Should You QUIT Your Job? – The Most Life Changing Speech Ever (ft. Garyvee, Joe Rogan)

Most men live lives of quiet desperation.
It’s one of my favourite quotes ever because it’s true. You’re just in this world where
you just can’t wait to just run away. But I think one of the reasons why these people
have this deep seated anger and resentment is there’s a bunch of people out there that
have these lives that are deeply unsatisfying because I think there are so many people that
are working all day long doing something that is deeply unsatisfying and almost painful
to them. Soul killing. You’re stuck in traffic all day and then they’re stuck in a cubicle
after that. They relish the time to take a in the bathroom and look at their phone. I
mean they literally do that. That’s a highlight of someone’s day. They get in traffic on
the way home. They get home after that they’re watching television. I think if people have
a regular day job if you can just find one thing you do as a passion project and just
keep building on it. Keep watering it. Keep adding fertiliser. Keep giving it attention.
Keep giving it focus and you can escape. You can escape and you can be self serving. You
can be okay. You’re gonna be okay. Look man, making furniture feels good. If you could
do that, you could cut those corners perfectly and sand everything down nice and stain it.
And then it’s done you get the satisfaction. And you sell it to someone and that pays your
bills. That is infinitely more satisfying than being stuck in some cubicle working for
someone you don’t wanna work for, having to have these stupid office meetings, talking
to people in Human Resources, sitting down with your supervisor where they evaluate your
job performance. You really need to be enthusiastic about this company. This company is your future.
You’re like me now. You know there’s a lot of people out there that would way rather
do something else and I hope they understand they can. And people that are trapped in bad
situations, one of the problems is, you feel like this is your future and you can’t get
out of that. There’s no hope. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel. There’s
no rainbow. And if you feel like that, that alone can incredibly defining and limiting.
But if you can look at, if you can look at yourself objectively and say okay, I’m in
credit card debt, I’m working in a job, I don’t like what I’m doing. But I have
some ideas. I need to feed those ideas. I need to feed them, and water them, and I need
to set aside a certain amount of time everyday, to just try to make those things happen. You
can do that. Everyone has a different personality, they have different, different interests,
different, different things that they would be really satisfied pursuing. That’s not
encouraged. What’s encouraged is go find a job. What’s encouraged is go find some
place, that you can shove yourself into, go find a square hole, that you can stick your
round peg, and just jam it in there and shave down the top and the bottom, so you slide
in with all these extra space on the sides and feel like for the rest of your life. Because
you need a job. Because you’re in debt. Because you have credit cards. Because you
have student loans. Because that’s what everybody does and so you do it too. That’s
what’s wrong. You have an apartment you have to pay for. You have a car you leased.
You have a wife you have to feed. You have a child you have to raise. You have to. You
have your mortgage. You have your this you have your that. And that’s where it all
comes from. Well the opportunity takes place usually when you’re young and you don’t
have any responsibility. That’s when you have your options. Well your options are severely
limited the more you gather responsibilities. Like if I had to as a 51 year old father of
three, married man, pays taxes, has a house and a mortgage and a business, and all that
jazz, if I had to quit everything now, and struggle the way I struggled as a stand up
comedian, it would never work. But, the only way I could be this person now is if I took
that chance when I was 21. When I was dead broke and, had my cars repossessed and all
that stuff. That’s the only way you ever get where you wanna go. You have to take a
path that’s dangerous, and most people wanna take the safe path. And the safe path leaves
you stuck in quiet desperation Almost every time. It’s hell. But can people just make
that change? Yes. You can. I believe they can. But you have to plan it out. The way
you can change is you have to put aside enough money to give yourself a window, and then
you have to have a plan, and then you have to spend all your waking hours outside of
whatever job you do, planning your escape, and you have to come to the realisation, very
clearly that you up. You got yourself stuck. So whatever you’re doing, you have to do
it like your life depends on it. If you’re gonna try to be an author, and you’re working
eight hours a day, plus commuting, plus family responsibilities or whatever else you have,
whatever time that you have, you have to attack like you’re trying to save the world, you’re
trying to save your life, you don’t wanna drown. That one and a half hours a day that
you have to write, you better be caffeinated or motivated. You gotta go. You gotta get
after it and you gotta have discipline. Most people don’t have those things. Most people
don’t understand what it’s like to really go for something, and to know that the consequences
of not doing that are horrific. There are so many people, that would be so much happier
making twenty seven thousand dollars less a year, and the only thing they have to do,
is sell their current home where they only use eighteen percent of the home anyway, and
buy a home that has two less bedrooms, so they don’t have to have the job that is
paying to maintain the lifestyle that they have propped up for themselves, and their
life would be disproportionately better. Because there’s a lot more people living that. Like
there’s many entrepreneurs today that should be employees, there’s way more people, that
