Shathamanam Bhavathi | Telugu Full Movie 2017 | With Subtitles | Sharwanand, Anupama Parameswaran

Raghavaraju’s house
is the prime location for our story. Raghavaraju’s grandfather built this house… They, then, had a joint family. Generations have gone by… Joint family diverged into several nuclear families… Here are Raghavaraju’s children… They have settled in foreign countries… Raghavaraju and Janaki live in this house now. Dear… Coffee. Keep it there I am coming…
-Make it fast or it will get cold… Add some milk… Dear… What? The holiday season has begun 10 days ago In 20 days it’s going to be over as well… Why don’t you invite the children
for this Sankranti (Indian Hindu festival). I feel like I hear them calling me all the time… I always think of them…
Can’t even sleep properly. For how long can I be patient? Please call them. Why are the Bananas so thin… Call them for the festival…
-Call Eeri I have to see land. I’m talking about our children
and you are talking about the plants… These plants are better than our children…
They will always be there… They give us whatever we want.. Look at serpent gourd…
It’s not even been two months since I planted it… It’s blooming already.. But the children… They might be really busy… Let them be busy.. Look, it’s just you and me now. I know…
it’s been you and me since our wedding… Will you call the children or no? I have invited them over ten times..
They are our children… We’ve been calling them for so many years…
Did they ever come? I can’t do this anymore… Alright. If you don’t like it,
I’ll go to them myself. What about me then? You have the plants for your company
and the villagers to gossip with. Why would you need me? What are you saying? You’ll leave me for them? Why not? I left my parents for you… Because I wanted you then…
Now, I want my children.. You either call them here or I’ll go to them. That’s it! Bangar raju! His name is Bangar raju
but people call him Kangar raju (impatient) Coming! Who left the ladder here? You almost killed me… you are looking down
but not looking up… Oh, I missed that… carry on… Did I hurt you?
-Of course I am hurt! Yes, ma’am… did you call me? I am going to meet my children… You must urgently… –okay..
Where? You asked me to go, right? Let me finish first… I am going to meet my children.. Go and book Air tickets for me. You are telling the right person, aunt… He can’t book the bus tickets,
air tickets is too far. Stop it. But why do you want to go so suddenly? He is not ready to call them home for the festival.
That’s why I am going. But he must send you, right? Let him agree or not, I am going to my kids. Bharati… Bharati… What happened? I received a mail from father.
-So what? Why are you so tensed? Matter is very serious… Hello?
-Hello, father… it’s me, Ravi. Tell me.. I just read your mail,
Thought I’ll speak to you… Phones are good to speak with each other
but not to solve problems. Do you have time to come here? Yes, I am coming. Good. The elder one is coming home for the festival. Ma’am. Ravi is coming home. Your America trip is cancelled. What about Canada? See, I don’t want to loose
a single penny in my business. Understand? Except the money Everything is secondary to me.. If you have any problem,
please leave my company. That’s it. What happened, Nani? Nothing, little bit disturbance. Yeah, brother… tell me.. Kalyan, Did you receive the mail from father? Yes, I got it. What happened to him? Why did he take this decision at this age? I don’t get it either… 98… I can’t see the numbers… Yes, father..
-Yes, little one, tell me… I am coming to India… Come down. Younger one is also coming? Ma’am, you Canada trip is also cancelled.
-Thank heavens. It’s just Australia now. Kishore… Kishore…
-Tell me… We have to go to India next week.
Look up for tickets immediately. Any problem? My father wants to divorce my mother. What? Yes. My parents are getting divorced. Divorce at this age? I don’t know… He mailed asking us to decide
who will look after mother… Or he’ll get her to join some old age home. If we talk to him over the phone.. It is impossible to convince my father directly.
Talking over the phone is a waste. No chance. We must go! Will Nithya come along? Nithya! Nithya! Get up… What mummy? We are going to India next week. India, why? To visit your grand parents.
-No mummy, I have some project work. Nothing doing..
either you finish it or postpone it.. We are going, okay? Okay, mummy. But on one condition. If I am not comfortable there..
I’ll return immediately. Okay. Warm welcome to the residents of Aatreyapuram. On the occasion of Dhanurvata festivities… Damn! you’re getting it wrong
That’s not even a word… Dhanurmasa festivities…
-Don’t panic… I’ll correct it… Why are you screaming at Sridevi?
-She misspelled a word… If she knew how to say it right,
she’d have been a sitcom star… She and heroine? Bose, isn’t this program being telecast LIVE? You never pay for the cable and you want LIVE telecast? Well, what about the payment
for the second connection? Second connection? Don’t you know? Your husband uses
the second connection more than the first.. We have a second connection in our shop, right?
He is talking about that.. You carry on.. Go to the temple… Darn, you put me in the spot!
My relationship would have taken a toss! I don’t care about that… if you fail to make the payment by evening…
I’ll telecast everything LIVE to your wife… I will pay it, man!
Go do your work. Darn your chains! I got it.. I got it!
-What is that? The dialogue..
-Forget the dialogue… sir is here.. move it! Greetings.
-Greetings. It’s only because of your generosity
that we have grand celebrations here. Don’t say that.. It’s not my generosity…
It’s God’s generosity that keeps us happy. What can we do…
he makes us do whatever he wants. Where is Raju? He is inside, should I call him? You are here…
I was looking for you all over… Why? Lord Krishna is great!
-Why? Impressing eight wives
and 16,000 girlfriends is not a joke… The point being? I’ve been trying to impress Padmaja
for ten months but failed, bro… You can’t impress girls…
girls must be impressed to fall for you… Looks like she’s impressed…
Anjali is staring at you.. It’s okay to look… it’s when she smiles… She’s smiling!
-Now that’s a problem… Come. What are you doing here, Anjali? To tell you something..
-What? I got a job with Microsoft with a payroll of 90K… Very good… congrats. But my family wants to get me married If you agree… I wouldn’t mind… but you can’t resign
from the job even before joining, right? Why would I resign from the job?
-Then? If you move to Hyderabad with me… What? I must move? That’s impossible… I have committed to work  for the village
and my grand father forever… What do you think?
-That’s it! Raju, grandfather is calling you.
-Coming… Should I move to Hyderabad instead? Shut up! Yes, grand father?
-Look, Raju… The money was not sufficient…
He is asking for more money, look into it. -Ok.
-Come. I can smell the delicacies
from the kitchen in the patio… Grand mother is killing it with her recipes… Look, Parvati…
Arrange this on top… Make sure they are safe from pests and ants… Sure, aunt. What’s all this for, grandma?
Are you gonna start a sweet shop? Stop it… All your uncles and aunts are coming home
after many years… Can’t I do even so much for them? I am tired, grandma…
Can you make a strong cup of coffee? Keep the flies away.. I’ll make one. Coffee made with your hands taste’s amazing. Raju! Come here
-Yes, grandfather? Jhansi just called…
they are coming tomorrow… Pick her up from Rajahmundry…
-Sure, grandfather… Jhansi is coming tomorrow…
there’s so much more to do… Later. Hey, wake up.. Get up…
-What is it Grandmother? Nothing… Where do you think Jhansi’s plane
would reach now? We can track the bus… Guess the station if its a train… But to track an aircraft… I can’t say that but
she’ll reach our town early tomorrow… Okay? Go and sleep, please. Raju.. Hey, Raju… The clock is running slow… Right? it’s not working maybe. The clocks and planets won’t move faster
just because your kids are coming home… They will move at their own pace… You waited for so many years already,
can’t you be patient for few more hours? I could wait for years in anticipation But when I know they are coming,
every moment feels like an era… Okay, I’ll pick them up.. Get up…
You aunt will be here. Get up! Go pick them up. Alright.
