Should You Build Your Online Business Around Your Passion Or Profit

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be answering the question should you build your online business
based around your passion or based around profit guys this question is huge
in the affiliate marketing community and pretty much the entire online business
community just because it’s such a huge topic and everyone has a different
opinion on it I of course have my own opinion which I’m gonna share with you
guys in this video in just a minute but guys this question was a big
question for me in the beginning of my affiliate marketing career especially
because I really struggled with it cuz I really wasn’t sure what I should do
necessarily because of course they’re gonna be a ton of people just say you
know go for your passion and build your entire business it’s not what you’re
passionate about it’ll be so much easier it’ll go so much better it’ll be someone
to explore successful but then there are other people on the other side of that
coin that say oh no screw that just building around profit you’re they
saying don’t build your business and in each that isn’t gonna be that profitable
instead just pick one of the most profitable niches or as if you guys
don’t know like the top 3 evergreen million dollar niches every single year
or things like health and fitness and there’s dating in romance and then
lastly there’s like online business and like make money online stuff those work
or something like the top three every niche is that everybody is in because
they’re super profitable they’re literally like billions of dollars spent
and made there every single year there are people that say don’t build your
business on your passion just build it and one of those doing niches because it
wasn’t the most profitable as you kind of understand both arguments I
understand are both people are coming from on both sides but for me personally
in the beginning ever I shoveled her the lot cuz I wasn’t sure what I should do
and you’re probably in the same exact boat I was when I first started with
like marketing back a few years ago where I had all these passions they were
a few things that I was kind of passionate about but a lot of them
weren’t very profitable and I had to kind of make a decision whether I wanted
to like just kind of build my business all in on my passion or if I wanted to
actually I really try to make money and then decision that I eventually came up
with and I came down to like a few decisions because guys I definitely
think that building a business based around your passion can be profitable
but that also comes with like a little bit of an Asterix and the only reason
there’s a little bit of an Asterix and it kind of depends is because I’m an
issues and some passions just aren’t that profitable and that’s just like the
honest truth of it works guys I’m not gonna tell you don’t follow your passion
don’t build a business around your passion
you really want to do that 110% hell yeah go for it but if you’re looking at
your passion you’re looking at your knees and you’re like hey this might not
be that profitable then you might not want to do it guys some examples of that
some reasons that some issues won’t be profitable before I even get into that
actually guys majority of me shoes you’re gonna find they’re gonna be ways
to make money they’re gonna be people already in that niche making a killing
making a ton of money and they’re gonna be ways you don’t be able to find
opportunities to actually make money in those niches there really aren’t that
many niches where there’s like absolutely no money to be made but the
reason that would even happen is because a niche might be way too small the niche
might be way too specific you might have narrowed it down so that it’s so so
small that the audience and like the general the general people are actually
in that niche there’s not enough in them if they’re only like a few hundred
people in a niche it’s gonna be very hard to make like a full-time income
online make like eighty thousand dollars a year just all a few hundred people
Porsche guys there are a few thousand or course multiple thousands of people in a
niche and it’s a good healthy niche but if it’s like way too specific then it’s
not gonna work out for you very well so like example guys if you when I’m
picking each like underwater bowling that’s your passion that’s what you want
to make money in and that’s we’re gonna build your entire business around I’d
have to advise against a little bit just because like underwater bowling isn’t it
isn’t like a very broad isn’t a very general niche there probably aren’t that
many people in it if it’s even a real thing I’m pretty sure it’s not a real
thing I just wanted to give you guys like an extreme example to show you my
point here after Apple guys another reason a niche might not be that
profitable or profitable at all is because it’s just one of those things
where it’s nice where everybody gets everything for free and nobody’s paying
for anything or like nobodies won’t pay for anything at all a good example of
that guys would be like the comedy niche for example the comedy Nisha is
definitely one of the most like undervalued ones in my opinion only
because of because of social media and like 2018 at this point and the reason
I’m saying that is because if you just look at things like Instagram and
Twitter they’re literally like thousands to tens of thousands of people with
comedy pages all I do all day is post means post off on ecaptions’ things like
that and of course guys that’s a that’s a great niche to get into again if you
want if you want to if you love comedy you want to be like a comedian but for
that I’m not saying not to do that but guys if you just look at like Instagram
comedy pages or is like you know main pages they don’t make a lot of money
just because it’s just it’s his comedy it’s all just just joke
is all free it’s all free content we nobody’s gonna be paying for jokes
nobody’s gonna be paying for comedy there’s some random Instagram I mean
pages we’re a lot of the time there’s kind of me posting you posting pictures
from other pages again guys nobody’s willing to meet paying for that kind of
stuff of course you’ll be like a stand-up comedian
