Should Your Small Business Be An LLC or Corporation?

You may be wondering whether to form an LLC
or a corporation for your small business. What we typically see are people that want
to form an LLC and you may wonder why. People form an LLC because it’s simple; it’s also
better. An LLC is governed by an operating agreement without all the formal dance steps
and procedures and documents required by a corporation. That operating agreement is very
comprehensive, it also covers things that, basically, keep unwanted partners out of your
business. Whereas a corporation has a lot formalities. It has a lot of different levels
of bureaucracy with corporate stockholders, directors, and officers. And so we would normally
suggest that people look at the LLC as a better alternative and consider forming that for
their small business, which people are used to seeing, which is why three-quarters of
the new companies formed today are LLCs. Let us at IncNow help you form your business.

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