– In this video, we’re
going to be talking about how to create a Facebook
advertising strategy if you’re a small business. Before we get into the
video, be sure to like, comment and subscribe on this video so you don’t miss any
of my future content. Facebook ads can be an incredibly powerful advertising platform if you get it right and for many of the small
business owners that I speak to that’s the part they struggle with. Everytime I stand on
stage I ask two questions, I say, “Who here has tried Facebook ads?” Everyone puts their hand up. Then I ask the question, “Who
here can hand on heart say “they have had results with Facebook “that they are happy with?” And guess what? Crickets, maybe one or two
people put their hands up. Facebook can feel like
a bit of a catch-22. You need to make money
in order to run ads, but you need to run ads
in order to make money. So for small businesses, for people that are
beginners in Facebook ads it can be incredibly daunting and hard to get into Facebook ads and to understand and to make it work. Step number one, create
incredible video content. It’s quite ironic that the first step in this Facebook advertising video has nothing to do with Facebook ads, but has everything to do with
creating incredible content and video content is
the best type of content that you can create. But why? Why do we need to create content first? Well, picture this. You’re walking down the street and up ahead you see that person that you just do not want
to see, not your ex-wife, but it’s the person in
the luminescent jacket, the person that’s stopping people as they go about their day, trying to sell them something. You know, the charity
workers or whoever it is they’re stopping people as
they go about their day. Now, you don’t go, “Yes! I can’t wait to “speak to that person,” do you? You go, “Oh God, how do I get outta this? “Do I avoid the eye contact?
Do I fake a phone call? “Go to the other side of the road?” Right? You don’t want to speak to them. You don’t want to speak to them because they’re interrupting you:
interruption marketing. Now, is it possible that
people feel the same way when they see an ad from
a stranger on Facebook trying to sell them something? Yes, of course, because online
and offline are no different. You’re still engaging, you’re still putting a message out
there to a real person. So the question then becomes,
well, what do we create? What do we post on our feed? And that’s where we start to think about creating incredible video content. We create content that
people actually want to see on their feed, something
that’s entertaining something that’s informative
that solves their problems that answers their questions,
so when somebody sees that post in their feed, they don’t go “Oh that’s just a stranger
selling me something.” They go, “Ah! That’s a stranger
sharing something with me.” They’ll then watch it, they’ll consume it and you start to build a
relationship with that person. So we need to get into the
habit of thinking on Facebook “What can we create that
our perfect customer “would actually love to see?” Facebook and creating
content is not about you it’s about the consumer
and what they want. Step number two on this
Facebook advertising strategy is creating what’s called a lead magnet. Now a lead magnet is
something that we give away to someone that’s consumed
our content for free but they have to give us their
name, their email address or any other information
that you want to collect. Now the reason that we
create these lead magnets is to try and deepen the relationship to build more trust and provide
more value to that person. “Now, what is a lead magnet?” “What’s it actually look like, Gav?” Well a lead magnet can come
in many shapes and sizes I’ve got my iPad here and I’m gonna write a few things down to show you. A lead magnet might come
in the form of an ebook that you might want to write. It might come in the form of a free guide. It might come in the form of a webinar. It might come in the
form of a video series. But one thing that unites all
these lead magnets together is that they’re free. They’re totally, 100% free
because we know that if someone has watched our video, so
if someone watches our video that we’ve created in step number one yes they might like it, they might like us they might trust us now
they’ve watched that but chances are they don’t
trust us or like us enough to purchase from us, they’ve just consumed the piece of content. They might be scrolling through their feed they saw this video appeal to them they’ve just consumed it. But it doesn’t mean they want
to purchase from us any more. So we use the lead magnet to bring someone further into our funnel
to build that trust to provide more value. So what does this actually look like? Well let’s say you’re
in the fitness space. You’re in the fitness
space, and you’re looking to work with people that want to lose weight so (while writing) lose weight. Now, you know I’m just
totally making this up but you know as a personal trainer looking to work with people
that want to lose weight that the biggest problem
that your customers face is wanting to lose weight from their arms. So you might want to create a video called “Five Ways to Lose Fat From Your Arms” That’s the video that you’ve created. That’s one of the videos
that you’ve created. Now you know if someone
has watched that video they want to lose weight from their arms because someone that
doesn’t want to lose weight from their arms isn’t
going to watch that video. And you can probably
guarantee that the person watching that video wants to learn more about how they can lose
weight from their arms so we create a lead magnet,
now I’m just gonna use the example of a free guide in this case. We create a free guide
that’s called something along the lines of “Five Exercises to Lose
Weight From Your Arms” (tablet pen scribbling on iPad) And that free guide sits on your website for people to download
for free if they want. Now in your video, you
tell people to head over to the page on your website to
download this free guide. Guess what? If someone has watched
a video on five ways to lose fat from your arms, and you say “Look, I’ve got free
guide on five exercises “to lose weight from your arms” You can guarantee they’re probably going to go to your site and download that especially if that’s
a big problem for them something that they wanted