-Go! It’s dawn finally… the sunlight has come out… Like a child’s laughter… Like the hullabaloo at the well… While the ducks swim in the lake,
it’s time to chew some neem… In the smoky mountains, family is reuniting… The heart is ready to get pampered with love. Bonfire’s going off, temple bells are ringing, Here’s to the morning prayers… It’s time for fun and frolic… The fields were missing you… The village stopped smiling in your absence… When the bell was unreachable…
the song unappreciated… Are you reminiscing your childhood? All those sweet memories and more… For how long will the evidence stay put… You are alone on the swing. They can’t see the heights you reached… They miss the games you played… They were busy missing your presence… The images are like coolant to the eyes… The music of anklets are calling… The flowers are talking… the waves are speaking… Only you can understand the language of beauty… When joy calls you with arms wide open… The heart will only get enchanted… The village that pampered with you mother’s love… Our beautiful little village… The abode of love and happiness… No one can say no to it… Idea. How about we broadcast
the cockfight LIVE during the festival… Is it necessary for us to bebehind the bars during festival? Don’t plan all these stupid ideas! Isn’t that Badram?
-Yes, it’s him. Hey, Badram! Come here
Look at your dorky face! You came for the festival?
-No, I moved here permanently. Why?
-What? Last time when I told you about the job
You refused it for your course and girlfriend. I was a fool… Soap operas have an end
but computer courses don’t have an end… First it was C, then C+ and now C++… He is profiting from our fee
but it’s not adding value to us. What about your girlfriends? Girlfriends? I fear weekends… Used get bugged from breakfast to dinner… She asked for our village’s pin code
in the beginning of our relationship… I told her… Later she asked for ATM’s pass code… I had to tell her… She’s only been scratching it
since then wouldn’t stop. You wouldn’t know until it happens. Hey, set me right
just the way you set them right… We’ll talk about it after the festival… Coconuts are ready. You look good… Like you are selling coconuts
in the heart of the city… He’ll look great
Get on the bike. We must drop these
and leave to Rajahmundry, right? Why Rajahmundry? We decided to go to Rajahmundry
for the matchmaking shopping, remember? Are you going to ditch me
in the name of your relatives? Hey, relatives are like clouds… They come and go…
But friends are like the sky… They will be with you forever… Let’s go… Raju, you will be back right? I will be right back. Grandpa, Grandpa… Look…
-What is this? Photos. Who is that?
-Dad… I got coconuts…
Do you need anything else? Anyway… Nitya wants to explore our village and farm fields…
Take her around… Okay, grandfather. Must drink milk every day… Why are you standing here? We are going to Rajahmundry with Raju. We are waiting for him. I’m not coming. You guys carry on… the relatives are here
I have some work.. You don’t have to cancel your program for us..
You carry on with your friends… Friends understand, uncle… They are like leaves on a tree…
they fall and spring.. Relatives are like branches…
they are always there.. You guys carry on… Please come, uncle.. His grandpa gave him some work…
We’ll go tomorrow. Let’s go. Hey, nice painting… That’s not a painting,
it’s a floor design… Floor design?
-Yes. Okay. What’s up, Subbu? (singing) Subbu! You are nailing the floor designs… Like how floor design is to a house,
coyness is to a girl, right? How is this floor design by the way? What is this? A flower vase design. Where are the flowers? Darn, I forgot… Raju, I want to learn… Subbu, will you teach Nithya
to make a floor design? I’ll do anything you say, Raju… You’ll do anything really? Are you a trainer? Who is this girl anyway? My cousin… Oh, you have a cousin… I feel safe now.
-What? When you have an iPhone,
you don’t check out China phones in the market. What’s with iPhone and China phone? iPhone is iPhone… China phone is china phone, right? Let’s go… Stop swaying and make the design… So, grandson… Who is that girl? My aunt’s daughter… Oh, your cousin? You guys look great together… When’s the party? What is that? It’s a type of rice. Oh! Dal rice? Grandma you want Dal rice? I’ll give you.. Uncle, I heard it happened. Yes. -Send some cheese,
grandpa loves it.. Sure I will… Are they all our relatives? No… Then? Why are you addressing them as relatives… If you address by name, it’s normal… But if you address them as relatives, you bond.. That’s how it works in a village… So we have more emotions and relations. Very nice. They use a bike like this as well… Interesting. Hey!
-Hi It’s Nitya, sister Jhansi’s daughter Greetings, ma’am… Your bike is very interesting… Credit goes to your cousin…
he remodelled it… Really? Not just this… He made many things for the benefit
of the farmers in this village… Even though he studied IT,
he’s got brains of an IITian… Really… that’s great…
I never expected that from him… You are really talented, Raju.. Oh sorry, you don’t understand English, right? What you said about Raju is absolutely right.. He has amazing talent…
He has invested the useful to every villager here.. You know English? Yes, I did my masters from
Chicago State University… You studied there and you are here.. You mean he can’t work
in agricultural sector after studying there? No.. I don’t mean to tell like…
-Some where in the city… For a few thousands at the price
of living away from my family… I can make the same amount of money here… I think that’s right… That’s why I am here.. I am very happy. That’s great. Shall we go?
-Yes. Bye.
-I’ll see you. Let’s go. Nithya, give me that camera. Go. Come! Raju, how can I come? Do you know how to cat walk?
-I know. Cat walk and come.. Don’t worry, just come. I made it! This is a picture from our Europe trip. Grandma, are you on Facebook? What’s that? Oh, God… you don’t know what Facebook is? Too bad! You can’t talk to her like that… One minute, grandma.. My friend is calling.. Hi, Sanee, how are you? Ya, I am fine.. what about you? Yeah.. I am fine.. Are you comfortable there? The climate is a bit hot..
but everything is fine.. Okay. Wait a minute, I’ll show you my grandma.. Say Hi, grandma.. Gandma, you should say ‘Hai’. I will introduce my grandfather…
one minute… Grandpa… Grandpa, my friend Sanee.. Hi, grandpa.. Bye, I’ll catch you later.. Feed me, Grandma… Jhansi, We came here in a hurry. But it doesn’t seem like
there’s a problem here… Mother-in-law looks happy… Father-in-law also looks fine… Find out what went wrong… I’ll talk to mother… What are you doing? I am milking… it would be yummy…
will you have it? No no… No! Taste it.. a little.. here…
-Mummy! What do you want, darling?
-Milk. This is fresh milk.. I don’t want this milk…
I want packet milk.. What is with him? They package this milk
and sell it in the market, boy. No, I don’t want it… Don’t want? Idiot.. He’s funny… Mother, you have any problem with father? I should listen to him all the time. What happened, mother? Grandmother, I want coffee…
Good morning, aunt… Good morning. Meanwhile, break these soap-nuts… I should break them? Won’t you? I will…
Where is my coffee? I’ll get it… Jhansi.. Ravi and family
will be here in two days… Let bygones be bygones
and talk to your brother… What are you saying? He stopped talking to me for not marrying his friend
and marrying someone of my choice… He must break the ice.. we’ll see then.. Alright. You never listen to me anyway… But let me tell you…
don’t let your bitterness reach the kids… Good morning, Raju..
