Saying no thanks to “The Hustle” as an online business owner

hi guys I wanted to jump on today and
talk about “hustle”. I’ve been working on this post for ages and I thought just
say what I want to say … so this isn’t gonna be perfect it might be a
little bit waffly and I realize I’ve got big marks on my face from my glasses …
I wanted to talk about “hustle”. This is a word that is almost unavoidable
when you’re trying to make it work online – when you’ve got
a service or product-based business and you’re trying to get clients and sales
online you can’t avoid this word “hustle”. Every time you open up your social media
platforms or your inbox there’s somebody selling you some magic strategy
that allowed them to have six-figure success while working from the beach.
Hustle is fine… okay if you’re in your 20s you got nothing else to be doing you
can completely dive into your work challenge yourself push yourself – great!
fantastic! But I’m politely saying “no thanks” to the hustle because there’s
more to life than just hustling. I’m trying not to waffle here.
A lot of social media posts and ads are promising you this magic solution the
secret to success to a six and seven-figure income while living the
life you love and I think some of that stuff is quite dangerous
because it puts a lot of pressure on people and they get frustrated when they
feel like they’re not doing it or they’re not getting it or do it they’re
doing all of the work and all of the things and it’s not working for them – it can
give this feeling of inadequacy and self-doubt like “why am I not further
along”… “why is this not working for me” I just wanted to suggest a few things to
give you an awareness of how this impacts you if you’re a business
owner and you feel stressed and anxious about all of this stuff
that people are putting out there. Yes… there is a tremendous amount
a fantastically valuable and helpful content online and that you can use to
learn and grow and strive to be better and have more income in your business.
Yes… there’s loads of great content out there so I’m not saying stop signing up
for stuff but for every ONE really fantastic article or webinar there’s a
hundred… well I don’t want to say “scams” but really not valuable that is designed to give you a
certain feeling so that you’ll go ahead and buy some expensive
thing. There are fantastically useful articles and webinars and things out
there but be aware that a lot of people have designed their content to put you
into a zone of panic so that you buy their thing because it promises you
instant success I think like all of this stuff contributes to this glorification
of busyness or this glorification of hustle and like working hard and doing
everything just so that you can like drink margaritas on the beach I just
think it’s a dangerous thing because it’s not real overnight success usually
takes five to ten years to create so here are my three little suggestions to
to say no thanks to the hustle and still make it work for your business online
and so first of all and you know this one you know I’m about to say ish and to
stop comparing yourself to people on Instagram and this is like you know this
already and you don’t need me to tell you but all of this stuff on Instagram
it’s a kind of de narrated version of the truth it’s not reality
there’s inflated truths and half the story and they don’t show the
overflowing bin and the empty coffee cups they show the perfect desk and the
Oh blessed having a great live six figures who I think it’s like I look
there’s a fair amount of bullshit there and you can’t compare yourself to the
success that you see on social media because a lot of it is false like if
people talking about a seven-figure income there’s probably 100
thousands of that income going to paid ads so they’re not actually banking that
money I’m getting into a tangent here the second little suggestion that I’d
like to make is to filter how you consume freebies
so freebies are a great way for people to build their list and get their
message out there and get their offering in front to people but there’s a lot of
pressure in the in those freebies to kind of adopt this strategy completely
and when you’re online there’s a lot of this freebie stuff that comes your way
and it’s all designed to feed into some kind of paid service afterwards
I’m not saying stop signing up for that for that stuff because there is some
great stuff right there that you can just embrace without going for the paid
version but be aware that some webinar are freebie that’s offering you some
magic solution it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to completely change
what you’re doing you can take it on board and go does that fit in with what
I’m already doing what’s already working for me because if it’s not you’re just
gonna end up flip-flopping on your strategy in your brand and your
offerings until there’s nothing left of you in it and I think a lot of that a
lot of people who start their own business they put a lot of themselves
into it so just be aware that when you’re consuming free content online be
aware that you know this is designed to sell to you and you don’t have to change
everything that you’re doing that you already know works just because somebody
has said it it got them six figures and the last thing and maybe the most
important thing is to just be aware of your own goals be aware of what is
enough for you because the six-figure seven-figure thing working from the
beach and those are other people’s goals and that might really not be what you
want you might feel like you’re brainwashed into thinking that that’s
what you want but it’s not necessarily well what what you really want that
allies aligns to your values so just to summarize because I could talk all day
about this I’m saying no thank you to hustle I’ve
done a lot of hustle in my time to upskill and learn things and get visible
to a lot of people but now I’m saying no thank you I’ve got a life outside with
my job I do work a lot but I love my work but I also love the things that I
do outside of my work so I’m saying no thanks to hustle and I’m saying yes
please to offering a great service to my
clients I’m saying yes please to results-driven and efforts so instead of
like switching my whole strategy because I watched a great webinar I’m going to
take it on board and get to continue with the work that I know gets results
in my business and not switching strategy switching brands every time
that I think somebody has presented a good idea so no thanks Elsa well yes
please do serving my clients in the best way that I can and getting the results
an income that is enough for me so that is enough from me and thanks so
much for watching and I hope you get something out of it have a great day a
lovely weekend

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