Shopify vs. Woocommerce – Best Ecommerce Platform in 2018? (+ Oberlo vs. AliDropship!)

Hey guys, in this video we’re going to be
doing an updated look at what platform is best to use when building your eCommerce store. Is it Shopify or WooCommerce? For most people, especially my subscribers
here at Wholesale Ted, there are five key questions that they want answers to before
deciding which platform is best for them. One: Which one requires the least startup
money? Two: Which will cost you the most money in
the long-term? Three: Which is cheaper if you plan on building
multiple stores? Four: Which is easiest for beginners to use? And five: What has the best dropshipping plugin? If you guessed that I’m going to be answering
these five questions on this video, you have guessed right. All right, so let’s jump straight into it. Question one: Which requires the least startup
money? Now this is kind of debatable. You could argue that WooCommerce does, but
for most people they’re going to find that Shopify will cost them the least amount of
money to get started. Now with Shopify you have two options. You can pay for your plan on a monthly basis,
or you can pay for a whole year with a discount. For most users the Shopify basic plan is perfect,
and they don’t need to purchase a bigger subscription plan. If you select the monthly basic plan that
means that you can get started for just $29. You’ll still need to purchase a domain name
of course, and the easiest solution for most people is to purchase it with Shopify. If you do that a domain name is going to cost
you $14. So in total you could get started with a Shopify
store today for just $43. Now let’s compare that to WooCommerce. Now on the surface WooCommerce should be the
cheapest, because it’s free. Right? After all WooCommerce is just a free WordPress
plugin and that always attracts a lot of people, because well free, free, free. Everybody loves free, but it’s not actually
free, because you still need to purchase web hosting for your store, and that costs money. Now in the past you could get away with using
super cheap web hosting from places like iPage. The reason for that was that an SSL certificate
was not necessary, and super cheap web hosting like iPage did not include it. However, some recent changes in 2017 made
having an SSL certificate basically necessary. If you don’t include it then Google and Chrome
will now flag your site as not secure. So now more than ever, it is no longer an
optional expense. Now in my updated 2018 tutorial where I taught
everybody how to create a WooCommerce dropshipping store, and you will find a link to that in
the video description below, the web hosting that I used as part of it was SiteGround. The startup plan from SiteGround is perfect
for most people, and it includes an SSL certificate. Now while you can choose to get a month trial
for $3.95, they make you pay an additional hefty fee of $14.95. After the first month they will re-bill you
for a one year subscription plan anyway. You can’t pay monthly ongoing. So most people won’t want to select this and
will just skip to the one year subscription plan of $47.40. Which of course, is more money than Shopify’s
$29. I also find that a lot of beginners prefer
to purchase their domain names through their web hosts, and the reason for this is because
if you do that it will automatically connect your domain name to your web host. Which makes it a lot easier during the setup
process. With SiteGround, this is also more expensive
then Shopify. Costing $15.95. That means for most people getting started
with SiteGround, they’re going to be spending $63.35. Which is more expensive than getting started
with Shopify. Just a quick note, if you’re on super tight
budget and are willing to learn about connecting domain names to your store, you can buy .com
domain names from Namecheap for just $10.98. However, I recommend that most beginners just
spend the extra few dollars and purchase their domain names through either Shopify or SiteGround
to make it easier. Question two: What will cost you the most
money in the long-term? There is absolutely no contest here. You are going to save far more money in the
long-term with a WooCommerce store. Now up front you’re going to have to spend
$47.40 to get your web hosting going, but keep in mind that lasts for 12 whole months. Whereas if you do the math a basic Shopify
plan over 12 months is going to cost you $348. Now you can save money by purchasing a 12
month subscription in advance, but the savings are only 10%, so it’s still going to be costing
you $313. $47 or $313? I wonder which is cheaper. Oh I know, $47 is cheaper. WooCommerce definitely wins here. Question three: Which is cheaper if you plan
on opening multiple stores? A question that we get asked occasionally
is, whether you can open more than one store on a Shopify account? The answer is no you can’t. If you open a store called Brewer Treats on
Shopify selling coffee accessories, you can’t also go and create a new store called Perfect
Goodies selling cat trinkets. You would have to open one Shopify plan for
$29 a month Brewer Treats, and then you would have to open an additional $29 a month account
for Perfect Goodies. All in all you would be paying $58 a month
