Should I Expedite My Business’s Incorporation?

Certain states offer expedited service. That doesn’t mean that we’re processing documents more quickly for you, we still process documents as soon as they come to us. However, the difference is the state improves the speed at which they send documents back to us. So typically, for example, in Delaware standard turnaround time is about two to three days for us as a registered agent in Delaware We file what’s known as: Priority Six. If you request an upgrade we provide a higher filing priority, and there’s a state fee associated with that, but typically documents will come back within the same day. We guarantee them within twenty four hours so if you have an urgent need to receive your documents back we suggest you contact us for an upgrade. There’s a twenty four-hour upgrade on our website, if you need faster service you can call us. And there are other service fees associated with two-hour service, one hour service, or even thirty minute service. Those fees are rather high, however, the twenty-four hour service much more affordable and we would be happy to help you at IncNow with that.

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