-Good morning. What is this?
-Soap-nuts.. As in? Many years ago, there was no shampoo. At that time, this was the shampoo.. Really? I wanna hit this. Not like that… See this…
Aim it… Hit. What happened? Did you get hurt? I screamed to see your reaction… Damn! We got so worried. What happened? Sorry, grandfather… Let’s go. Hey, it’s bleeding… That’s fine..
-Sorry, is it paining? Little. Why didn’t you tell them
that it was hurting? It’s nice to share our happiness
with others but not our pain… You have seen how worried they got
when I screamed… Had they seen this… no! Hey, you go get Raju,
I’ll finish this meanwhile… Drop that cigarette… Ask a smoker about the last puff… Drop the cigarette…
-I won’t. Go and call Raju.. Darn!
Do as you like Why did you dress like this?
-Today is my matchmaking day, right? Matchmaking? It’s not the season for weddings, right? The girl has come down to the village for festival…
she’ll leave again… Why are you swaying here then? It’s ‘butterflies in the stomach’ kind of feeling… Raju..
-Grandfather… I am going to the fields…
Give him an anti-inflammatory drug… What happened?
-Burnt! He’s got lucky in bad luck…. Just imagine
if it burnt just a little above. Shut up!
I’m already burnt. Let’s go? Come. I’ll be back… let’s go together…
-Okay. Are we going to the temple
or to see the prospective bride? Why do you need all this nuisance. People take a procession for the wedding… But Anji takes a procession to see the bride. Don’t miss anything from entry to exit… Take it normally… he just might take me
for the first-night as well Will anyone shoot the first-night? Who shoots for matchmaking ceremony? Hi, I am Nithya… Groom’s friend. Baby… come come… Amazing expressions, sir… I am imploding and
you are talking about expressions? This is called inviting trouble.
Shut up and sit… Son, do you want to talk to the girl? I think we must save the date now. But I need to have a chat…
Please come in… Go. I don’t want this match, father. Why did the bride call it off? She said whatever she wanted to tell…
-Exactly… why did she say? I have a feeling
he might have provoked her… I guess…
-What do you mean? Stop it, Raju…
-You must tell us if you want him to stop.. The picture is amazing… After your birth and after I started clicking photos,
no video has come out so well… The bedroom scene is the best…
You filmed in the bedroom as well? You asked me to shoot everything, right? But the door was shut, right?
-But the windows were open… Check out the video..
-Show us. Everyone is waiting outside.. No one is here… come closer… Closer. I am feeling shy… You are feeling more shy than me… come. You want to take a selfie? I must send the picture
in my WhatsApp group… -Why? When I go to dinners,
parties and pubs with you… They surely will… I am not sure…
that’s why I need a opinion poll… The quality is amazing, right? You dork… stop praising your sincerity
and understand his situation… He might burst out crying any moment… Why do you want to cry?
You must feel happy instead… That’s a good point… she’s posting things
on WhatsApp before the wedding… After the wedding she would post
your married life on YouTube. Why would you need public opinion
to select your partner… Leave it! let’s go now. Why are the pots tied there? That’s for toddy…
-Correct.. Toddy?
-Toddy is.. Tree milk… Tree milk? I heard of cow milk and buffalo milk…
what is tree milk? Tree milk as in… Adult milk… Adult milk?
-Ya, correct… Raju, I want to see it.. come. let’s go… show me. I’ll show.. come. Raju, Is this your invention? Yes, It’s easy to get on the top for coconuts. Oh my God! This is awesome.. I can’t believe this. Are you happy now? Let’s go. Thank you so much… Raju! Raju! Raju! Whats up, Subbu? Why are you calling our boy? Raju asked me to come.. For what? To teach about floor design.. Why does he want to learn that? Tell me the truth… Did you call Subbu here? Yes, father… Nitya wants to learn to make floor designs.
That’s why I called Subbu. Why do you need Subbalakshmi for that?
Mother can teach her. That’s a valid question… Raju, you have your mother
and she has her mother… Also, her grandmother… Despite of so many people,
why did you call my cousin to teach? They are of the same age group…
that’s why I called her. You are right… Come here. Tomorrow your uncle’s are coming
you should pick them… -Come Nithya. Please take care of that work. Come here. Where are you going? I want to see my cousin teach
how to make floor designs LIVE. Tell me the truth. I mean… it’s okay if she is teaching… But I have my doubts about her flirting with Raju…
-Forget it then… Raju is like fire. I am not denying that… but we can’t let go because
he’s lighting the temple, right? We must take care.
-That’s true. Subbalakshmi is a certain kind of a girl… Go! Will you come along?
-No… you carry on. Take the powder with these two fingers
and draw the lines gently… Thin… look at this… Hey, Jhansi… When I look at her
it reminds me of your childhood… That’s it! Subbalakshmi… You are teaching her to draw… Show her how to put gobbemma (cow dung piles) I’d love to see my grand daughter play with it… What is gobbillu? Piles of cow dung… An offering to Goddess Lakshmi of Alavelu… An offering to the moon
to fullfill little girls wishes…. An offering to the beloved Godess Rukmini… To Godess Rukmini… Piles of cow dung… An offering to Goddess Lakshmi of Alavelu… Voila, the musicians have come… Fill their bowls with everything. Look at the cowherd in the patio… There are the notorious boys… Sons-in-law are experimenting
while the cousins are flirting… Cockfights on one hand, gambling on the other… Every street is celebrating… The Bhogi fires are lit up everywhere… And the oxen… Also, the sunlight…
And the burning sun… The wonderful festival of Sankranti… Excitement and ecstasy in every moment… Destiny of a farmer changes.. Dessert for the entire generation… To give is our generosity… Bhogi fires are lit up everywhere…
And the oxen… Also, the sunlight…
And the burning sun… The wonderful festival of Sankranti… Breaking millet and grains in a pestle… Singing songs to make our souls rejoice… Silk of the soil is for our soul… Wishing for the stars to grow on earth… And the Bhogi fires are lit up everywhere…
And the oxen… Also, the sunlight… And the burning sun…
The wonderful festival of Sankranti… If would be great if Siddhu had come.
That’s your room. Younger one…
Remember your room, right? I remember.
-Go… Children are here…
Your face is gleaming with happiness… Don’t what uncle said
but everyone are here. So far he did everything
without me asking for it… Now after pestering so much,
he surely did something for me… Whatever… All the children are here. That’s all I want… How’s your business going? Very good, father. Heard you tied up with some new firm… It’s a very profitable company, father…
I don’t do anything without profits… You guys must be tired..
go get some rest… Father..
-What? The thing you said in the mail… Why do you want a divorce after
so many years of togetherness? What’s a divorce? When wife and husband decide
to live separately, right? Remember Mr. Satyanarayana?
-Yes. He lives with his son in Bengaluru… His wife lives in London with their daughter… They are living separately at the time
they really need each other… The separation declared by the court is less harsher
than the family’s, right? Father… I mean… What? So, are you guys going to wait until
the festival or leave tomorrow? Actually, I wanted to… We’ll stay till the festival.. We’ll talk after the festival… Hello, excuse me…
-Yes? Is there a treadmill in the house? I heard of rice-mill and oil-mill…
but what is a treadmill? Instrument for walking and exercising… Younger one… The lady from Canada wants some kind of mill…
can you please look into it… Yes, aunt? I need a bicycle or a treadmill to exercise… Cycling? What kind of a cycle is this?
