Short Takes: Retail Innovation

Retail is probably undergoing one of the biggest shift its ever ever taken in fact. The university has a opportunity because of the McMillon Innovation Studio to really be at the forefront of that. I think I’ve seen more excitement from students being involved in this than I’ve seen in any other thing that I’ve been involved with. When students just like all understand the real opportunity of working with real companies before you graduate The McMillon Innovation Studio is going to be a huge thing and everybody is going to want to be here working on different projects just to get that taste of the real life. My fascination with retail created this overlapping opportunity and to have students that can learn about retail, about the customer, and about where the future is going to be is really exciting. You’re going to need to know marketing, you’re going to need to know sales, you’re going to need to know industrial engineering, and the supply chain and it gives them the ability to work with those companies, nourish the the skills they’ve learned from their classes and put them in that real-world environment. Everybody has to work together and the more that you can get those different disciplines working together the better. That we develop students who think innovatively that ultimately can transfer those solutions out into into our partner companies. We really hope others jump in and help you know we were trying to get something started but as others see the opportunity we hope that they’ll come along and help make it more effective bigger and better.

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