you have your own shows that’s a completely different story but if you
just want to start like an Instagram main page it really isn’t that much
money to be made there unfortunately and you kind of have to come to the
realization that if your niche looks like that if your niece looks like
there’s like there’s just not enough people in it or nobody’s even nobody is
spending any money at all in that niche then it might not be a profitable niche
to get into and at that point you might want to consider building your business
based on more like the top 3 everything itches based around profit and the point
of this video isn’t for me to tell you not to follow your dreams not to follow
your passion to bash on your passion and stuff like that if you have a passion
that’s great follow it with all your heart do whatever you want but we’re
actually building an online business you have to be real and you have to think
from a very business perspective is there money in this niche can I actually
make all the amount of money that I want in this niche that’s another question
you guys have to come up with you guys because if you want to make like a
million dollars in a niche and has to be a pretty big niche has to be a pretty
general niche in god you can’t pick something super super specific and then
expect to make like a million dollars in it if like the audience isn’t there if
the growth isn’t there if the scalability isn’t there those are some
of the things you have to look at before you actually pick a niche for your
online business with that being said guys as I mentioned earlier majority of
the niches you’re gonna find you’re gonna get into there are gonna be ways
to make money in them one way or another there will be opportunities but again
guys every niche is gonna be different there are gonna be some million-dollar
issues like those top three big everything issues the little blue ones
are kind of dominate the affor marketing world and of course they’re gonna be
smaller ones like basketball singing cooking they’re gonna be very profitable
still even though they’re not necessarily I like the top top tier of
like marketing niches but at the same time you guys if your passion actually
falls into one of those top three evergreen niches let’s say for example
you loved the gym you loved a muscle building bodybuilding and stuff like
that you have to eat right and stuff like that if you’re if your actual
passion is in one of those top three evergreen niches then of course guys
that’s great that it has happened to end up being like that you actually love
muscle building a health and fitness you fit perfectly into that niche that’s
fine guys you can definitely do that I’m not saying you guys shouldn’t pick one
of the others of course is video I’m not saying that one side or
the other side is wrong I’m just saying that when you’re actually picking your
niche and you’re picking a side you make sure your business is gonna be able to
maintain some sort of profitability and actually be able to run and for the long
term guys that’s a huge thing to so many people think of a marketing online
business and the short term but guys you have to understand that if you want this
I’m feeling marketing on an online business make you money consistently
month after month the next like three to five years for example you’re gonna make
sure you’re in a niche that’s gonna be up for the long term because the gay guy
you don’t want to go 100 percent into a niche just that’s just very trendy for
example guys Bitcoin cryptocurrency was really blowing up last few months back
in like was it like December and remember January January drip their
currency was just blowing up on you you wanna see em everywhere and people were
diving full into that niche and quarter that wasn’t a bad idea people made a lot
of money in that niche now guys it’s all kind of like fading out a little bit of
course yes cryptocurrency Bitcoin I’m not saying it’s going anywhere it’s
still absolutely massive but the trend is became a little less trendy the fads
kind of dying down but the views are kind of going down those videos a little
bit of course got like a subway greenies chicken into because of course that saw
it’s obviously very profitable still my bashing and the cryptocurrency in
Bitcoin and then they should all of course they I may I make videos on it so
I can’t bash it but of course guys are also gonna be like other niches for
example those like rigid spinners and fidget cubes people went like 100
percent all and made shop five stories based all around those about all one of
those little items those fidgets minnows those fidget cubes
those little toys that mess around with in your hand you made full-on Shopify
stores 110 percent dedicated to just that it was great for the short-timer is
great to make a little bit of money in that short term but for the long term
those businesses the Shopify stores majority of them actually closed down
because it wasn’t good for the long term that’s another very important thing you
guys want to focus on when you’re picking a niche to pick your builder
overall to build your online business around but with that being said though
guys I pretty much wraps up this video those are kind of my key points you can
definitely build a business around your passion if it’s still profitable and if
it’s still scalable or you guys take the other side and build a business based
completely around profit and just just pick one of the top three every niches
the speakers want to make some money like I said guys there’s nothing wrong
with either side I’d actually love to hear what you guys think about this
definite on me a comment in the comment section down below
whether you built your business around your passion or on profit with that
being said the guys I pretty much wraps up the video if you guys enjoyed
definitely drop a like if you guys really enjoyed the video
definitely make sure to subscribe right now for brand new videos every single
day with all that out of the way guys my name is Vinny Villa I will see you in
the next one I am out yes

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  1. Hey Anthony ! To me, building your first business around passion is a great choice (since it's going to take a lot of time^^)

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