Shop Tab for Business Overview: Shop Tab on Facebook

(pencil scratching) Hey, Marika here. Building a website from
scratch can be overwhelming. Adding a store to that website, pff. That’s why, in this video, you’re gonna learn how to set up a shop so you can list and sell products right on your Facebook page without needing an external website. The Shop tab is where you
can upload and display as many of your products as
you want, however you want. You can use the default layout, or try grouping similar products
into different collections. Just do what makes the most sense to you. Another great thing about having a shop on your Facebook page? Your customers can message you to ask you about your products,
and comment on your posts. Your shop may have different features depending on where you are in the world. If you’re in the US, customers
can click on your product, add it to their cart, and
buy it right on Facebook. US shop owners can also
manage orders here, too; cancel them, refund them,
or mark them as shipped. Your shop may also have insights which will allow you to see
views, clicks, and purchases. When you see what gets
customers’ attention, you can understand what
works and keep doing it. My friend, Amanda, is an
incredible illustrator. Her passion? Selling prints of cute
dinosaurs at local art fairs. She started a page devoted to
her one-of-a-kind dinosaur art so she could connect
with fans of her work. When she gained a
following, she had an idea: (bell dinging) “I could sell prints on my page!” So, she set up a shop, and now she sends her
products all over the world. It doesn’t matter what
type of shop you have, this is a party you’re all invited to. Does it sound like a
shop makes sense for you? Are you ready to get started? Great! In our next video, we’ll walk through how to set up your shop, then talk about how to get
results, so keep watching. (bright tropical music)

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