Sci-Fi Short Film “Hyperlight” | Presented by DUST

Ada, where am I? Ada: You are in orbit of Q-465b. What about Philip? Ada: Philip’s cryopod has lost power. His oxygen level is critical. Plot a course to get me next to him. Ada: This will significantly reduce your power reserves. You may not have enough to return to Solis. Are you sure? Emiliana: Positive, do it. [pod engines fire up] [low fuel warning beeps] Decelerate. Deploy the left lateral connectors. Reverse engines. Get me to Solis. Ada: Power reserves depleted. Emiliana: Open doors to docking bay 2. Ada: Understood. But you won’t be able to correct your trajectory. Deploy top connectors. Magnetize. [alarm cycles] Ada, power up the medlab. Ada: Understood. Ada, what’s wrong with the med equipment? Ada: The medical equipment is functioning properly. Is Philip alive? Ada: Yes. Then why are the probes telling me he’s dead? Ada: I don’t know. Keep pumping O2 no matter what it says. Ada: Understood. Ada. What the fuck happened? Ada: I don’t know. Why did you eject our cryopods? Ada: I did not eject any of the cryopods on the ship. We landed with them. That means we should have been ejected. Ada: I cannot explain this discrepancy. [thud echoes aboard the ship] [whispers] Ada… Who else is on the ship? Ada: You and Philip Mayda are the only people on the ship. How many living beings are on the ship? Ada: Two. How many heat sources of approximately 37 degrees are on the ship? Ada: Three. [erie music builds] [music intensifies] [whispers] Ada, open control room door. [door chimes] [sighs] Ada. Identify the person in front of me. Ada: Emiliana Newton. Are you sure? Ada: Yes. Ada, identify the person I’m speaking with. Ada: Philip Mayda Identify the person on the med slab. Ada: Philip Mayda. Philip: Ada, how is that possible? Ada: I cannot explain this discrepancy. [sighs] You died. Philip: The hyperlight core gave out a few days ago. We came out of cryo and… we been trying to fix it… …since it happened. You went space walking… I accessed the core’s external sensors. We were operating under no sleep but… [external boom] …just two hours ago boom there was this explosion that surrounded the whole ship and y- She died in the rain of wreckage. Now you’re here. Alive. And- You look… just like her. Emeliana: Ada. What’s the current date and time? Ada: Earth date is March 22, 2103. The SUT is currently 954:34:54. Philip: What? Emiliana: T- Two hours ago was when were were schedule to exit hyperlight. Philip: Heading where? Did you activate your distress beacon? Philip: Of course I did, it’s protocol. That’s, that’s why we came here – to respond to a distress beacon. Philip: Christ! Emiliana: When… When our Solis arrived yours was already here. And we can’t be in the same place at the same… That’s why you, the um… The other you has no vitals because in this reality you’re already here. And I’m ok because I’m dead. Emiliana: I’m so sorry. Philip: Maybe uh… …you and he… …the other Phil worked but… Sorry. Listen, now that you’re uh, back… …here… …we need to, uh, work on the hyperlink core again. Emiliana: Ok. Philip: Alright I’m gonna go hack away at the CPU. I think the uh, next thing you were planning was uh… you were gonna go check out the shore controller. Ok. Ada: Emiliana… Are you feeling well? [ship rumbling in space] [connectors click] [display beeps to life] Philip on intercom: How’s it goin? It’s not communicating with anything on the ship. Yeah, I know. I’m gonna try some mods. Who knows if any of them work. Ada, where are my quanter tools? Ada: They’re still in docking bay two. Stay put. I’ll get ’em. [intense music builds] [door closes and locks] [warning alarm begins] Elimiana… The shore controller’s fried. We’re gonna be stuck here a long long time. No. Don’t do this. Emiliana: You can’t be in the same place at the same time. Philip: Don’t do this! Whatever she did… I’m sorry. Ada: Emiliana I can’t open the doors to docking bay to while Philip is inside. Ada, manual override, priority five. [override mechanism engaged] He’s gonna find out. [docking bay doors close] [docking bay locks and repressurizes] [alarm cycles] Philip: Hey. I missed you. What happened? [grunts] Tell me later. I have a headache. You ok? I’m ok. Totally fine. Thanks for taking care of me. Always.

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100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “Hyperlight” | Presented by DUST

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  2. Cool but it is 2085 and that woman could not get that rat sized mole removed prior to a interstellar trip? She must have Obama-care insurance

  3. I know they pump out a lot of these, but if the two pods had been connected from the beginning then they could have shared resources/thrust and…you know…oxygen?!?

  4. While she was in the med bay she should have had that bloated tick sized mole removed… Maybe somebody can give her a quarter so she can take the bus downtown and let a city-rat nibble that thing off?

  5. Why not do series or full movie? These short films end just when you start to get in the mood. Don't get me wrong here, I mean these films are so great that they deserve bigger audiences. Good cast and the FX are out of this world, so realistic.

  6. interesting story but a lot of these films are more fantasy than scifi, at least that guys midichlorians were able to bring him back to life

  7. Dont you know most of the good scenes are always on lousey spoiler trailers for most movies. The 2 hours is just filler space

  8. Makes the statement that Homo sapiens are fundamentally selfish/self-absorbed and will do anything to maintain that self-centered worldview.

  9. Humanity the human being has a carnel son of man as well as a overselves son of God . . Creator . When corruption takes on incorruptable and mortal takes on immortality you've arrived to the Kingdom of God . All overselves back to the carreator . From here it is between the Creator and Adam . . Stay out of it any who !

