Shopify Flow: Ecommerce automation to free your time for what matters most

We know you’re really busy. Competing priorities are coming at you left, right, and center. Time consuming, repetitive
tasks are bogging you down. And every day, it’s a struggle to make time for the things that matter most. As you keep growing, things
will get even more complex, making it harder to expand your business. That’s why we’re introducing Shopify Flow. eCommerce automation that
lets you easily automate tasks so you and your team can focus on delighting your customers. With just a couple of clicks,
you can build custom workflows like automatically reordering inventory when supply gets low. You can also segment your
top customers, tag products or high risk orders, and so much more, all without needing to
write a single line of code. Using Flow means you can spend more time on what matters most. Growing bigger, faster.

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