Secret Marketing Show: Ep 8 Implement that small business plan

Secret Marketing Show [Singing] Thanks so much for
teaching me how to drive, Uncle Barry! My pleasure sweetheart. But before we start, are you sure you want to learn how to drive? It takes resilience. It takes
commitment. It takes consistency! Calm down! It’s only driving. It’s not like I’m implementing a small business marketing plan or something! Well let’s go then. Ok! We’ve hit a traffic jam already. Shall we turn back? I don’t know whether I can be bothered with all this. Be patient. You’re gonna hit obstacles. The thing is,
remember the plan and stick to it. I don’t feel comfortable at all I should
have put the seat further back. Now I’m gonna be all scrunched up for the rest of the journey. That’s alright. Pull over and sort it out. But I thought you
said keep going. Nah nah nah nah nah… there’s no problem tweaking your position as you go
along. It’s all about working out what works and what don’t. That’s better. Oh no I missed the turning! I’m sorry Uncle Barry. I’m useless should just give up. Can’t someone else drive me? I’m useless at this. Well, that’s possible, but
very expensive! And you’ll still need to know where you’re going. It’s always good
to know the route so you know you ain’t being ripped off. Uncle Barry, there’s a
guy over here, he looks really angry. He looks like he’s shaking a ketchup bottle
at me! What’s this problem? Alright love! Calm down! Everybody’s got their own opinions about how to drive. As long as
you’re paying attention, you’re a courteous driver, everyone else can do one! Okay. I’m getting the hang of this now. I’m even enjoying it! Nah nah nah nah nah,
don’t take this one take the next one, love. A3’s quicker innit. Actually,
there’s roadworks on the A3 today. I know you’re the expert, Uncle Barry, but on
this journey, I’m in charge. That’s my girl! Hello, Janine Coombes here. Welcome to the final episode in this series of the
Secret Marketing Show. If you’ve watched all of the videos in the series, you will
have seen every stage that I take my one-to-one clients through when we’re
putting in together a marketing plan for something specific they’re selling at
the moment. Hopefully the video you’ve just watched doesn’t need much
explanation. But what I would really like for you to get out of it is the fact that,
once you have a plan, you need to implement it. Equally important is
that you stay true to what you want to achieve. There will be people on your
journey who want to give you advice and you need to think to yourself; do these
people actually know what I’m trying to achieve with my business? So I’d love to
know whether you have anything specific that you’re implementing at the moment
put it in the comments otherwise I hope to see you again for the next series of
the Secret Marketing Show.

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2 thoughts on “Secret Marketing Show: Ep 8 Implement that small business plan

  1. Ah Janine!! You’re the best! I reckon you secretly wanted to be an actress when you were a kid! I love your visual take on marketing and small business strategy. It’s fun to watch and easy to remember. Looking forward to the next series.

  2. Janine, you're so funny! "Shaking a ketchup bottle at me"!! I'm laughing out loud 😂😂😂😆 Brilliant message, brilliant video!

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