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[Music] hey it’s Bruce we’re here at Cisco now let’s talk security no one denies anymore that safety and security are hugely important in today’s global business economy keeping both your data and your employees safe means taking proactive steps to ensure that what happens in your company stays in your company cisco security portfolio provides complete protection against cyber threats and protects your company files and information here to show us how it’s Shaun from Cisco thanks Bruce the first step companies need to take when they’re protecting their data is to secure Internet traffic this prevents employees from connecting to websites that are distributing web attacks or spreading ransomware products like Cisco umbrella that secure your internet traffic are like your first line of defense against cyber threats and the good news is we’ve made an umbrella super easy for customers to use umbrella is cloud-based there’s no hardware and you never have to worry about upgrades the second step is to secure your endpoints unfortunately attackers are getting stealthier by the day and you don’t have time to chase every endpoint alert to identify anything that was missed so cisco delivered a better solution Cisco’s amp for endpoints blocks but also records a history of endpoint behavior and automatically hunts inside that history for any attack that has escaped initial detection exposing and blocking what was missed that automates what used to be manual work doing the heavy lifting that a small IT team doesn’t have time to do the third step is to secure your network as networks grow larger and more complex a lot of businesses struggle to protect themselves and their data Cisco’s next-generation firewall speeds up your IT team by stopping more Network attacks it blocks but it also tracks remembering files that it is seen and it continuously analyzes those files hunting inside your environment the results are obvious when you test over time as NSS Labs did in their breach detection test over 24 hours cisco is the only major vendor to block 100% of threats wow that is really impressive let me see if I can summarize this in a nutshell there’s three things we can secure our Internet traffic our endpoints our network exactly Wow get safe and secure it’s as easy as one two three Cisco [Music]

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