t. Not to this degree at
least. I’ve always been a little entrepreneurial. My father has embedded that in me. But I think,
you know, one of the most powerful things is that we always have that internal dialogue
that says, “Don’t do it,” or, “I need to do this before this happens,” and it
always stops us. So we’re always waiting for one thing to happen before the next could.
And I think that gets in the way of so much of what we can do. And I always correlate
the yoga got me so fearless that I didn’t have time to think and make that list of what
I had to do before. So I came home and was like, “The plan’s in, let’s do it.”
And it was just nonstop. The first year we made a profit. My accountant was mad at me
because she’s like, “I can’t even save you money.” I’m like, “But that’s
the power of fearlessness, intention to give back.” I think there’s a really powerful
thing when you’re trying to tap into what you wanna do in your life. One, you have to…
it has to come from your heart. Right. I think if you love what you do and your intention
is pure, that the universe will open up every door possible. Let’s talk about that for a moment because
I think another really interesting aspect to your story and something that relates to
a lot of folks in our audience, so many of my folks want to make a positive difference
in the world and one of the ways that they’d like to do that is to give back to causes
that they believe in. But I’ve often heard, it’s just like, “Oh, I’m not ready yet.
I’m gonna do that when I make millions of dollars,” or, “At some fictional point
in the future when I’m more stable or I can or whatever.” Your business has always
had the philanthropy aspect baked into it. Was that something that just came to you in
that dream? Was there any fear around that for you? Or it was just, “You know what?
I want to do this. This is my path, we’re gonna make it happen.” Yeah, and I… I mean, I knew that, one, jewelry,
there was a really good profit margin in it at the time. So I was like, “Wow, we can
take off a little snippet.” So even incorporating it in the price. So I knew I was gonna give
that kick back. And, you know, sometimes it’s not… it doesn’t even have to be monetary.
I mean, you know, I encourage even within the company, like let’s all go do a volunteer
thing together or around holidays let’s… I mean, we gift… we’re really good…
all the schools in New York City get our gifts, our pieces for their fundraisers. So even,
you know, it doesn’t have to be a monetary give back but I think it’s more the intention.
Like, you know, I wanna create this business, I wanna have a pure intention, but I wanna
enjoy what I’m doing. And then if I’d be so blessed, I’d like to give back to
the community or I’d like to help, you know, I’d like to give back with it. So let’s talk a little bit more. Tell us
about the Satya Foundation and who it serves and what the impact is. Yeah. So it started out after I got… I started
the company, I started just going up to the Bronx and teaching yoga to kids. A friend
of mine was the principal up in the Bronx and he says, “Oh, I’d like you to come
and teach yoga.” So I started this after school program and I literally would get in
the classroom with these little kids that were 10 and drinking Coca-Cola and potato
chips and they’d come in and they’d get on the yoga mats and I’d watch them transform.
And they’d go into their breath and I’d see them close their eyes and they’d go
to this really safe place that I don’t think they’d get to go to very often, even at
home. And it had such a… it inspired me so much. There was this one little boy, I’ll
never forget. His name was Anthony and he would come into my yoga class after school,
so it wasn’t mandated. But he’d come in and he’d even get kicked out of school every
day, he’d always get in trouble. He was a little bad boy. Not really a bad boy, but
he’d get himself in trouble. Do you know he’d sneak back to my yoga class in the
afternoon? Because he felt safe there and he… he was really good at it. Actually,
he’d get into a handstand and just was phenomenal. So, again, seeing that happen I was like,
“We have to… I wanna incorporate, I wanna do a lot of work with… around yoga and bringing
that into communities that really need this tool.” Because it helped me so much. It is transformative. …when I was in high school. Yeah. And so part of the work is bringing
that essential work to children all around the world and providing them with opportunities. Yes, yeah. So we have… I’m working with
a couple of schools here in New York, but also we do a lot of work in India, there’s
3 schools and orphanages that we serve and I get to go see the kids every year. It’s
awesome. I teach them mala making, we do jewelry classes with them. So they’re getting skills
so they can really go out and become independent to some degree. That’s beautiful. Yeah. So I love the story about the little boy.
What about other stories that I know you must get around the jewelry itself? I know the
meaning and the intention of your jewelry is so important. Any one story come to mind? Well, yeah, there’s so many over the years.
And they inspire me. Listening to my customers and feeling what a piece of jewelry can do
for you. You know, these are little reminders. You know? And a lot of… there’s this one
story where this woman emailed me and said her sister came down with cancer, breast cancer,
and that they all went into a… my Bleecker Street store and bought the same necklace