-Cycle to exercise, right? It’s been five minutes now
ten minute ride would be perfect… Ten minutes? I can’t do it… hold me. Come, aunt.. Why are you looking at it
like you’re looking through a bio-scope? I was wondering how water comes out of it… From the ground… How will it come from underground? I’ll show. Like this pumping! Underground water comes out.. Why isn’t it coming continuously? Okay. If you pump it continuously,
water will come continuously. Understand? Here, you like these sweets
Have them. Keep the phone aside while eating… eat. Just because we like it,
you made so much mother… What, uncle? Is this a lot? She’s planning for more in the future… WoW! Zoom in and shoot…
-Okay. Zoom in… It’s okay. What are you guys doing? Clicking pictures…
-Delete them. Photos are clicked to save not to delete… She clicked pictures of nature… We liked her beauty
so we clicked the pictures… What’s wrong with that? Delete them and apologize to the girl.. I must apologize? No, I wont. I won’t even delete the pictures…
what will you do? You won’t delete them? We are seeing the sticks since the film ‘ Khushi’ Oh, like Chatrapati? You are making a fist… Try something new… Anyway, you are alone and we are five. How dare you? This is his village… He thinks he has backup of the villagers… If he comes to our village… He’d learn a lesson… You think my village gives me strength? Okay… your village is 30 minutes away from here? It will take another 30 minutes
to call your people… An hour in total. It’s 11 o’clock now…
I’ll be there in your village at 12… We’ll deal with this there… Do you think we need
that energy drink now? Of course… You need energy drink to fight
and for the first night too… Why did he call for a fight at mid-noon… He should have called for it
at 5 in the evening… This is not a party, it’s a fight… What’s the time now? 12:05, it’s time already… Why isn’t he here yet? Is this an exam to come on time?
He’ll come for sure… Will he come here or there? Why did he come here?
-Hey, Seenu… Raju is at your house… My home? Sweets are really good,
My mom makes the same. What are you doing here? Get up! Get up! What did he say, mother? Father, what did he say? I didn’t do anything that he said… I didn’t get the wet girl clicked… So, that’s the matter… You asked me the reason for my visit, right? I said that your son will tell you..
there you go. That means… I didn’t tell anything…
You said it. You asked me to try something new, right?
Hence the plan… It’s wrong to click pictures of a girl against her will…
I asked him to delete and apologize… He didn’t listen to me. He asked me to come to his village… To fight a guy who did something wrong,
it doesn’t matter if it’s my village or yours… Delete them… I will. I would have beat him in the center. Your reputation would have been at stake…
I felt that would be wrong… My aunt has come home after many years… My aunt getting disappointed
for some loser teased her daughter My grandfather getting upset about the fight…
all of this is not needed.. It’s not your fault son. He’s spoiled because of bad company… We apologize on his behalf…
-You don’t have to do that.. Your parents don’t have to apologize
for your sins… Remember that… If you apologize, we’ll leave.. Sorry… I’ll see you then. I am impressed, brother-in-law. What did you say? I said I am impressed, brother-in-law. Brother-in-law, really? Sounds very new… You said about the bond, right? That’s why I called you so… What’s with these hoardings in the village? Back in the day, they used to go door to door
and inform the villagers But now they are just putting
up these flexes… Look. Even if a girl attains puberty
or even if an old man dies… Also… Even the scare crows
in the fields have flexes… Look… Crazy! Why are you looking at that house? Thinking of Sudha? Like I ever forgot… She’s your first love after all… What are you doing, dear?
-Can’t you see? I am putting the sheets…
-That’s not a sheet, it’s my saree. That’s why I ask you to buy normal sarees… This is what you bought for me..
-Then your neighbor will buy for you or what… Darn his impatience… Grandma… Heard you told stories to dad
when he was a kid… Tell us some stories as well.. please. Once upon a time… Grandma, why don’t you tell it in English? I can’t speak English… -Mom, brother is on the call.
-Nitya, give this to your aunt… One minute. Hi Siddu… How are you? Grandpa, he is here to meet you. Greetings sir. I wanted to pay the loan money. You didn’t have to come at this time.
– 70000. The crop was infected…
hence the harvest was bad, sir.. Give it to me when you harvest good crop… I’ll see you. Hey, Indian money.. Yes.
-How much? It’s 70000 in Indian Currency. Around $1000 in your country… Why are they giving money to our grandfather? He took our lands for farming. Okay… this is the amount for one day? No, for six months… Only $1000 for six months? Villagers don’t earn more than that.. Too bad… Ya. Come here. Come. What are you teaching the kids? You shouldn’t teach economics to them…
but teach emotions, ethics and values… Look, son, farming is not a job… It is a way of life. It’s nice… He has coconuts business
and you have cable TV business… You guys are quite occupied… Not busy really…
but we are happy. What is the difference between them? If we are doing more than
what we need, we’d be busy. If we make as much as we want,
we’d be happy. You guys look settled in live…
what about your weddings? Talking of weddings… recently… Why are you laughing?
-Nithya please… Tell me! What happened? Instead of telling everything…
let me show you… What is he saying? What will you show?
You think my wedding topic is a joke? Sit properly! You guys still have match making ceremony here? Now-a-days its almost love marriages everywhere… That’s true. So, Bose…
Did you ever fall in love with someone? He is trying… but no one is falling for him.. Many girls are trying to impress him
but he’s not falling for anyone… Really?
-No! So, you guys are talking about love? Nothing, brother…
these guys have no love stories to tell… You are way better than them… There was some sass in your love… Father, uncle has a love story? Yes! Uncle you have a love story?
-Tell us, uncle.. Tell us, uncle… My father is impatient but not a liar… Tell us, uncle… Brother… Force him.. he’ll surely tell.. Ok
It was nothing much… You must tell. This concept is amazing…
let’s make a short film… Camera is ready too! There is nothing…
Leave me alone… Tell us, uncle.. What is it?
What’s happening? Nothing…
-Tell us, uncle… Back in my college days… It suddenly got cloudy
when I was on my way to a friend’s place… It started raining… I didn’t want to get drenched..
-Wait! wait! We know how you look now… But how did you look back then? Back then… I used to look like him… Like me? Think it’s him! -Stop.. stop.. You know the girl…
but we don’t know her, right? Whom do we imagine her? Imagine whoever you want… My mind boggles when I see your sensuousness… The excitement after drenching in the first rain… A heartbroken kid turns a poet… Compliments aren’t enough
to describe your beauty… My mind boggles
when I see your sensuousness… The excitement after drenching in the first rain… When you walk away and turn behind… A honey-dipped arrow pierces
through my heart… The path you walk turns fragrant… I hear melodies of love
when we walk together… Everyday is an adventure with you… My mind boggles
when I see your sensuousness… The excitement after drenching
in the first downpour… How should I send across my feelings to you… I am your love letter… I’d rather read this than my books… Because the language of love
is beyond words… The longing is a blessing
like waves in the sea… My mind boggles
when I see your sensuousness… The excitement after drenching
in the first rain… A heartbroken kid turns a poet… Compliments aren’t enough
to describe your beauty… Uncle, why didn’t you guys never meet
or speak in your love story… We didn’t have the freedom
to talk like you guys… To talk or meet a girl
was a major challenge… You never felt like meeting her? Many times… I wanted to tell her my feelings
on a moon lit night on a romantic boat ride… But didn’t happen… God gives everyone a heart to love. But… But the luck in getting love,
only few people lucky. I wasn’t lucky. Nithya! What are you doing here?
