Sharing the Local Love: Yelp Celebrates 15 Years

Thank you. Probably have to redo that one. Oh. Was I as awkward as I feel? Okay. I want to see really
cool independent companies in my community and the only way that you’re going to do that is by going out and supporting them. I feel more in touch with them. I want to do more business with them. And its like easier to
show and feel gratitude when I have that connection. I put a great deal of importance in having an actual relationship with the people who are making the food that’s being sold to me. Its nice to feel noticed, and its nice to have people care. You guys are life savers. You really helped me out that day. You’ve changed my life forever. So it was the month of Ramadan and my wife and I had
been fasting all day. Get home from work and I realize
we have absolutely nothing at home. It’s like where your heart
just sinks into your stomach and your like, oh my gosh
how did I forget this. When the laptop hit my mouth, I didn’t really think anything of it, until I think about an hour later I looked into the mirror and noticed I had no two front teeth. I called Adams Heating & Cooling. They found a problem in the thermostat. When I said I think I smell gas I mean, He was like “Whoa!” Let’s check that out. And we said, “Why don’t we
go get some home cooking? Lets go to Marhaba in Oakland.” I’m looking in the bag, and I’m like okay, why do
we have like ten containers of food in this bag? You might have maybe mixed up the order? And she’s like, no no
no, you’re fasting and we made some extra
things in the kitchen so we wanted to send you home with that as well. I called a local business
called Dublin Dental Care. When she picked up it was like God was sent from above. They took me in right away, fixed my teeth within an hour. And I walked out with
two new pearly whites. And he tested and he said “yes, you have a big gas leak here. I need to turn this gas off.” He did me a solid. They really saved my day, saved my entire semester, and I’m so grateful. The fact that you gave
me a personal experience and made me feel at home. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done. For all of your help. For the experience that
I had at your business. For picking up the phone that day and saying you could help us. For saving my night, for saving the day! For the delicious
products that you’ve sold me over the years. For saving my house from burning down and saving my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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