Simvoly Review – Easily Build An Website With Ecommerce – Perfect Shopify Alternative

In this video I want to do a review of Simvoly
which is kind of a Shoppify type of competitor where it is a hosted service that gives you
the ability to make a website and in E commerce store hi my name is Adam from Adam
and now that’s my WordPress based website & he’s not WordPress insults
could be really interesting to go through that right now if you’re new here consider
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a review on Simvoly because right now it is on AppSumo and it’s a really really good deal
if you are the right fit for a service like this is so essentially what it is it’s a website
building tool were they hosted for you and they provide support to you they provide the
entire platform to you all that you really want to do is provide a domain name and you
are off to the races you can use its tool to go ahead and build a website for yourself
now it’s normally pricing things the plan that AppSumo’s given you is this business
plan where here it is $14 per month but for a limited time on AppSumo you can get that
same plan for $49 and it’s a lifetime plan you only pay $49 one time now I have a link
in the video description box or you can visit SIM VO LY and it will
take you right on over to the page here so in this video I’m going to go ahead and walk
through the deal some of the frequently asked questions and my instance of its you can actually
see what the tool looks like and I can’t hit every single detail because I don’t want these
videos to be so long a but I’m going to do my best to hit everything as fast as possible
but one of things I really want to focus on in this video is the pros and the cons of
even using a hosted platform like this so I do have a this is my main
website right now and it’s a website all about press which is a self hosted website building
platform now with WordPress you have to come with your own web hosting account and that’s
going to cost anywhere between four dollars a month and up depending on how much traffic
you get to your website and with WordPress you have to do it all yourself you have to
assemble everything to yourself and with WordPress it’s a little bit more or which is a lot more
complicated it can be or a more of a learning curve when you’re first getting into it also
with WordPress there’s no free support option meaning there is obviously large communities
of people who use it that give advice and support I do on this channel are on my W crafter
channel people asked me questions and I answer my more than happy to do that but it’s not
dedicated support that you can tap into typically you have companies paying a monthly fee to
a company just for any of their support needs another issue with WordPress’s you have to
pay for everything so any advanced functionality that you want out of the plug-in you’re going
to have to pay for that and it’s usually an annual license so you can end up being kind
of expensive however the benefits of having something self hosted like WordPress are that
you have full control over everything and if you want something new something custom
on your website you’re in control you can get it done if there’s some future you want
and WordPress’s and have it you can implement that with a plug-in on the flip side of the
whole support issue if there is a problem you can jump in and fix the problem yourself
or have someone do it on demand where when you are using a third-party platform like
a Shoppify or a Simvoly you our tenant at their mercy now obviously you will get really
fast support from a company like Simvoly if there are some kind of big massive white problem
learning to jump in and make sure that you’re okay and that they get everybody’s website
back on but you are still kind of at their mercy to get to it so that it just kind of
the pros and cons of using a self hosted solution versus a platform like this and I’m a big
believer that WordPress is definitely not for everyone and there is a huge demand for
a simple solution like this that will still allow you to build a beautiful website they
take care of everything for you it’s funny when I was in the back end of Simvoly and
I was building this website I’m like wow this is so simple I don’t have to worry about cashing
I don’t have to worry about plug-in conflicts I don’t have to worry about all of these things
because there taking care of it for you don’t have to worry about hosting they take care
of it for there’s all these things you don’t have to worry about because they just take
care of it for you on a mass scale self was Simvoly I’ve done some testing will of it
already some of the benefits are it includes most things you get lifetime hosting with
this deal another benefit is it’s very very fast WordPress can be slow and that’s why
you have to have something called caching but Simvoly is very very fast in fact, to
show you a speed test that I did another huge benefit of Simvoly is there zero fees on the
e-commerce side so if you’re using a Shoppify you’re probably paying fees and a lot of these
hosted shopping carts or e-commerce platforms you’re paying a cut of your cells to the platform
with Simvoly you’re not doing that always thought that was kinda cheesy anyway when
these companies like Shoppify they take 2% or some kind of percentage of your cells they
don’t need to do that they’re already charging your hosting fee they don’t need to also take
a cut of your money Simvoly doesn’t do that and I actually like that a lot because I never
liked the fact that someone wants to take a cut of what I’m selling and earning now
you’re kind of like you like your loan shark now you gotta pay them a cut I never really
like that and you don’t have that problem was Simvoly another nice thing about Simvoly
is you still have some controls so there is the ability to add custom CSS if you wanted
to tweak some things around a little bit and you can add all of your custom scripts made
to add live chat or Google analytics or anything like that you’re gonna be able to remain even
in an affiliate program for your to be able to do that in this platform let me scroll
down here and just take a quick look at the deal points in then working to take a look
at the service and I’m in answer some or summarize some of the frequently asked questions that
I have seen people asking so that 49 bucks is on the website is not unlimited websites