Everyone is waiting to go to the temple… I am coming, mummy… Go. Father, where is mother? Mother… Where did I leave my phone… Hello! Dear, you didn’t bother to check on me? You didn’t get on? Dear! Dear! I thought you were on the vehicle. Please tell the names of your clans… Ravi Varma… ‘Vasishta’ clan… ‘Pushyami’ star… Bharati… ‘Vasishta’ clan…. ‘pubba’ star… Kalyan… ‘Vasishta’ clan… ‘chitha’ star… Ramya… ‘Vasishta’ clan… ‘utrapatra’ star Nithya… ‘Dhananjaya’ clan… ‘Swati’ star… Jhansi… ‘Dhananjaya’ clan… ‘Arudra’ star… Kishore… ‘Dhananjaya’ clan… ‘shatabhi’ star… How did you manage to remember
our stars and clan names? It’s not him, it’s her training… I’m not sure as to how much you remember
the important days of your life But grandma remembers everything… Well… Is it really a big deal to remember
your children and grand children’s birthdays? Since your entire family is home this year, I suggest you offer
Lord’s wedding rituals at home.. Sure, priest…
Tell us an auspicious date… We’ll do the needful..
-Sure. It’s been forever
since we all came to this temple… Oh, father-in-law.
What happened? Father…
-What happened? Grandpa, Are you okay? I lift you up slowly… Doctor… please wait at home… Raju is coming… he’ll pick you up… Raju… Go pick up the doctor.. Wonder whose face
you woke up to this morning… Look at the clot… You must be more careful
while walking on the stairs… What if something happened to you… I’m responsible for this… I forced us to go to the temple…
look what happened now.. Should have happened to me instead… Oh no, I forgot… Keep your leg here.
I’ll get some cloth. What is this, mother? If you can’t stand father’s small injury, how did you think
you’ll manage separately? You never left him alone… How will you divorce him? What are you talking about?
What divorce? Why will I leave him? Bangar raju… Take the kids inside. Go dear…
Siri, Nithya come… Father mailed us that you guys are getting
a divorce, that’s why we came. Father, mother knows about this, right? Or did you lie to us? I know. Then why were you surprised? He is not giving me a divorce…
I am giving him instead. Is that right? Is that right? Talking about getting worried…
we’ve lived together for many years… It obviously hurts… Decide among yourselves as to
who is going to take me away… Dear… Why are the old couple
separating at this age? Why don’t you talk to father-in-law once… What? Me? I can never be stable with him around.. Anyway… he surely must have thought about it.. His decisions are correct. I left my parents for you… Because I wanted you then…
Now, I want my children.. You either call them here or I’ll go to them. That’s it! Grandma, coffee… Thanks.. The taste is different… When we know something new…
Our tastes will also be new… Is the sweetness okay? What is this, brother? Father looks pretty stern about this… Now even mother is very strong
on her decision… And now the decision is left to us… What do we do now? Convince him, uncle.. Will they get convinced? Why not, uncle? Didn’t you convince grandma
to go to the States? Yes, I did… What do you say aunt? Didn’t you convince the grandparents about
your relationship despite uncle’s disapproval… I did. When you could convince him for yourself..
can’t you convince him for her? Try hard… Brother-in-law… Where did you learn? What?
-Such convincing speech… I learnt it from a girl… Oh, you learn from girls as well? Why? Will you teach me something? What is that look? When you’re in Rome, Be a Roman. If I want to live here,
I need to change myself, right? Live here? Nothing. Hey Bro. Your pictures are so funny… My photos? Your expressions are also funny. What my photos? When? Hey Nithya… Stop! Stop! Nithya! You! Stop! Give me. Give me. Listen to me. Give! Tell me.
-Bro are you busy? What is it about? I’m making an ad-film
for the first time in my life… I never start anything without telling you… So, come to Venkata swamy Naidu’s
coconut farm.. Ok. Hey Nithya. Give me those pictures. Oh no! There’s something cooking between them… You should act well. Ok. Bro is here at the right time. Bro. You are here at the right time.
Finally, you are doing advertisements. Very soon you will make movies too. We just need to find a good producer. Shall we start? Action! I can see your love for me in your eyes… My heart knows how much I love you… Cut… Subba lakshmi. I’ll punch your face! Look into his eyes and deliver the dialogue… Ready! Go for low angle.. Action. I can’t feel anything
when I look at him… You can’t feel? you did it once… It won’t come now. Hey, VP… How can you leave in the middle of the shoot…
-I can’t do it… What’s VP? VP means… ‘Very Powerful’ The one who scolds
or get annoyed is called a VP Bro… What? You must do it.
-I can’t do it. Come, let’s go. Come…
-Nithya this is acting. Please bro…
Yes! my bro is in. Come, let’s do… Zoom in…
-I’m doing it. I can see your love for me… I can see it in your eyes… My heart knows how much you love me. My love for you… I can’t describe it in words. I understand even if you don’t state it.. You within me, me within you, you are me… Me with you, you with me, you are me… I can’t tell how much I love you… I adore you so much… You are captivating me… All of me is now all of you! You are in the tickles of cold breeze… You are in the moon rays… You are in the colorful paint brush… You are in the melodious tunes… You are everywhere… Let me see you with all my heart… I am lost in your thoughts… Let’s be together, forever! You added colors to dreams… You have taught me to sway in love… You have imbibed an excitement in me… You have brought out the best in me… My heart is now used to you… Every breath craves for you… You are the sweet sound of love…
Your laughter is music to my ears… Why did you bring me here at this time? Look over there… She… That’s Sudha, right? Yes, uncle. What is she doing here.. You are feeling bad about
not being able to talk to your first love, right? If you talk to her once… I thought you’d be happy Sudha… I didn’t ask him to call you here.. You didn’t dare to talk to me 25 years ago… Why would I think that
you would dare to do that now… You gave an amazing surprise to uncle.. You are really great, brother-in-law… That’s not my greatness… It’s her greatness to come and meet uncle. And Love is greater
than anything in this world. What does your husband do? He was a banker initially… What he is doing now… I don’t know. What do you mean? He was transferred to Delhi
a month after the wedding… He said he’ll write a letter
after finding a house.. I don’t think he found a house till now… That letter never came. Oh, I am sorry. For what? There isn’t a rule that
a lover should be husband… Nor there is a rule that
a husband should love. What are you doing now? I’m a mother to many orphans… I’m very happy now. What’s this? Spicy fritters… You like it, right? You still remember that I like them? When I can remember the one I like… Why can’t I remember what they like… I am really excited, brother-in-law.. Old lovers on top…
and here present… Present what? Nothing. Just say whatever
you wanted to say… Present… Present…? Present…
-Bro! He’s here. It’s very windy in the river…
he wants to head back to the shore.. Shall I let him turn? Let him turn. Let him. I’ll leave. Bye. Bye. What? Go get the harvest from the tractor… Where is it? Yes where is it? Sir! Kangarraju! I left it in the field… Take the tractor and go get it… We are lucky that you became a farmer… Had you become a railway guard,
you would have given a tough time to the trains… You and your impatience… You think it’s a joke? You are talking without filter… How dare you talk like that with a dorky face… What do you think of yourselves?