basically build a life around how much they are earning, get to a place where they hate
what they’re doing to earn, have the opportunity to still do something that earns twenty thousand
less than they love, but they are golden handcuffed by worrying about what car they drive, or
where their house is, because they actually care about other people’s opinions, and
nobody has the gear to take a step backwards. The inability to take a step back, to take
four step forward in happiness, based on other people’s opinions of watching you take a
step back, blows my face off. When do you quit your job and go in? When you can afford
it. Happiness is so unbelievably addictive. And it makes me so sad that so many of you
created golden handcuffs for yourselves that are not letting you leave your job, because
you need to make a hundred thirty thousand a year now, because you wanted seven hundred
more square feet in your apartment, or you wanted a BMW instead of a Toyota. And so you’re
not happy, because you wanted two or three things that means absolutely nothing. I promise
you when you’ve tasted both, when you meet people that have tasted both, I make a hundred
eighty thousand a year, and I have stuff but I’m not happy, and then I went making ninety
four thousand a year but I’m doing what I love and I’m super happy, and I have a
little less stuff, it’s not even close to a debate. So I implore all of you, to really
dig deep down inside of yourselves and try to figure out why you need that stuff. I’m
gonna save you time. You’re trying to close an insecurity gap. Let me give you another
huge hint, everybody else sucks too, so do you. Opportunity is abundant. We live in a
world that has unlimited opportunity, especially if you’re willing to look for it. Looking
for it is predicated on the fact that you put in the work. You put in the work because
you that knew you were gonna go look for it. So I believe in preparation, preparation,
preparation, because I just believe that opportunity is almost like oxygen. It’s everywhere,
always, and some opportunities are bigger than others, but preparation man, people don’t
do, people convince themselves before they start, that the world is unjust, or they can’t,
or things are up, they complain, they dwell, they say no before they say yes. Look if you
say no it’s already over. Like literally if you wake up and say it’s not gonna happen
for me, it’s already over. You might as well not try. If you’re twenty one and you
have no expenses and you’re living at home, you have to go high risk. As soon as you see
any blood in the water, you go. If I’m twenty one and I’m at home, and I have no expenses,
and I’m making forty seven thousand euros, pounds, dollars, doing something I don’t
love, but I wanna be a film person, and the first person pays me fifteen hundred dollars,
or a dollar forever, and it works, and it went well, and she the boss of this candy
store says I’m gonna tell my friends about you, I may jump right away. I don’t have
any concerns. If I’m 42 years old and I have 3 kids and a mortgage and I’m a hundred
thousand dollars in debt, because I went to college in America and it didn’t get me
a good job, and I’m an accountant and I make a hundred and thirty seven thousand a
year which basically pays for my overhead, roughly, because I bought a house bigger than
I needed, I bought a car bigger than I needed, this is cliché American. And somebody pays
me fifteen hundred dollars and they are like I’m gonna tell all my friends, I’m gonna
give up Netflix and my video games and my weekends, to eventually get that to sixty
or seventy or eighty or ninety thousand a year, before I say okay now I’m at ninety,
one thirty seven, if I actually went all in, I can close that gap on that fifty seven thousand,
now I’m gonna make the jump, because I’ve got three kids, a mortgage and debt. Every
piece of my advice is circumstantial. Yesterday, Aaron is twenty five and single, and living
at home, tomorrow he meets Sheila, falls in love, and you know a million things can happen.
Sheila could be making a million dollars a year. Different life. Sheila could be making
no money, but he loves her so much and she wants to buy handbags everyday and now he
has a bigger you know financial problem. Sheila wants to be his partner. He wants to buy handbags.
It’s not cliche. It’s life. It’s contextual. And that’s why the answer to your question
is a million things. But you jump when you can afford to drown. You jump when you can
afford to drown. What I mean by that is when you jump into the pool, you have to know that
you’ve never swam before and you might drown. And you have to be able to do that when you
can. And at twenty one living at home, you can. Because you can go back and get a job,
you have no overhead. Right? But at 43 with 3 kids, you might not want to. And by the
way, or you might. You might have such a supportive spouse, sheila, Aaron is the stay home dad,
sheila is making the one forty seven, sheila talks to Aaron and says Aaron I’m going
to die if I don’t jump. I’m 43 and if I don’t jump now, I’m gonna be sixty two
and regret it my whole life. So I’m gonna jump, and if I fail, and the economy collapses
and I can’t get a job, we may have to sell this home, we may have to move in with our
parents in Florida. But I have to do that, and take the loss in front of everybody’s
eyes, that we’re losers, and we’ve up, because I know myself and I know if I don’t
jump now, I’m gonna be miserable for forty years that I was an accountant for my whole
life. The reason I want everybody to live the way I do which is do not care what other
people think, once you go there, you’re willing to jump. You’re willing to drown.
You’re willing to move in with your eighty year old parents and look like losers with
your kids, because you just don’t care. The reason people aren’t letting themselves
get happy is because they value other people’s opinions more than they value their happiness.
They literally value their parents’, their siblings’, their best friend’s and society’s
opinion more than their own happiness. Like you live your life, that you value other people’s
opinions more than being happy.

