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When it comes to buying petrol, consumer
brand loyalty is hard to come by. Malaysian motorists are mostly brand
switchers, easily seduced and switched away through discounts, promotions and
giveaways for our competitors. As a result, we’ve seen our market lead over
competition shrink. In the quest to solve this challenge, we took advantage
of various sources of powerful audience and location signals and connected them
together like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle to gain a clearer picture of what works.
In 4 steps: 1. s Starting from consumer panel data of more than 5.5 million
consumers allowed us to identify two distinct types of brand switchers; the
generic brand switchers and the bargain hunters. 2. We then worked with five
different data providers to build an aggregated programmatic audience list.
3. Then we connected the consolidated audience data with a location data
provider to identify those who are physically present at a Shell Retail
station, thus closing the loop from online to offline. 4. We leverage
Google’s DCM to capture and map every individual view and action to our online
apps to know which one’s best led offline visits to shell retail stations.
The full cycle was recorded as one conversion data point, showing the
correlation from promo ad to purchase – a media first for shell in Malaysia and a
world-class attribution approach. The campaign results were phenomenal. We attributed an incredible 7,862 store visits to our digital media
alone. We have also increased the brand net promoter score from 4 to 13. Last but
not least, we achieved a 21% increase in transaction count during the campaign
period compared to previous quarters.

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