Scary Internet Websites You Should Never Visit

Going on the Internet can be an overwhelming
experience, and there is a good reason why. A Netcraft Web Server Survey taken in January
2018 revealed that there are over 1.8 billion websites on the Internet. Of course, your purpose for going on the Internet
narrows down the number of websites you will actually visit. Some people go on the Internet to look for
employment, while others are online retailers or students trying to write a research paper. And then there are people who are looking
for something different outside of the realm of the ordinary. What are some websites that can satisfy the
need to see something bizarre, strange, or even frightening? We will examine some of these websites in
this episode of The Infographics Show, “Top 10 Creepiest Internet Websites.” 10. The Occult Museum – The Occult Museum is a fairly new website
that is packed with creepy content. Started in 2015, the website states that it
is “dedicated to collecting the strange, macabre and the supernatural.” It covers a wide variety of paranormal topics,
including haunted places, supernatural destinations, and mythic monsters. It also features true crime articles about
topics such as serial killers, unsolved crimes, and mysterious disappearances. In addition, The Occult Museum shares true
stories submitted by readers. Some of them are ghost stories and urban legends,
but others are firsthand accounts of strange, unexplained, and/or disturbing events experienced
by people such as doctors, 911 operators, truckers, and morticians. 9. The Black Vault – According to its Facebook page, The Black
Vault is “a massive research center archiving what the U.S. government is trying to hide
. . .. from YOU.” Its creator, John Greenewald, Jr., has compiled
an extensive database of declassified documents from the FBI, CIA, and other U.S. government
organizations with “secret” information. There are documents about historical figures
such as Adolf Hitler, organizations such as The Church of Scientology, and weapons programs
such as “Electron Beam Systems in Space.” The site also includes celebrity FBI files. For instance, you can see a Xerox copy of
a threatening letter sent to the Beatles in 1964. In the letter, the sender told the Beatles
to cancel their 1964 performance in Denver or else “I’m going to throw a hand grenade
instead of jelly babies.” In addition, there are declassified FBI documents
about “fringe” topics such as Area 51 and Bigfoot. And there’s more. The Black Vault offers case files on recent
and past UFO sightings, alien encounters, cryptozoology, and other paranormal topics. Other features of the site include a chat
room and a radio show. 8.
For a fee, you can receive a report from that contains information about people who
died at an address you enter into the website. The report also discloses whether there was
a fire at the property, if the property was used as a meth lab, and if any registered
sex offenders lived at the address. You also get a list of registered sex offenders
in the entire zip code area of your address. Currently, can generate reports
only for official addresses in all 50 states of the US. 7. This website is the online portfolio of American
artist Vincent Castiglia. While his surreal artwork depicting archetypal
themes of life, death, and decay is eerie on its own, the fact that he paints them with
human blood adds to the creep factor. He paints most of his artwork with his own
blood, but sometimes he paints with the blood of celebrities. For example, Castiglia painted a portrait
of musician Gregg Allman with Allman’s own blood. He is also known for painting Lucifer on the
guitar of Slayer musician Gary Holt using Holt’s own blood. Recently, director John Borowski completed
a documentary about Castiglia called Bloodlines: The Art and Life and Vincent Castiglia. 6. Summum is a religion that incorporates some
ancient Egyptian practices and the laws of the Hebrew prophet Moses. The followers of this religion set up a nonprofit
organization offering Egyptian mummification services. They will mummify you even if you do not believe
in Summum. provides more information about
the procedure used to preserve your body, which is (bad pun intended) shrouded in mystery. You actually have to have your body shipped
to their site in Salt Lake City, Utah, in order for them to perform the mummification. They even warn you that “once your body
is received by Summum, no family member or any other person will be able to see your
body again.” This is because they want to work “without
interference” from anyone else. The process can take several months or longer. When they are done mummifying you, you are
sealed up in a mummiform, a custom-made art form casket, or a traditional casket before
you are shipped back to a final resting place of your choice. They also mummify pets. The high cost of their mummification services
will probably scare people more than the mummification process. The cost of human mummification starts at
$67,000. The website does not specify whether or not
this includes the price of a mummiform or casket. And you can’t use just any old casket. Summum requires a “full couch 48 oz. bronze
or full couch stainless steel casket.” Pet mummification can range between $7,000
to more than $100,000. 5. This is the website of a military veteran
organization. According to its Patreon page, the purpose
of is “to bring the public an unfiltered view into conflicts unfolding
around the globe.” While it features some news and entertainment
stories, the primary content of is combat footage taken in Afghanistan, Iraq,
and a few other countries. There are also videos of other types of shocking
incidents that happened around the world such as security camera footage of a grenade attack
in a Ukrainian night club. Whether captured on or off the battlefield,
the footage in these videos is disturbing and filled with graphic violence. At one point, YouTube threatened to delete
the YouTube channel and most of its combat footage “due to the controversial
nature of the content.” The Funker530 channel is still up and running
at least for now, and the website will be available if its channel is taken
down. 4. This website features an extensive collection
of murder memorabilia from well-known and lesser-known serial killers, cannibals, and