and they almost created this sisterhood. And they’d wear it and they’d all go to her
chemo together and it was like this piece of jewelry that just reminded them that they
were one, that they were doing this… they were on the journey together. You know? And
unfortunately her sister passed, and she wrote me and just said, you know, “We’re still
wearing the piece and it just reminds us of our sister and brings us together in that.”
So, you know, I think we all need those little reminders sometimes to get us through things,
to empower us, to remind us of our own abilities to really live up to our great success. And our greatest potential. And great potential, yeah. You know, one thing I also admire about you
too, I’m curious what you say when people ask you, you know, how do you do it all? You’re
a mom, you have an incredible business, you give back a tremendous amount. What do you
say to them? Yeah, this is… you have to… well, it takes
a village. And you can’t do it alone. I think we’re so conditioned, mostly in this
country and as women, that we have to do it all. You know? We need to look beautiful,
we need to have success, we need to have families, we need to be a good wife, we need to be all
that, good friends, sister. And I think it’s impossible to do alone. I don’t think anybody
who’s trying to create a business or have any kind of success in their life should stand
alone in that. So surround yourself with great people and reach your hand out. I don’t think
we should do things alone. It’s no fun. Yeah. So I have a village around me and I’m so
grateful for all of the people that are in my life. And asking for help is a really hard thing.
I know for a great part of my life it was something that I didn’t want to do because
I thought that it made me weak. And I thought that it meant that I couldn’t handle it
myself. And thankfully the older I get, little bit wiser that I get, that I am more and more
comfortable asking for help. Because, I mean, nothing I do, there’s nothing in the company,
there’s nothing in my life that I’ve ever accomplished by myself and it’s a lesson
that I have to remind myself of every day. Yeah. And I love that. I mean, I think as
a woman, even more so, we do, we have so many roles in life. And to just surround yourself
and just let people know, “No, I don’t do this alone. Don’t think you have to do it
alone.” Because it actually stops you from moving forward sometimes. How do you see that? How do you see it stopping
people from moving forward? Well, you’re like, “I wanna start a business.
But, oh my God, I have to do this, I have to do that, and I have to balance it all myself.”
But no, you don’t. You know, if you find yourself good help with your children or you make sure
if you start a business, make sure you have, you know, if you can find a partner or find
somebody who can help you do it. You cannot do it all. I have… I’ve had up to 60 employees
at one point, a store in London, and balancing all of that while having twins, it’s a lot.
And I encourage all women and men who are trying to incorporate all those aspects in
your life to surround yourself with a team, with support, with friends, family, all of
that. It’s a lot more fun. Let’s talk about mantras. One of my personal
mantras is, “I got this.” I’ve read that one of yours is, “I know I can do this.”
How important are these positive reminders in your life? They are beyond important because I think
we all have those little internal dialogues that constantly tell us, “Don’t do it.
You can’t do it.” I don’t know where they come from. Our parents or teachers, wherever
we acquire them, but we drag them through our lives. And one of the things that I’ve
learned to do is stop that internal dialogue and say, “I can. I can do this.” And my
dad was a good helper in that. He always said, “Sure you can do it.” And I hear that
voice, and you’ve got to turn that other voice off and know you can do it. Yeah. You can. We all can. It’s really exciting. And speaking of mantras,
what I wanna talk about next is our collaboration. So on me right now you will see 3 incredible
pieces of jewelry and I know that it’s always been so important to me to have beautiful
things that have meaning. And below you’re gonna be able to see what the meaning is for
each of these pieces and also if you decide that you’d like one of these pieces, you
should know also that a portion will be donated to the Satya foundation to support children
in having opportunities all over the world. Satya, thank you so much for the work that
you do, for continuing to be such a powerful force for good and for possibility and for
reality and for inspiration for all of us. Thank you. Thanks for having me. Now Satya and I would love to hear from you.
What was the biggest insight that you’re taking away from today’s video? As always,
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Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special
gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll catch you next time
on MarieTV.

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57 thoughts on “Satya Jewelry: How to Run a Profitable Purpose-Driven Business

  1. "Thinking you have to do this alone actually stops you sometimes…. It takes a village, you can't do it alone." Really good advice about women in business multi tasking. I'm guilty of trying to do everything myself!

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