SenSource Solutions for Retail

SenSource helps retailers make better decisions
by providing solutions that optimize operations, sales, store staffing, marketing and more. Our products are designed to provide the information
you need to make the best decisions with no regrets. Better decisions start with SenSource. SenSource systems monitor customer traffic
at the entrance and throughout the facility then combines it with additional data sources
such as Point of Sale, staffing, weather, website traffic and more. SenSource software then performs advanced
analytics and generates dynamic, easy to read dashboard visuals with actionable information
tailored for each users needs. With the power of SenSource retail intelligence
systems, decision makers from executives to store managers can take ownership of performance
objectives like never before. Clients own and have easy access to 100% of
their data through a flexible cloud or locally hosted solution. Reports can be viewed anytime, anywhere, at
your desk or with your smartphone using responsive cloud based software. Experience decision making power at your fingertips
to increase your bottom line. Case studies have shown a direct measurable
impact to sales with returns on investment in as little as one month. Remove the guesswork and give your company
an advantage over the competition with SenSource Retail Intelligence Solutions. SenSource Better Decisions Start Here.

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