Scott Oldford Helped Me Build My Business To $60K per Month (Recurring)! – Pat Brewer

Hey it’s Patrick Brewer, just wanted to leave a
quick video testimonial for my friend Scott Oldford, I’ve been working with
Scott in varying capacities, I want to say for the past eight months. At the end of the day, Scott’s selling more than information, Scott’s selling structured implementation, he’s helping you get out of your own way as a business owner. So you can see behind me, I’ve got like the beautiful
mind checklist all behind me, and a lot of that is because
of working with Scott Oldford, I mean I’m not a native to
the marketing and advertising space, but I’ve managed
to build a business to about $60,000 in recurring
revenue in about eight months, and a lot of that was because
I got out of my own way, and I took advice from
people who actually knew what they were doing in the space. Now you don’t just
blindly follow one person, we incorporate a lot
of different strategies outside just what Scott’s
doing, but I will say this: If I had to take
information from one person, when I think about building my business, I would first go to Scott, and I would ask him what he thinks. So take that from me
that it really is good to have some type of a mentor
or coach that can help you see the blind spots in your
business and in your life too. So Scott has multiple
offers, I’m not even sure what programs that he’s
offering right now, I’m subscribed to all of them I think, but who really knows with the
amount of changes that happens in all our marketing
pretty much every week, so I would just encourage
you to reach out, if you’re looking to build
a million dollar business, if you’re stuck at that
$20 to $30 or $40,000 level, you really need to change
the types of people that you’re surrounded by. I mean it’s critical if
you’re gonna up level yourself and your business, and if you feel like you can’t afford to join
one of Scott’s programs and you feel like you just
can’t make that investment, you need to reconsider, because otherwise you’re
gonna be on the hamster wheel, you’re gonna continue to
have the same problems in your business, month
after month, year after year, and you’re never gonna build
what you had set out to build. So, I would encourage you
to reach out to Scott, he is definitely one of the
thought leaders in the industry that has made a massive
impact on my business, I’m planning to scale to
probably about 1.5 to two million in gross revenue, obviously
revenue is one metric, profits are all that matter, but hopefully we’ll continue running
about a 50% profit margin. So a lot of that is due
to the mastermind events that I’ve come to with Scott
and the other entrepreneurs there that have helped us
sharpen the sword, so again, this testimonial is
unsolicited, it’s not paid, there’s no reason for me to
do it other than the fact that the team at Infinitus and Scott Oldford have added a lot of value
to me and by business and my clients that we consult with. So just make sure that
you make good decisions, make sure that you’re
not isolating yourself and you’re not just using free information to try and piece it together
because at the end of the day, advice is really the
only thing that matters, and you need people who
are not close to you to be able to see those roadblocks and help you get past them. So that’s just a little
bit of information here on Tuesday night, so I hope
you guys have a good evening, and talk to you soon, take care.

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