for both of these stores. Now let’s compare that to WooCommerce. Most people are usually only looking to start
a single store. Which is why I recommend the startup plan
with SiteGround as it’s the cheapest, but a limitation with it is that it only lets
you host a single website. What you could instead choose to do is purchase
the GrowBig plan, which lets you host as many websites as you like on a single account. This will cost you $5.95 billed annually. Which means you’ll be paying up front $71.40,
and you will get hosting for as many sites as you like for 12 months. Now, true fact here, price is not everything. Which is what I’m about to get into, but if
you are very price sensitive then there is no contest. WooCommerce is definitely cheaper than Shopify. Question four: Which is the easiest for beginners
to use? Just like there was no contest for the last
question, there is no contest for this one here. Shopify is by far the easiest for beginners. Shopify has genuinely revolutionized the world
of eCommerce. It has never been so simple and easy for beginners
to create stores. If you follow along with my Shopify video
tutorial you can have a professional looking dropshipping site up and running in less than
an hour, and you can find a link to that tutorial in the description below. Now there are many reasons why Shopify is
a lot nicer and easy to use, but a very major point here is that Shopify was only created
for the sole purpose of making eCommerce stores. That is it. That is all Shopify does. If you want to turn your store into a completely
different website then you are just out of luck, because the only thing that Shopify
does is build beautiful stores. Now let’s compare that to WooCommerce. Now the thing about WooCommerce is that it
is simply a plugin that plugs into WordPress, which was initially built to build blog sites,
and then it turns that into an eCommerce store. So before you can install WooCommerce, you
actually have to install WordPress on your site, and turn it into a blog site. You then install the WooCommerce plugin into
your WordPress blog, which adds functionality that turns it into an eCommerce store. Now if this is already confusing you then
you should just stick to Shopify. So because of the facts that you are taking
what was initially supposed to be blog software, and now turning it into a eCommerce store,
the interface and the menus are quite awkward and difficult for beginners to navigate to
use. There will be still lots of blog options,
settings and features installed and available to them that are not relevant to them. Which makes it confusing and distracting. The interface is not intuitive. Plus it is a lot more glitchy, and I can not
emphasis that enough. That’s because of the fact that WordPress
is not well optimized for WooCommerce. Whereas Shopify is incredibly streamlined,
incredibly optimized, and has basically no glitches at all. Plus even if you do run into problems you
get access to 24/7 support. You can contact Shopify directly through either
phone or live chat, and get someone to help you right then and there. The Shopify support is incredible. They will literally hold your hand and walk
you through the process step by step, but if you go with WooCommerce you are on your
own. After all, it is a free plugin. There is no one there to hold your hand. Question five: Which one has the best Aliexpress
dropshipping plugin? Now most of my subscribers here at Wholesale
TED are interested in creating eCommerce stores, because they want to run Aliexpress dropshipping
stores on them. So this is a very relevant question for them. For Shopify, the best dropshipping plugin
is Oberlo, and for WooCommerce it is AliDropship. The honest truth is that Oberlo is the best
of the two. First of all, it requires no startup investment
with Oberlo, unlike AliDropship. Which costs $89 to purchase. Now this is a one off purchase, which is something
to keep in mind. Once you are making more than 50 sales a month
you will start having to pay a $29 a month fee with Oberlo, but once you get to the point
where you’re making 50 plus sales a month the the $29 a month plan shouldn’t be a problem
for you. And AliDropship definitely has more glitches
than Oberlo. Now, don’t get me wrong. What the AliDropship team created was quite
remarkable, but like how WordPress was not build to be optimized with the WooCommerce
plugin, WooCommerce was not built to be optimized with the AliDropship plugin. Whereas Shopify actually acquired Oberlo in
May of 2017. It means then that Oberlo is incredibly well
optimized for Shopify. It integrates like a dream, and it is basically
glitch free. So there guys go. There are definitely some advantages to using
WooCommerce money wise. I also understand that some people are always
going to choose it anyway, because they like using WordPress in general, but ultimately
I do think that Shopify is going to be the right platform for most of my subscribers
because of the fact that it is cheaper and easier to get setup initially and get selling. Thanks for watching. If you would like more videos about making
money selling online then be sure to subscribe to Wholesale TED, and click that little notification
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