Should I Use A Free Website for My Business?

The topic for today is whether or not you should use a free sitebuilder to build your business website on. I would recommend that if you’re serious about building a professional business
that inspires trust and confidence in your customers, you invest in building a professional website from the start. I know that a lot of these free website platforms might look
attractive and seem professional enough for you but before you go about setting up your
business storefront on a free service, I would sit down and ask myself, “What exactly do
I need my website to do?” And once you come up with the answers to these questions, it will
be clear as to whether or not that free service can meet your business needs or not.
Three different areas I think are very important for you to consider before selecting any type of website
solution, whether it’s free or paid. The first factor is customization. How customizable is this website solution? How customizable do you need it to be? A lot of free platforms only allow you to upload a header image or a logo, and you’re locked into templates which
might be attractive, but you don’t really have a lot of leeway to change the colors
or fonts. If it’s important to you to have a completely custom designed website that
reflects the look and feel of your brand, a free solution might not suit you. Another
area of customization to consider would be the layout. Can you totally change the layout
of your website or are you locked into the templates and layout that are actually built
in? If you’re doing conversion optimization down the road, which is the practice of getting
your website visitors to take actions on your website such as signing up for your newsletter
or buying something, then that might involve changing the layout of your site to figure
out which actually helps people checkout faster. If your free website builder won’t let you
do that, then your business growth will be limited as well. Another aspect to consider is features & functionality. So, for example, If you want to add PayPal buttons to your website or if you want to add a shopping cart to your website, will this service provider or solution that you’re going with allow you
to do that? If not, again, your online business growth is going to be limited. So down the
road, you might want, or have to move off your free, or limited paid platform, and go
with a different service. That’s going to be a whole website re-launch and a lot of
your time, energy, and money. The second important factor that I would consider is Search Engine Optimization. Is the platform that you’re going with search engine friendly? Does it allow you to have your industry keywords in your URL structure? If not, if the URLs
the platform gives you are 1234, XYZ and a string of characters, then that is not search
engine friendly. And you’re gonna be missing out on a lot of search engine traffic – people
that are actively looking for your products and services online – if your website is not
optimized for search engines. The third aspect to consider is whether or not the solutions provider is going to be in business down the road. Because if they go out of business, then you’re going to have to move your website anyway. So that’s it for today. If you’d like to receive
more information about how to build a kick-ass website, please visit That’s it for now and see you next time. Thank you!

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  1. Hi Lorna You are genuinely a star thank you for your valuable advices and I recommend you to all youtubers professionals and specially the beginners to visit all your tutorials and for certain they will learn something from you.
    Thank you once more and wish you all the best. With kindest regards.

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