Should I Start My Own Business? – Pastor Mac Hammond

But as far as a mid-term thrust or approach
to the workplace environment, the unbelieving workplace environment, if God’s dealt with
you in your heart about starting something on your own, then it’s time to quit waiting
for Him to drop it on your head like a ripe apple out of a tree because the Lord typically
doesn’t work that way. He responds to steps of faith. And what holds most people in their
seat and keeps them from taking those steps is the risk that is almost always involved
in a new venture. But what would faith be needed for if it weren’t a risky life out
there? I mean, it is a fact. If you had all the answers before you did anything, faith
wouldn’t be needed. But if you’re waiting to get all the answers before you start your
business or you follow the leading of the Lord to your heart, you’ll still be waiting
when the trumpet blows, honey. Because you know, it’s not going to happen until you take
some steps of faith in that direction. So risk management becomes an important consideration
if you’re going to motivate yourself to begin moving down that path. I think that, you know,
just rolling the dice is certainly stupid. It’s not the way to approach the matter of
risk.Calculated risk is appropriate, and it’s where steps of faith begin. And somebody asked
me a while back, how do you calculate the risk for what I do or what I’ve done in my
life or how should they calculate risk. The bottom line I think that the Word gives us
is you’ve got to be able to take care of your own. Your family, your children… you can’t
take such a risk that insolvency may cause you to lose your home and your cars and go
on welfare and food stamps. That is not an acceptable level of risk. So I think you need
to have a plan. When you can put a plan in place where if everything goes as bad as it
could possibly go, you can still meet your family’s basic subsistence needs. Are you
here this morning? So that may mean you risk your savings account, you may risk some other
things, but if you’re not going to risk your family’s subsistence needs, then that’s a
risk worth taking. Prayerfully consider between the spouses and make sure you’re both in agreement
on this matter. You don’t want to go into this venture out of agreement. And then take
a step of faith. And I don’t think it will be long until lo and behold! You find yourself
out of an unbelieving workplace in a culture of faith, God bringing the money in to meet
your family’s need and to prosper your life. So I believe the mid-term approach should
be understanding that many of you probably maybe the majority of you God’s already dealt
with about doing certain things and launching out on your own in certain ways. Now there are others that might say, well,
he’s never dealt with me that way, and you know, I don’t have anything in my heart about
starting my own business. Well, then he wants you to go up the corporate ladder and become
the president of the company. That’s what he wants. And so you start believing that
He’s going to open those doors of opportunity for you.But again, on the short-term basis,
what do you do if you are in one of these environments? How do you get out of it? Well,
you do so initially by understanding the need to, which is what this sermon is all about.
Don’t allow yourself to accept the status quo and become complacent about the environments
of faith or unbelief that you may vascillate between. Don’t allow yourself just to leave
your kid in public school or just to go down to the hospital because there’s no other way
to do it. That’s the only your insurance will pay for. Or don’t just stay in a secular workplace
because you know, I’m making okay money and I got a good… whatever… fringe benefits
program and you know I’ll just put up with the unbelief. You’re locking yourself away
from the very anointing that would elevate your experience of life exponentially and
you cannot do that. And that’s the reason for this sermon… to motivate you in the

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