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100 thoughts on “Should You QUIT Your Job? – The Most Life Changing Speech Ever (ft. Garyvee, Joe Rogan)

  1. Edit: Part 2 is out!:

    "You jump when you can afford to drown." – Garyvee

  2. I mean FML I’m 28 years old making 60k a Years I’m not even sure if I’m doing right at that age wake up
    Everyday motivated to go to work but I do have my eyes on something bigger by the time I’m 30 I really needed to hear this thank you

  3. 7:18 … $180k to $90k… that's still 3 times what I make a year
    8:00 … $47k a year at 21 years old, what? holy shit these guys are so out of touch with reality lmao, completely killed the video for me

  4. Fine speech… but, I make $27,000 a year… I don't have the nice house, nice car, big bank account… so my perspective is a little different. 50 years old, and just getting by.

  5. Idk how how thinks he's the shit?he has a podcast for fuck sake,anyone can talk to if he was a electrician or something in the works of a actual fucking skill

  6. I quitted social media and that helped me a lot
    Now I'm waiting for my Princess to show up, I know she's a dream and she doesn't have social media either

  7. Preach homie. I love the way you able to identify the human condition. I would love to smoke a fat one with you Joe.

  8. I just put in my notice at my job last week! I have worked for Walmart for 13 years and didn’t want to take the risk of leaving. I put up with so much crap over the years!!! I finally decided that I deserved better. I found something a whole lot better and am making the leap. I am done being miserable in my job.

  9. Not necessarily true that you value other peoples opinions vs your happiness…. it could just be that you are toooooooo comfortable.

  10. Just quit I did it and it was incredible and the doors will open. I had no idea what I was going to do but I made it happen for me and now I'm free from the chains of a shitty job. I gave up everything I had. Went from a killer bachelor pad I was buying to homeless living in a tent in a warehouse. Now I'm making a great living on my terms and not making some ungrateful business owner rich. Go for it! Tell your boss to take that job and shove it!

  11. I quit my job 5/19/19 with only 800 dollars in the bank.
    I did this to spend most my time looking for investors for a stasis chamber I have designed
    It has been a struggle and its still a struggle but I still believe it was the right choice for me
    cause I have little doubt about finding investors and then being able to build what took five years to design

  12. I'm 53 with two kids in college and hate my job. Since I'm not 21, I dont stand a chance? I've been doing my best to change my life and actually start a new career. Reading the books and staying positive. I look forward to these videos, and I have to be honest, this one brought me down a bit. Sorry, not a hater, but I have to give this one a thumbs down.

  13. This video spoke to me so much. I mean….the words that Joe spoke hit so far deep into my soul that I had to put the phone down for a moment. Wow. Just Wow.

  14. I actually love my corporate job Joe! It's very rewarding, impactful, and meaningful. But, as soon as my student loan debt it gone, I'm opening my bistro!

  15. I’ll be doing some shit in seven years, after is finish high school & get an Econ degree, of which affiliate marketing, previously thought shit precious metals aforementioned programs, & cold calling as fuck, are then commingled. Then I won’t have to work for some asshole, which it is ascertainable is a nice thing.