or anything like that it’s just to be for that one website although they argument allow
you if you wanted to do stacking you could buy up to three of these and have them in
one account so that you can host up to three different websites so let me just read off
this list of things you can have unlimited pages and limited storage and limited band
with unlimited contributors analytics and tracking here some of the limitations you
can only have and I think it’s generous but you can only have 10 I’m sorry 100 products
in the store if you want more than that it’s $10 per month and you can have unlimited products
that’s very reasonable unlimited website members all talk about that in a moment zero transaction
fees I like that and of course you get that AppSumo 60 days 100% of your money back no
question asked refund guarantee now this is one of those deals where is super active in
the comments a lot of people are asking questions about it and there do their best to answer
them I’ve read through most of these to try to summarize a lot of this information in
this video for you but let’s quickly take a look at a website someone actually posted
a website that they made in three hours they basically built this website right here in
three hours all of these products right here the entire website three hours and I thought
okay this to be perfect to take their URL and I plugged in and dipping them which is
a speed test tool there’s many speed test tools this is just one of them they’re all
little bit different so I popped it in I chose the testing center from San Jose just to get
an idea of how fast the website loads and it loaded in just over three seconds now ideally
you want to run this test three or four times in order to kinda get an average so my guess
is it will average out under three seconds but I wanted to see what it looked like here
and you could see very minimal requests so the service is a very quick and I was pretty
impressed with that because when you look at this website there’s lots of images going
on here so the images are what really take up the amount of requests and downloads that
need to happen and so you have all of these images yet it still performed a fairly good
on another side note about the benefit of something like Simvoly if you look at this
website you notice it has a security certificate which is extremely important and you don’t
have to worry about that stuff they just take care of that for you as well that something
that can be a little bit of a pain in the rear and so here is the themes that are available
for Simvoly you really working within one of the themes that they offer and they have
a variety of themes here obviously it’s more looking at the layout and then deciding if
what you want to accomplish can fit within this layout and there’s overwrought good variety
of of different layouts here and I’m assuming this would be something that there regularly
adding to here’s like a restaurant menu right here so this could be good for someone that
has a restaurant and doesn’t want to go through all the hassles of learning in entire platform
in order to build out their restaurant website I would probably think the best fits for this
would be the e-commerce situation maybe the restaurant situation or just someone that
does just wants to have a website up and they don’t care about having all the control in
the world over every aspect of the website they just need to get a website up and it
boils down to this concept of speed of implementation getting your ideas implemented as quick as
possible to see if they stick and that’s one of things I like about a platform like this
you can have a website built within a very short period of time now I probably wouldn’t
suggest anyone use this for a blog obviously you could do some form of blogging with it
I would not recommend blogging with this platform so here’s some filter so you can have a website
you can have an online store and or landing page here’s the online stores like this and
they all look pretty good so if what you want to accomplish could could fit within the framework
of one of these themes I think it’s probably a good fit for you so here is what it looks
like when you first login they have right when you login I just actually logged in I
haven’t logged in in two days I just logged in and it hit me with this tutorial video
and I like that they take the time to have these tutorial videos that are easy to find
so that you don’t have any questions on how to work with the builder so I’m in a read
through some of the questions that I saw in the AppSumo common thread in the answers for
them because these might answer some of the questions that you have in them will take
a little bit of time looking at the builder really quick so first of all your some of
the questions can you change your domain name yes you can change the way it works is when
you first sign up to give you a temporary domain name you can see right there at the
top mine is to get this temporary domain name and then you can link
it up with your domain name and you can change that domain name whenever you want to change
it can I use an affiliate program will yes you can because most affiliate programs essentially
are putting in a tracking script on your website that will allow the affiliate program to track
everything so this allows you to add doses tracking scripts Weatherby Google analytics
or live chat or anything like that and you’ll be able to add whatever type of application
that would require one of those scripts is this is actually really good there is a lot
of compliance issues that are really coming down to all hitting all website owners right
now in Edson what’s nice about having one of these platforms as they deal with it for
you a perfect example of that is the the EU GDP our compliance that is hitting this year
2018 it’s compliance there is that regulations they cover that there’s cookie the EU cookie
policy they have a slide up that will allow someone to opt in to that so there taking
care of all of those regulations for you that’s a nice thing not having to worry about as
a website owner it just let someone else deal with that kind of stuff for you now here’s
an interesting question that I saw and it’s I’m probably not to be able to demonstrate
it all but it’s as someone was asking can they use a membership can they use this as