You are one useless lazy human being… Uncle! Dear…
-You are a VP, uncle.. The way you are scolding them.. Alright. You are an amazing VP, uncle..
-Stop! Go. Let me finish…
-I’ll explain.. you leave. She meant… Father… How could she say that to me? She thinks VP is ‘Very Powerful’ I didn’t know what to tell her… So I told her like that. You said that…
-Yes. Make sure she never calls anyone like that. Raghava… Every one is here for the festival…
the house is gleaming… You are the younger one, right? Didn’t you recognize me?
I am your Uncle Challa Rao… Oh! It’s been so many days. Days? It’s been years… Jhansi, are you doing well? I am fine, uncle. Is she your daughter?
-Yes. She is beautiful…
Shall I look for a groom? No uncle.
She was born and raised in Australia, She can’t adjust here. You are right…
look for a groom in Australia. Your name is resonating
everywhere in the village… You are apparently helping everyone…
That’s commendable. You are raised well by your grandfather… You came all of a sudden? I wanted to see you…
they wanted to meet you.. So we came off! Are you guys doing well?
-Very well. Is there any problem? They are here for the festival..
they wanted to see you first… Come sit. It’s because of you
that we are so happy today. Or we would have taken the wrong step. What happened?
what did father tell them? It’s not been a year since your wedding… Why do you want divorce? She is not how I expected her to be… She can’t adjust at all. As if you were adjusting. He doesn’t stay the way I like…
Nor he does the things I like. So, we decided to part ways.. Alright. In the city, how’s your job?
Are you comfortable? Not very comfortable, sir..
Must adjust Or I will lose my job… What about you? How are you adjusting in the city? Nothing that you don’t know… City is not comfortable compared to the village. But we have to adjust. Good. That’s how you adjust… It’s okay if you don’t adjust… If not this job, you can find another job. If not this rented house then another. If you don’t adjust with little things in life
You won’t have any big problems… But if you don’t adjust in a marriage life. You’ll have problems all your life… The knots on the holy thread
are not put to be taken off… They have some value…
They have purity… It’s not a great thing to live as we wish… It’s all about doing as your partner wishes.. Listen to me… Live together for a year… If you still decide about separating after that… Your wish. They lived happily ever since.. He has managed to convince a couple
who wanted to separate But he is moving his marriage
towards divorce now… A doctor who treats everyone
doesn’t get a disease or what? Won’t the priest who prays for us
have problems? You are a funny guy! You didn’t get coffee for Raghava? He quit. Oh, here. His favorite sweets laddu… Hey, stand next to sister,
I’ve to tell you something… Stand…
Come here.. Stand!
I am going to be a grandfather… Sister, come… If a happy couple like you blesses them, They will also live happily ever after… Take blessings… Stay happy with your kids. If a happy couple like you blesses them, They will also live happily ever after…
Take blessings. Jhansi. Jhansi. So funny. Jhansi. Will you come here once. Son. What is it mother? Nothing. What is this mohan. Can’t you manage it for 10 days? The problem’s not solved here. I will start immediately after the festival… Aunt… when all the kids are here,
why are you going there? Where ever they maybe,
feels like they are away… Everyone is busy with their work. Hello, listen to me..
I spoke to Mohan right now… Regarding that project. Brother-in-law, are you going out? Yes. I will also come along… Come. Action! Warm greetings to the
residents of Aatreyapuram… Today’s badlines… What do you mean by that?
I said it’s headlines… It’s new for you everyday. What are you guys doing there? Teach her Telugu or fire her as an anchor…
She’s troubling us.. What’s it, Sridevi?
-I got it. She got it seems..
Start now. I don’t get it. What are you doing here dude?
You should have called me instead.. I have some work with you..
-Tell me what I can do? Make sure no one in the village
gets TV for the next four days… Cut the cable? Can you imagine the consequences?
-I know what I am saying… Everyone has come home for the festival.. People are spending time on
TV and phones instead of relatives. It’s the same story in every house, dude… Yes. People watch about love and relationships
in soap operas and forget about it in real life… So, cut the cable for a couple of days.. Dude, just like how important the first night is
for a newly married couple… Festival holidays are equally important
for cable operators… Lot of advertisements
and lots of revenue will be lost, dude… You can take it from me…
-Dude, this is all your investment after all… Do it, bro. Okay… I can cut the cable but
what about phones? I know what we can do
at the cell tower to block signals.. How do you know? My education qualification is
satellite communication.. What is that? Satellite communication. You know, right? You guys do it.. An announcement for
the residents of Aatreyapuram… The cable would be disconnected
for 4 days in the village… No cable TV? No cable TV? Why? There’s an eclipse on the satellite.. Cable is not sun or moon to be
effected by an eclipse… Only sun and moon can be effected by an eclipse?
Can’t this get effected? It’s possible because
this is also in the sky… There won’t be cable TV for four days… No cable TV?
-No. So, can’t see the stand up comedy shows? What if you can’t see it? I survive on those shows… Instead of praying to God
you are watching comedy shows on TV? I’ll punch your head… What are you thinking about? There’s no TV… what else can I do? Look at me… I am jobless.. Yes daddy, you are the thief. Catch us! Catch! Hi guys… Can I get a coffee? Hey, father’s here..
-We are watching pokemon. Hey Anil…
-Uncle. Call your grandpa…
-Ok uncle. Grandpa, uncle is calling you. It’s been so long since we hung out like this.. True. Back in the day we used to sit
and gossip here after dark.. Now we sit and watch TV after dark.. There’s no range since morning.
No internet as well.. It’s very irritating. Nithya is not leaving you, right?
She’s not plaiting her hair at all… Raju, did you ask for milk or album? I asked for the album.. Album? Brother-in-law, our plan has worked out.. Mother, let’s go to the exhibition…
-Ask brother as well.. Hey! album…
-Come let’s see… Our childhood album… Let us also see.. Grandpa, grandma,
how old is this picture? I don’t remember. Mother, remember this picture? This was when I was sick…
you walked up the Tirupati hills… Not just mother,
even father walked up the seven hills… My first prize photo in school…
-Look at her… Very nice, right? When I see these pictures… We used to sit here… You fed us with pickle-rice… I am reminiscing our childhood days…
Those were the days! Past is always the best! Siri, you deal with the kids…
-Okay, uncle.. Kids, get into the jeep… Brother-in-law, how is my dress? Very nice. I’ll come with you on the bike.. Bharati… Why are you tensed? Don’t worry. What happened, uncle? Phone’s are not working… It’s been two days
since she spoke to Siddu… She can’t do without
talking to him every day. Don’t worry, aunt…
everything will be fine in two days… ok? You come.. Come. Hey Nithya..
-Yes, mother.. Where are you going? Sit next to grandma.
Let’s go in the car. No mother.. I’ll come on the bike… It’s an amazing feeling… Listen to me… Let her have some fun. She wants to have fun on her bike ride.. Go dear…
-Thank you, grandma… Brother-in-law, lets go. Raju, start the vehicle.. Get in the car. Why did you come so early? What if you forget me? Okay… you will keep taunting me the next day. I’ll show you all..
-Let’s go.. They’ll offer prayers.
We’ll go place a bet… Bro!