to solve for a long time and you’re doing it for free. That person is going to want to do it and by them doing that, you get a lead you get a name, an email
address of someone that has a problem that you
provide a solution to you’re providing more value to them so it’s gonna build trust with them they’re gonna like you
more and you’re deepening that relationship with that person which is key in marketing. We want to build relationships,
we want to build trust. One thing people get
wrong about Facebook ads is we need to remember that the person on the receiving end of your advert is a real human being. A real human being with real problems real pinpoints that you
can provide a solution to. So by you creating a free video
helping them with a problem and then saying, “I’ve got a free guide” that’s also helping them with a problem… Let’s say you’re a personal trainer. If that person then wants
to hire a personal trainer you can pretty much guarantee
they’re gonna choose you because you’ve provided
the most value to them. So that’s what a lead magnet is and that’s what they’re for, and now we head on to step number three. Step number three for this
Facebook advertising strategy is using Facebook retargeting ads to retarget people that have
now downloaded our free guide gotten into our ecosystem
with our lead magnet towards getting them to make a sale. So we’re retargeting people
that have downloaded our guide pushing them towards
buying something from us. Now let me explain this
a little bit further. Have you ever been to like, to the Amazon? Looked at a pair of shoes or a dress and then gone back to Facebook,
Instagram and had that ad BOOM! In your News Feed, following you around. Chances are you have, if
you’ve been on the Internet you’ve had that retargeting
thing happen to you and it’s a very very simple process very very simple thing
to do, but it’s hugely hugely powerful, and that’s
why the likes of Amazon use it. Now I’ve got good news for you. You can use it too, and it’s
not going to break the bank. So step number one, we’re
talking about creating amazing video content to reach people that don’t know who we are to build trust. Step number two, we’re
bringing people into our funnel using a lead magnet. Step number three, is we create
a Facebook retargeting ad to retarget everyone that’s
downloaded our lead magnet to push them towards
making a purchase with us. Now to show you this point, I’m gonna share my screen with you now and show you how we create these
retargeting ads in Facebook. So in Facebook we have these
things called custom audiences and a custom audience is essentially an audience of people
that have already had a touch of your brand, they
already know who you are. Like the people that have
downloaded our lead magnet. Now to get to this screen,
what you want to do is click on the hamburger
menu at top left of your Facebook Business Manager, and then head over to Audiences under Assets and when we click on Create Audience and then Custom Audience, we can see all the different custom
audiences that we can create. Now I’ve created countless videos on this so I just want to talk
about the ad strategy here. So let’s see, we’re
sending people to our video they’re then going and
downloading our lead magnet and they’re giving us their email address. We can create what’s called a
customer file custom audience which is where we take our email list in this case, the list of
people that have downloaded our lead magnet, and we
import that to Facebook and say it’s Facebook, we want to retarget everyone on this email list. In this case we want to retarget everyone that’s downloaded our lead magnet. And we upload that, and
Facebook goes and matches the emails with the Facebook account with the emails that we have. And this is just so, so powerful because in this strategy someone
has watched a video on how to lose weight from their arms. They have then downloaded
our guide on five exercises to lose weight in your arms. If you’ve got an offer
that someone has to buy for, let’s say, 300 pounds on how to lose weight from your
arms, your legs, your body whatever it may be, whatever that offer is that person already knows
you, they’ve consumed free content from you, they’ve given you their contact information, they know that you know what you’re talking about they trust you, so when they see an ad in their Feed with an
ad from you that says “Hey look, thanks for
downloading our free guide. “I’ve got this 50% offer just for you “because you’ve downloaded
the free guide.” If that offer solves their problem (snaps fingers) guess what? They’re taking their wallet out they’re buying from you because you have shown more value than anyone else. You’ve brought them through this funnel. You’ve built a relationship with them they trust you now, and so they’re going to buy from you. And this Facebook advertising strategy can be used in any niche, any industry because it has nothing
to do with Facebook ads video content, has nothing
to do with online marketing but has everything to do
with human relationships communication, and how we build trust. So start creating free video content. Start creating lead
magnets to send people to to get their contact information. Build your email list, build your database and start retargeting those
people with ads and guess what? This will work forever. This works when you’re sleeping. Facebook doesn’t stop when you sleep. Funnels like this have helped
my clients and businesses all over the world generate
millions of dollars. This is how people earn lots
of money through Facebook ads by providing value upfront,
and not just going for the sale, which is what the
majority of business owners do. And the great thing about
this is doesn’t need to break the bank because
you’re doing it in a way that helps Facebook, that helps
the consumer, it helps you and doesn’t cost a lot. You could set up this
retargeting ads, all these retargeting ads for as little as $1 a day. Now if you liked this video,
be sure to hit “Like.” If you have any questions,
anything that you want me to cover in the future,
be sure to leave a comment and be sure to share it with
someone that needs to see it. I’ve enjoyed making this video I hope you’ve enjoyed watching it. Have fun, be happy, and
we’ll see you next week. (clicks tongue) (outro music, soothing jazz percussion)

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