  16. Joe Rogan an Gary Vee huge fan of both. This video has changed my view on life. I watch this at least once a day.

  17. this is no realistic talk, 137,000 or 60,000 or 70,000,most of the people don,t have that income it,s 27,000 or less and you can not sell your house and when it das not work you move back in with your parent,s with your family that,s crepe talk ,better you say that you live your life with sence and joy

  18. This video is for rich people who are still crybabies . Get a fuxking hobby. I make 14 bucks an hour and am starving to death trying to raise 2 kids . Thanks you changed my life . I’m gonna go punch back into my shitty job now .

  19. I've made this jump to quit without a job lined up for the same reasons and it was a sacrifice. Without a sacrifice there isn't a future. Some how i made it through and now make double the salary but now find myself in same position as before. Unhappy, sad, depressed and always alone. Family is the only thing that really keeps anyone in this world together and happy.

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  21. Yeah you just don't quit your job especially if you have responsibilities.. Got to have a game plan for an escape.

  22. One problem, in life we can’t all be equals, all lions in the jungle leads to fast extinction.
    Their has to be a wide spectrum of professions and many levels in life, or we all cease to exist.
    I love what I do because I take pride in it, get paid well to do it and its leaves me the time to be anything else later I choose to become.

  23. I agree that people should look for as meaningful a job as they can find but I feel like this message that is banded about these days that basically tells people that if you’re not living your best life every moment of everyday you’re somehow doing life the wrong way can be very harmful. There are 7 billion people on this planet we can’t all be antique furniture makers, poets and artists! We can’t all have our income generators be work that makes our souls sing everyday. In fact until quite recently (pre-industrial revolution) almost everyone spent their waking lives doing mostly shit they didn’t want to do in order to survive…so none of them could have been said to live fulfilling lives? Life is suffering, both mental and physical suffering the key is to find the meaning that makes the suffering worthwhile. If we focus on that I think we’re much better placed to avoid the depression and emptiness that comes from life’s drudgeries. If everyone quit their dead end jobs and Joe had nobody to clean his house or serve him at restaurants and he had to spend 90% of his day doing boring tasks he now pays people to do his life wouldn’t be as fulfilling as it is. Again not saying don’t strive to move ahead or to keep looking for the right occupation for you…but in my humble opinion a change of perspective can help a great deal when dealing with life situations that seem soul-sucking.

  24. Today's work place has become so PC it makes going to work SUCK. Thank god I've been self employed most my life.

  25. All commentators out here …”make ur own inspirational videos ..🤣 !!”
    Everyone is trying hard to make themselves visible..ha haa 😅

  26. Here's my problem. I've always believed in doing what you love. I'm a simple man and never had and dont plan to have big fancy crap. The problem is, idk what I love doing.

  27. So what do you when you don't know what you want to do . So what if your 51 and you are lost . So what if you so blinded by lifes BS you feel powerless . So what if all you do is for everyone else but for yourself. What if you are lost and feel soulless due to the rut of life .

    No sence of jumping when you feel like your drowning.

  28. sounds great doesn't it. Believe me it is great I went for it at 34 yrs old with nothing to lose now at 38 yrs $130,000 in debt and shut down

  29. I actually do work for a life building business, that teaches finances, marriage building, and how to become a leader. If anyone is truly interested comment on any of my videos and I promise I can get you in front of some amazing mentors.

  30. I was in my job for 9 years but just graduated in May. I have been scared to take the plunge because of safety and security of my job. Last Wednesday they told me the company had eliminated my position and were going to outsource it. I thought about reapplying to the company but this video helped me come to a realization that I was let go for a purpose. So I took off my life jacket and dove in!

    Wish me luck

  31. I'm that dad with kids, not 42 yet though. I have some incredible ideas and my wife is terrified of risk.

    Well… To be honest, I think she's 50/50, half terrified of the risk and half a lack of faith in my abilities.

    It is a miserable existence. Young guys, take your risks and accomplish your personal goals; THEN, and only then start a family.

  32. @ 1:40 – 2:03 LOL
    Jo-Ro, you said it bro! LOL

    I'm sick of the insanity…


  33. I quit my corporate job four days before this video aired. Such a powerful video – it had me on the verge of tears.

  34. There is so much opportunities here in this great Country only thing is motivation willingness sacrifice and focus !

  35. Had to pause that shite, we build this fuckin place, and when we've built it we maintain it, and all we get is shit on for doing it, waist disposal, builders, sanitary, emergency services, health care, and all of the obove, and all of the above don't need some twat with a motivational speak, they just need to be paid fairly, share all this fuckin money,

  36. The problem is everybody’s income and wealth goes towards rent or mortgage payment. If we get to the point where society doesn’t need to worry about having basic needs such as food, shelter, water, and healthcare we’ll see a rebirth in happiness and purpose. People can live out there purposes.