-When did you come? Just now…
Nithya how did you like it? Interesting. Let’s go on the giant wheel… You think our cock will win the bet? This time our cock will win the bet. Why are you so confident? I’ve raised it strong and healthy
with almonds and pistachio Oh, almonds and pistachio Look where you tied the knife… Instead of tying it to the cock’s leg,
you tied it to my finger… I was in a hurry. Why are you being impatient? You lit my leg instead
if the bomb on Diwali (Indian festival) You will kill me one day. Not like that. You must enjoy the music
and not get scared like that… Idiot! You must encourage
an artist and not abuse… Shall I sing another tune? Uncle.. Why are you troubling her? Troubling? Me? I am minding my own business… They are playing with their things… I am playing mine… What’s wrong with that? Why do you need a balloon? That’s not fair… Kids can’t have alcohol
but adults can play with this… What have I done anyway? I just the blew this. You are holding my collar for blowing this… What should I do to you
for holding my collar? How dare you raise hand? Daddy! You don’t know about me! He didn’t just trouble Siri..
he raised his hand on brother-in-law… I didn’t know they were family… Sorry… Forgive me.. Come! Brother! Thanks, brother. We are a family… We might have differences in the house But why would I keep quite
if someone tries to attack my brother-in-law… Just because we are not talking… Doesn’t mean we are not siblings. One must not hide their love and feelings. Always be together. In this happy moment,
I should tell you something. Come with me!
-Where? I…
-You? You…
-Me? You… Bro! Bro! Bro, you are here…
I was looking for you everywhere… Really? What are you doing here?
-Plucking the grass… Plucking the grass? Buffaloes are there, right?
I want to feed them. You said the kids are bored
without TV and internet, right? I called our gang, they are here.. They are here? You carry on…
I’ll come. You were saying something.. You… Me? Aren’t you coming? Go! I am coming. I won’t tell you in between
these disturbances… I’ll tell you later… And thus we’d like to announce
to the members of Indukuri Raghavajau’s family… Shall I start? Let me finish the announcement… We are here to fulfill our dear friend’s wish… You must enact your favorite dialogues
and make a dubsmash video… Come here, little kid… This girl will close her eyes and throw the ball.. Whomever the ball hits
must come here and perform… Throw it, child. Dad, go… go… First item by Ravi Uncle. To adopt a village doesn’t mean giving money,
or paint the roads and leave… Him, him and him… All of you. You. I’ve adopted all of you. Bro, it must be powerful,
what will you do? We keep your plate, your room And a share in our earnings for you. We kept it for you since then. We like you so much… We can’t wait anymore… We can’t… Either excuse us or punish us… But do something… Please do something… Make a call, Gautam… I must talk to father.. I miss him. It’s not the one who take pride
but is humble who is great. If you think I am from city…
soft and lover boy type of guy… This character is something new. The original is intact within… It’s a blast if it comes out. Next item… What is it? Hey. Hey. Hey. Tell me, I can hear you… You… You… Why did you kick the flowerpot? I’m coming. Any other choices? It’s better if she’s educated…
-What’s better? Will you eat education? We have fights every single day
comparing ourselves… It’s enough if we can teach kids a little. You marry only once in your life. Given a chance he must keep you in the heart.. Am I right? Next item… To perform a scene of
Prince Mahesh Babu’s film ‘Athadu’ Here’s presenting Subbalakshmi and Bhandram Coffee. Where is the saucer? You took it off on the second day? Will you give me coffee
in a beggar’s bowl next time? Where are you going?
-To get the saucer. What should I do with this? Hold it like an Olympic torch? Give me…
-Why are you getting irritated? Me?
-Then is it me? Next item. From ‘Seetharammayagari Manavaralu’ film. Presenting my friend and Nithya. Look… On this good day…
I want to tell you a truth today… I know you’ve been waiting
for your son for 20 years… For you… Only for you, Janaki… Indumati’s daughter’s wedding invite… I sent to the US without anyone’s knowledge. Really? Yes, Janaki… It’s been long that I have seen
real happiness in your eyes. To bring back that happiness… I wrote the invite… Dear… For me? A person of your stature… For my happiness… You stepped down. Enough. What else do I need? The network is not working… I dunno what’s happening there…
I don’t understand what’s happening here. -What happened? Nothing…
we are trying to bring your parents together But seems like they have made up their mind. Such a waste of time,
It’s better if we start. Just three days for the festival… Why do you want to leave
without resolving the issue? Mrs. Janaki… Mrs. Janaki… Greetings… You asked me to select an auspicious time
for offerings to Lord Balaji, right? Tomorrow is a good day. You may do the needful..
-We will get it done, priest.. It’s about… Priest… greetings!
-Greetings. Grandma wants to offer
some prayers to Lord Balaji, Grandpa… Tomorrow is an auspicious day…
I asked him to go ahead… Anyway, things to do with God
are not in our hands… It’s all his wish… He wants to redo his wedding ceremonies
now maybe… right, grandpa? Uncle… You must invite the villagers..
Father. What?
Arrange flowers for the wedding, okay? Ok?
-Ok. Go and check.. Grandma… We’ll perform Lord’s wedding offering
in a very grand manner. Ok? Bride is Aluvelu, groom Srinivas… They met very recently… All the Gods in heaven
are in approval of this pair… All the gods spoke the word… Sathamanam Bhavati
(May you live to see a hundred springs) Sathamanam Bhavati
(May you live to see a hundred springs) Saffron, silk and grand wedding wear… With love and happiness tied together… She her wedding chain and him his age… The couple will take the seven holy steps… They say, we complete each other… To all the couples, may you live
to see a hundred springs… May you live to see a hundred springs… He’s a handsome and helpful guy… He’s everybody’s favorite… A 25 year old boy with the sweetest smile… The guy who trusted in his grandparents… The one who is energetic for his age… May you live to see a hundred springs. May you live to see a hundred springs. Pay this to the catering guys.
-Okay, sir… Really?
I will try it. Siri, you have done it before?
Okay, We’ll try this time… It’s not about staring at the girl you love… Go and tell her… There’s time for everything.. Father… I always knew that something was cooking
between the two of you… Nothing like that… Move those chairs… Go… you anyway have to come
and talk to me about the wedding. The ceremony went very well, mother-in-law… It’s been so long we saw a ceremony like that…
-Yes, been so long. Nithya…
-What, mother? You know what she said
before coming here from Australia… She wanted to leave immediately
if she didn’t like it here…. But looks like you are very happy here.. I didn’t know before coming here, grandma…
that I would like it here. What do you plan to do? I want to live here forever. What’s it Uncle?
Why did you call me here early in the morning. I’ll tell you… Nithya is also here..