  10. I dont know what happened.

    So the first ship had asian man and girl experience trouble, main girl died out of ship, and asian dude stuck in ship.

    Sends distress signal.

    Second ship arrives with the same main girl, and same asian dude, they experience trouble and fortunately get into the ship they were going to rescue.

    But the asian dude can't be alive in the same place as another of himself, the first asian dude who sent distress signal.

    So I get hyper speed and some kind of time jump, but how were there 2 of them each?

    Where did the second same asian dude come.from?

  11. hmm, so he can't operate both of his bodies at the same time? and what if she put the dark shirt guy into an induced comma instead of killing him?

  12. Then she goes space walk to repair any dmg. He activates distress beacon after learning what she has done from Ada or flight recorder.. Luna responds to distress call and its arrival causes her death. Back to square one.

  13. they really missed the opportunity by not showing this afterwards: the guy and girl begin working on the ship to fix it and the girl goes outside and gets killed by an explosion outside the ship which forces the guy to put out the distress call again and then they show up to rescue them and the whole cycle happens again as the guy doesnt know what happened before he woke up

  14. Why could they not find an actress who can speak clear coherent English, especially as the director seemed to think fast whispering was needed to convey urgency and drama, even while subjecting the listener to load intrusive disturbing unmelodic synthetic noises.
    Entertaining, temporary narrative suspending type, drama ? Clearly NOT. Typically CRASS.

  15. Am i the only one who tilt my phone because i thought the video was upsidedown at the starting?

  16. Mole. Bloody mole. We aren't supposed to talk about the bloody mole, but there's a bloody mole winking me in the face. I want to c-u-u-t it off, ch-o-o-p it off, and make guacamole.

  17. Ребят, кто понял, что тут произошло?
    Типа две реальности соединились?

  18. ill build it. in Austin, Tx ? Siem Reap ? does it matter where ? just build it and they will come. let me know in due time. thx.

  19. Je älter ich werde , desto stärker ist das Gefühl , so etwas schon mal gesehen zu haben. Die Geschichten wiederholen sich . Wie langweilig !

  20. I really like the idea that even though the bodies and wreckage of the ship still exist the computer can't understand what is going on. Something about having the measurable data present, but not being able to process it.

  21. Why has it become the main feature of nearly all newer movies that the background noise becomes so much the foreground, while the actors are mumbling like hell, so that anyone whos mother language isn't english won't understand a word?
    For me this means, I turn these movies off after less than a minute.

  22. This is meant as a sincere compliment. Many of the scenes had the look and feel of a well-done, well-paced graphic novel. This needs a follow-up episode badly. Any plans?

  23. Really enjoyed this and subbed to the channel! Not sure the physics of it is completely on point, but still intriguing twist at the end!

  24. Очередная охинея! Четыре сюжета плохие инопланетяне, хорошие инопланетяне, перемещение во времени и вирусы! Вся современная западная фантастика!

  25. Twist! He activates a distress beacon, she ends up outside, and their ship is destroyed by the next ship showing up and the cycle starts over.

  26. 멀티버스(Multiverse): '멀티(Multi)'와 '우주(Universe)'의 합성어
    다중우주론은 우리의 우주 A 외에도 다른 우주 B, C, D가 존재한다는 이론이다.
    다중우주론에는 여러가지 종류가 있고 서로 다른 이론적 배경을 가지고 있다. 인류 원리 논의의 전제가 되는 이론으로도 여겨지고 있다
    누벼이은(quilted) 다중우주는 우리가 있는 우주의 크기가 공간적으로 무한하다면(또는 무한에 가까울 정도로 충분히 크다면)
    '우리가 관측 가능한 우주'의 모습과 비슷하거나 같은 모습을 가진 또 다른 우주가 그 너머에 존재할 것이라는 이론이다.
    우주가 무한하더라도 우리가 인식할 수 있는 우주는 빅뱅 이후 빛이 진행한 거리만큼만 가능하다(관측 가능한 우주). 
    구골플렉스 문서에도 나와있듯, 관측 가능한 우주를 이루는 양자적 상태의 갯수는 매우 크지만 유한한 값이다.
    그렇기 때문에 관측 가능한 우주 너머의 거대한 공간상 어딘가에는 우리의 관측 가능한 우주와 동일한 양자 상태를 가진 복제우주가 존재할 가능성이 있다.
    이러한 다중우주들 모두 같은 공간상에 있기 때문에 동일한 물리법칙이 적용된다.

  27. 2:37 Essa manobra não faz sentido, seria necessário uma quantidade absurda de combustível para inverter o sentido da órbita, primeiro teria que desacelerar por completo a órbita, ai a cápsula começaria a cair verticalmente então teria que acelerar de novo no sentido inverso para entrar em órbita novamente.

  28. Here's my theory. They traveled via hyperlight and they unknowingly traveled to a parallel universe. As such, you cannot be conscious or alive as long as your parallel copy is alive and walking.

  29. i always wondered how FTL travel would really work….I mean you would get there before you even really left….you'd be running into yourself and your own signals all the time.

  30. God damnit at the start of the film I thought my phone was upside down to then flip it and it was again upside down. Haha

  31. The plot is kinda cheap… I mean… The universe somehow "understands" that one Phillip is alive so it "thinks" both of them cannot, then puts one into a suspended animation of sorts until someone gets the problem fixed. However, things like death phillip's atoms remain intact, so what is the difference? And on top of that, having two Phillips in one universe seems pretty much OK according to quantum mechanics… Am I missing something or this is kinda spiritual fiction in space instead of science fiction? Anyway, the short is very well made, at the usual DUST quality. Superb

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