  37. Just go for it. Do what you love. There is a purpose in all our lives and where our hearts desires are I think is where you can find a part of why you’re here.

  38. I know student loans and dept are the easiest way to dig a hole for yourself but I'm working in a trade I'm completely uninterested in and wanting to go back to college. I'm a more mental than physical worker, I enjoy writing, music, philosophy, and psychology and I'm longing to find a way out of the monotony with one of those areas of study. I just dont want to be doing this trade work, killing my body and draining myself of all the energy I can muster for yhr next 40 year's until I can retire with a body that's broken and tired. I know i will find a way and that this process is required to make it all worth it. Things just get kind of scary sometimes, I'm sure every generation has felt this, and I hope we all can find our ways' together.

  39. Im going to build my brand starting with creating my own website myself. A little bit everyday. I got more from Joe Rogan than Gary. Incredible video.

  40. Joe Rogan is one of the dumbest people in the world. I honestly don't see what people see in him. He still believes that we evolved from monkeys he doesn't believe in God he doesn't believe in an eternal soul I need sure doesn't believe in Jesus Christ. And without knowledge of those three things you're doomed no matter what you do during the day. You want real satisfaction in life become spiritually aware of how temporary your Earthly existence is discover Jesus and the rest will fall into place but never take advice from somebody who does not have a relationship with his own creator.

  41. I was waking up at 6:30am started working at 8am – 9pm plus 1 hour commute I come home close to 10:30pm 6 days a week. i quit because I was slowly turning into a robot or something. I make less but I'm down 50 lbs I smile more and I get to actually see the sun for once. Feels good man

  42. I just thank God so many Americans love/live in big cities.. Man made unnatural sourroundings..
    Cos small town/rural America is where I love/live.. Here N Mn there's forests, lakes, abundant wildlife, no traffic. Enough people to be self supporting,yet slower more serene. I grew up in suburbia.. No freedoms there.. No $$ would see me exchange my natural freedom in country for Anything/Everything in big shitty..
    God be with you.peace

  43. I’m writing this comment from the toilet! Yes you’ve heard, I came to the toilet nothing but to use my mobile phone!

    You would imagine I’m working low paid jobs but I’m a engineer with a good salary. But since I started working 8-5, I’ve lost all my happiness and became slave to my salary.

    I’ve thought about it very deep and decided to quite next month! I might struggle financially for a bit. But I can guarantee to myself “I WILL BE HAPPY AGAIN”.
    Jobs are the modern slavery weather you like it or not?

  44. I'm a graphic designer and I guess I'm super lucky because I have a good job designing for a big company that I don't hate, but dammit, I want to design for myself. I want to design my own products and sell them. I want to stay at home with my little girl instead of breaking her little heart every morning when I leave to go to work to design packaging and magazine articles that will get picked apart by 20 higher ups just to make our billionaire CEO richer. My daughter is 16 months old. By the time she goes to pre-school I am going to be making enough money on my own business to quit my job so I can be free to enjoy the little moments with my kid and homeschool her.

  45. This is bullshit. A mortgage costs the same for a two bedroom house as it does to rent a studio apartment. Owning a home is the only way to gain equity and get loans to start something that most likely wont work the 1st 2nd or eveing 3rd time ending in failer, quit lying to people because u got lucky and that's 90% of all success.

  46. I love this video. But what are these salary figures they’re throwing out there? 47k starting in your 20’s? That isn’t really a thing 9 cases out of 10. 137k accountant? Uh… no.

  47. Thank you Gary and Joe for the inspirational talk. I always thought I'm the only one facing this situation and put a blame on myself…you definitely put some perspective.

    I'm at the brim now…still hanging.. and thinking yes or no to jump.

  48. Garyvee may as well have been talking about social media… where people spend their lives creating the image of themselves they want the world to see.

  49. Heres a simpler plan…Jesus said "keeping on seeking first the Kingdom and you will lack nothing".
    Keep God first
    keep your life simple
    only then will you reap the reward of a happy life now and eternal life in Gods Kingdom.

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