-I called her here… She is in love with you… But she is tensed about
confessing it to you… I know, you are also in love with her… You are kidding, uncle.. Joke? Why would I be in love with Nithya, uncle? I just adore her as a cousin…
that’s not love… Anyway look at the difference between us… Nithya? You mistook our adoration to be love? She really likes you…
-Uncle… You can convince one on anything
but not regarding love… Got it? Nithya… I am really sorry if you felt otherwise
because of me or my behaviour. Sorry. Nithya. Tell me the truth, don’t you love her? I did, uncle.. Then? To love is in our hands.. But I can’t make it win.. What do you mean? Raju… Nithya is not in love…
It’s infatuation… She gets attracted to new things… She’s liking it here… even you… You’ve known her for 10 days… I’ve known her over 20 years… You are a nice guy… The way you talk,
the way you think about everyone… I really like it all… But… But don’t invest hopes on Nithya… Don’t feel bad later… Don’t trouble me either. Why will I trouble you, aunt? No way. I don’t know on what note you came here.. But you will surely go back on a happy note. I didn’t expect you would
leave Nithya so easily. To leave the person you love… Not the same as quitting love. I don’t want to make so many people sad
on account of Nithya. I’ll talk to Jhansi… I’ll talk to her
and convince everyone at home.. Instead of convincing so many people, It’s better I convince myself… It’s okay if you convince yourself… But… How will Nithya do without you. Aren’t you doing well
without your first love Sudha? You said it, uncle.. That God gives the ability
to love to everyone… But only few are lucky
to get the person they love. I’m not lucky. Hi Nithya. I thought you can ease other’s pain.. But you know to hurt as well… I am impressed, Raju…
I am impressed. You are calling him with his name? When there is relation we should call them… What’s the point
when there’s no hope in this relationship? Bye. What happened? Why is Nithya talking like that? Before she spoke to you… It would have been better
if I had spoken to her I get impatient on everything… But remained patient
when it came to your love… What is this father… Sister, brother-in-law, brother… Sister! You know what this is? The notice that lawyer sent
for application of their divorce… I told you… They don’t want to be together…
and it’s a waste of time… You didn’t listen to me…
All you kept saying was about the festival. Look what has happened… What happened?
What can happen now.. Listen to me…
-Enough of listening now.. What are you staring at?
Go pack your stuff… Uncle, just listen to me…
-What? What will you tell us now? You told us to try convincing them. We did…
but what happened? Don’t we want them to stay together?
Stay happy together… Anyway, they were happy together, right?
-Who said that we were happy? We are not happy… We just survived, that’s it. We were happy when you were born. We were happy when you’ll grew up
and made it big in life… But we are not happy today. It’s been forever that we have peace of mind… It’s been a long time
since I’ve seen her smile. Her body is here but her mind is
where you guys are… She is not here. I’ve been watching her. she looks at your pictures on the phone,
while serving food… She’s make your favorite food all day… she used to look at kids
chasing ice cream trikes and think of you… When a girl child came home
to apply hand design she’d think of you… Every day, every moment
she’d remember you all… You never come when I call…
What else could I do… What can I do? She’d be sad missing you
and I’d get sadder looking at her… I can’t do it any more.. She was with me for so many years… From now, you call us.. She won’t leave me as a wife… But she’ll divorce me and be your mother…
take her away… She’d be happier to live with her children… Take her away. When father is saying so much
You have nothing to say, mother? What can I say, son? We never had a disagreement in our marriage… He took a call just for you all… If our marriage was because of you all, you remain the reason
for our separation as well.. But… I don’t think he wants to divorce me
because he is angry. He wants to leave me because he loves me.. He wants to go away because
he wants to bring us closer.. What should I say? You are also blaming us, mother? You agreed to send us
when we wanted to move abroad… You wanted us to be in good positions, right? Yes! Any parent would wish good for their children… but not to a level that
they can’t see their parents… Please, father… just because we can’t make it That we send pictures to you on whatsapp..
talk on skype… If you stare at food
it won’t fulfill hunger You must eat. We didn’t come because
we didn’t have time. Dear… Why did you get so restless
when you couldn’t talk to your son for two days? These people who grew up in surroundings of love
and emotions don’t care about us, how are you expecting your children to think about you
while they are busy with computers and dollars… Parents must look forward to their children
in happiness not sorrow… You promise to come down for Sankarnti, we think of surviving on the memories of one festival
for rest of them through the year… But no one deserves the misfortune
of living in anticipation… When headmaster Prasad rao died.. We didn’t know if we had to wait
for his children or burn the body. We had to take him to the Ashramam atlast. In the ceremony… The priests have blessed us
to live and see a 100 springs… Living doesn’t mean surviving… Living happily with our people… Living doesn’t mean surviving…
what’s the point in surviving without living? We also want to spend time with you. But..
-There’s no time. Even migrating birds also go to their
birth place once a year… You have time to work extra
to the person paying you salary… You don’t have time for the people
who gave you life? We might live for about five to ten years… Even if you come once a year… In our lifetime
we will get to see you for five to ten times. Please give us that opportunity. Mother. Sorry father… In the race for life… It’s our mistake to have
forgotten about our parents When I got late from school My mother used to wait for me at the patio… I can’t imagine how much my mother
waited for me to come from Australia… Please forgive me, mother.. When you appreciated me for my results
I thought math was life, father.. We are nothing without you.. I am sorry, father.. Any child would want
their parents to be together… Please don’t get separated because of us.. Please. Please don’t send the notice father. Grandpa doesn’t know about it. I sent that notice.. Why would you do that? Why did you send?
-I wanted them to realize their pain… I grew up with you two You guys were not talking to each other… I couldn’t take it. From the time I knew… I never saw tears in your eyes, grandpa… For the first time in my life… I saw tears in your eyes
when you were standing by the river… I couldn’t take it. People come to you
when they have problems… You didn’t have anyone to share your sorrows… You were struggling within. It was very unsettling… So I did it. Sorry uncle… Parents are not asking us for our assets… They just want joy… If we give it to them They will be happy… We will happy too. You think of everyone’s sadness… But why did you hide yours.. What sorrows do I have, grandpa? Isn’t it sad to not get the girl you love? Why did you hide the fact
that you loved Nithya.. It’s not just Nithya who I love… All of you love me. I can’t lose everyone. Why did you reject him as
your son-in-law, child? You look for happiness in possessions… But he looks for it in other’s joy… At the time when people don’t value
their families very well… He will treat others as his own people..
Such great heart. You might be the heir to my asserts… But he is an heir to my values. You won’t get any better son-in-law than him. I had a love marriage… I know the value of love… But… But I failed to understand your love.. Sorry. Will you marry, Nithya? What do you say? You will marry the one you loved. Are you happy? Who said I was in love with Raju? Are we in love? Did you ever tell me that you love me? If he didn’t tell you..
he’ll tell it now.. Tell her…
-Tell her. Say it. Will you call me brother-in-law? Brother-in-law. Call the priest immediately.. Look for an auspicious day..
Start the wedding festivities.. Don’t hurry up.. I know when and how to get them married… Sankranti festivities
have begun in Aatreyapuram… Raghavaraju’s family is gleaming
with happiness and love.. Greetings. Come.. Come..
Greetings. What are you doing here, father? He invited us for the festival..
so we came.. It’s just us over there…
we are all here, he said.. Festival is all about togetherness… Why stay separately
when we can all be together.. Come. Come. Grandpa, grandma… Come..
Look at my floor design.. Where is the design? Sir, Kangarraju came this way. Who put the drum on the way? Move!
What are you looking at? Father-in-law! Father, when is Ugadi (Indian Hindu festival) March I guess… Ok. I’ll try to come a couple of days
before the festival… What about you, brother?
Even I’ll plan to come at around the same time.. Are we coming for Ugadi?
Ofcourse. For sure. So, we will come in three months I think I’ll stay here instead. I need to adjust here as well, right? Let her stay. When you come for Ugadi,
we’ll get them married… If you can’t celebrate
this festival with your parents… Make sure you celebrate
the next festival with them. The whole village celebrates festivals. If children are home…
Then it is full of happiness. To those who share happiness with parents.. And to the people who tell
the meaning of relations and values. To all those great people… May you all live to see a hundred springs!

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