a membership site and let members in by paying a fee and I was actually surprised I thought
for sure know and simply said yes you can have member registrations remember I was reading
that it’s an unlimited member registrations listen you can have a member registrations
assign members to different member groups with access to premium content and they said
we sooner going to add a service product on purchase to add the client to specific premium
group with access to that content automatically so what it sounds like is they want you to
be able to do this they already have some of the pieces together but not all of the
pieces together but this is something that they are going to finalize just the automation
of selling a this service and have it automatically grant access to the different customers now
there are some things that it doesn’t do right now if you change the theme you might lose
everything I was reading that they just include we should test that they just included a new
way of changing themes so you don’t lose all your content I really think that’s where that
something the test in this video because is super important to make sure that you can
switch your theme if you’re testing things out or you want to update it but then not
lose all the work you’ve already put together table rate shipping this is when you are selling
physical goods your shipping it out but you want to charge different shipping rates based
upon where your shipping to this is called table rate shipping it doesn’t support that
right now customize a store email so your stores can ascend invoices receipts all that
kind of stuff and right now you can customize those however I’m sure they said it’s coming
soon that something that they’re going to have to have comes in because not everyone
can want those same emails so I’m sure that something that will eventually come and make
this stand out swimming get rid of this big X here and here is the e-commerce site that
I will look to add to and applied here now it’s your typical page builder type system
where you have Roser sections and those sections have columns and then you put things in these
columns like text or images same concept is working with a any type of page builder and
you can do something in the background of those sections so right here it’s saying when
your hover when you’re moving the mouse around it’s going to give you words can say lots
of things are right here ice is at a block when I click on this I can just put this predesigned
block in here and they have these so others can like just the sections of content that
they’ve already put together so you can just insert it in there so if I wanted to say put
a gallery right here I click on galleries I find a gallery that kinda looks like what
I want maybe this is it and I click on it and it’s gonna go ahead and pop that gallery
in there just like that now as you’re moving around here’s the settings for a block so
when you hover over the little click will you can edit the container you can resize
it play around with the margins you can copy it which is actually really good copy and
then move it around and of course you can delete it and you get a similar set of options
when you click over or hover over the different parts of the block so right here I’m over
the image and I can go here and here’s settings for this particular column and here’s what
I’m saying the colony could have a background image background color the same thing with
a section and you have all these options right here and let’s see when I click here same
thing column settings this must be a three column layout were this is a column in here
so if I click on the actual bit of content in this case the image I can change my image
right here I can edit the link that the image takes you to I can add an animation play around
the margins copy and all of that kind of stuff so it’s all kind of your standard way of building
a webpage if you’re using all if you’ve seen any of my content the way that I teach building
webpages is this concept of sections and columns and putting content into those columns this
is exactly the same so we have our settings here so here’s our store settings we can just
go ahead and do a quick click on that here I’m going to discard my changes I didn’t I
just added that block right here we can add products right here we can look at our different
shipping options and then our payment options the cycle of the payment options now they
do a decent job here with the payment options however I do know that this is an unfortunate
it’s hard to cover every single country because are certain countries that a certain payment
processor does not work with so you’re getting striped you’re getting Braintree to check
out PayPal in your standard cash on delivery or bank transfer so I’m sure that countries
that don’t take PayPal or stripe you might be able to get away with using two checkout
or Braintree so up here are the various steps with your e-commerce site so I can click on
general we just pop in some store details here and I’m sure a lot of this is going to
you know put in currencies and addresses this all going to go into the different emails
that go out here’s your shipping options here’s your tax options right here and then with
the check out here’s some of the way you might want to have the checkout process configured
in the checkout page in news’85 Do you want some to have to have an account or register
for an account there can you be like a guest check out or something along those lines right
there and you can even pop some policy information in there so here’s the different options for
the store excellency so I can go here and I would see my list of orders and I can see
my products right here oops here’s my products right here and here’s the default ones from
the templates and right here you can have some discounts so I guess this would be for
creating a coupon I didn’t actually realize you’d be able to do this yes of course a story
you need to be able to issue out coupons and here are the different discount types you
can do a flight discount percentage discount or free shipping I love free shipping myself
here some layout and styling options for the store specific to the store and then this
is going to jump you right back into the settings so you can have the separation between the
website and the website pages and the store and all the products in all the different