female killers. Some items are fairly mundane such as letters
and Christmas cards sent from prison and prison photos, but others are more creepy. For instance, you can buy a victim morgue
photo for $12.00. This website is even selling a pair of boxer
shorts that Charles Manson wore in prison for $3,500 and dentures that he wore in prison
for $50,000! These items are disturbing not only because
of who owned them but also because of the fact that someone is profiting from the suffering
and death of people who were murdered. 3. Despite its cheery name, the Sunshine Skyway
Bridge in Tampa Bay, Florida, has a dark history. It is supposedly the fourth popular suicide
bridge in the United States. The purpose of is to track
the number of people who have jumped off of this bridge. The statistics posted on the website include
the number of successful suicides, possible suicides, suicide survivors, and saved jumpers. There is also a list of all known jumpers,
the dates they jumped, and additional details about what happened to them. The records date back to 1954 when the original
bridge first opened (it was rebuilt after an accident in 1980), but the website is updated
frequently to include the latest jump attempts. In addition to data about the jumpers, the
website openly tries to discourage people from jumping off of the bridge. It offers suicide prevention resources to
encourage people to get help, and it includes some gruesome details from a news article
about what happens to the bodies of jumpers when they hit the water. There is also the firsthand account of a fisherman
who attempted to save someone who jumped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The emotional trauma the fisherman suffered
from his encounter with the jumper is a reminder that suicide causes pain to others besides
the suicide victim: “Not only did he take his life that day. He impacted mine forever.” 2. As its name suggests, is
dedicated to providing data that will satisfy your morbid curiosity about old and new plane
crashes from around the world. Its database covers plane crashes that happened
between 1920 and the present. You can find out such grim statistics as how
many fatalities happened aboard the plane and on the ground. Plane crash accident scene photos are also
included. There are some special features on the website
as well. For example, find out about famous people
who died in plane crashes and details about the plane accidents that killed them. If you can’t get enough plane crash information,
there are links to plane accident report databases in Australia, Brazil, USA, and a few other
countries. Perhaps the most creepy aspect of this website
is its “Last Words” page. Here you will find cockpit voice recordings
(CVRs) and CVR transcripts from plane flights that crashed. You get to hear and/or read what was said
before final impact. Some of the recordings are more disturbing
than others, particularly the CVRs of those who knew they were going to die. 1. The Internet Archive ( – The Jonestown
Death Tape (FBI No. Q 042) The Internet Archive is a nonprofit “digital
library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form.” Not everything on The Internet Archive is
creepy, but if you look around, you can find some shocking and strange items on this website
such the U.S. War Department’s footage of Benito Mussolini’s execution and a 1984
music album by Charles Manson. One of the creepiest “cultural artifacts”
featured in The Internet Archive is a digitized copy of an audio cassette tape found by the
FBI at Jonestown, Guyana. On November 18, 1978, over 900 members of
the Peoples Temple cult led by Jim Jones committed mass suicide at Jonestown by drinking a cyanide-laced
drink similar to Kool-Aid. Jones shot himself in the head following the death of his followers. This recording on The Internet Archive features
Jones’s final words to his followers. After some of his men killed Congressman Leo
Ryan and others who were about to leave Jonestown, he tries to convince his followers that there
is no other way for them to have peace except to die. While one person suggests the possibility
of escaping to Russia as an alternative to suicide, others are thanking Jones for giving
them the strength to choose death. Someone even tries to persuade the other followers
that they should be happy about death. The background sounds of children screaming
as they are dying are disturbing and haunting. What makes this tape even creepier is that
it has slow, ominous sounding music in the background that was not played live at this
tragic death event. One expert speculates that all the music on
this tape are “all shadows from an old recording” that somehow leaked into this final eerie
recording. So, is there a creepy Internet website that
you think belongs on this list? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called What Are The Weirdest Unsolved Internet Mysteries?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

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  2. Doubt many peeps are gonna read this but I wouldn't ever use the service of DiedInHouse. First thing, it costs money PER search, which would be fine if it is accurate, but they don't have nearly enough people updating it to be worth it. You're paying for inaccurate old info, essentially making it a scam.

  3. I don't want to visit any of these sites because they are useless and I've got better things to do. End of story

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  6. but the black vault and websites that unfilter events isnt somewhere you shouldnt visit. people should know the truth rather than be tricked by their own government for “protection”

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  9. Rotten… that was the worst a long time ago. I think the site is down now, but no one really should look at it. Very disgusting and a lot of stuff that will give you nightmares. Everything from the results of being hit by a train to someone that had fallen from a skyscraper…

  10. 2:51 pretty sure my uncle used that site to see if someone died at the house he was aboutta buy, yup someone did

  11. What about the SCP foundation hundreds or even thousands of entries for items and entities that break the laws of physics and other laws

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