pieces of content that are generated by the store so here we are in each of us actually
one of the things I really like about this yet like different header styles it with WordPress
you have to go to like a different place for every little different thing you want to change
and for here it’s literally right here if I wanted to change the header style I can
go here and I can start changing my menu items around this simple when you do that it takes
you into the website settings and specifically here for the header and you can move things
around and you can delete things right here is some styling options we do have some global
styling options right here the different colors and the different fonts for your store and
then we have some additional advance options which is really nice so this is going to be
kind of some your SCO related settings so for your website title this is what Google
will pick up when you are when Google comes your website is looking at all the information
your social sharing image your favorite con right here you can turn on or off the EU cookie
law which is like I said you don’t have to worry about those compliance issues they take
care of it for you your website language here is that part I was telling you where you can
pop in custom CSS so if you don’t like some of the spacing of things or maybe some of
the colors or anything that is a style related you can change that with custom CSS right
here now right here you can also add your custom JavaScript so this could be tracking
scripts Google analytics right here and some additional custom head markup these would
be scripts that you are maybe like your affiliate tracking script or your live chat script that
you would want to pop right on in there and these are just your website settings you would
also get to it by clicking on the little we’ll right here you would get to that the way I
got to just a moment ago was when I clicked off to the right of the header itself okay
so let’s get rid of that so here is your page structure so when I go like that this is how
I would add a new page in each of the pages you know when I hovered over over like that
you see the little edit icon so right here if I wanted to edit the contact us page I
could just go ahead there and this is where I’m able to have some additional control over
this particular page so page name right here you can even modify the slug the page slug
this is actually very good I buy that they give you that control all right here you can
choose to here’s a members only option so remember I was reading about the whole membership
control you could create a page and make this for members only I suppose you can use this
if it was like a digital download type of situation you could have a page where there’s
a link to the digital download and you would sell access to that page right there and right
here is the SCO info and this is gonna be the page title in the meta-description that’s
also what you would put in here and it will show in a Google listing and this is actually
really nice right here’s well you can choose to not have this in a site map so a search
engine looks at your site map to know the pages you can have this not being inside of
your site map that’s actually pretty impressive right there so if you did have a download
page you typically don’t want that in your site map because now Google knows where it
is in other people know where it is but it doesn’t matter if it’s protect protected anyway
but if you don’t have the proper protection there’s actually really no need for that to
be there anyway so here are all those options are right here are all pop-ups I haven’t even
seen this I’m purchasing all kinds of new things I didn’t up there it is there’s a pop
up that something I didn’t even realize you can have pop-up notices like this that’s actually
pretty interesting it is okay to what you see is what you get so I can click right here
and I can start editing text or anything like that so there’s definitely a bit of a learning
curve getting comfortable using the builder in the editor but I think what you get the
hang of it it’s going to be really easy to put things together and you also have right
here the mobile responsive options here you can see the tablet view and start editing
in the tablet view and the same thing goes right here for a mobile although things are
not responding anymore let’s see maybe I need to click this to get out of it I don’t know
let’s see okay so maybe I’m finding a bug every go phone view okay maybe my mouse just
wasn’t hovered right and then there’s a phone you and you can make little edits to itself
anyways this is a Simvoly right here I ran through a lot of information obviously I haven’t
use the service long enough to let you know the uptimes like I’m sure it’s pretty good
but there are excellent but I haven’t been using it long enough for that so and with
any of these lifetime deals you are taking a little bit of a risk right because you don’t
know if that companies get to go out of business and what happens there I was looking at it
from that lens what happens if they go out of business lens and actually the way they
structure your site is very easy to replicate it someplace else and kind of have an exact
match so usually when you’re moving from one platform to another platform you want the
URL for each dish each individual page to match on the old to the new and it’s actually
very easy to do that and so I think if you didn’t have to leave the platform it maybe
wanted something else or you wanted to have more options it doesn’t look like it’s that
hard to do lastly let me jump to the settings here I should’ve looked at this so here are
some account settings right here specifically is the domain this is how you’re going to
connect the 200 and existing domain name that you have a billing messages so the messages
I am assuming is when someone submits information on the contact form that’s really cool here’s
we would see a list of your members and you can put them in different groups here it is
so you can do the group thing that I just randomly read in a comment right before hitting
record I like that they have some of their own analytics is you don’t have to rely on
Google analytics sometimes easier just to jump in there and see it this way versus the
Google analytics way which can be a little overwhelming and then here’s a list of the
particular website you might have on the platform with them so while this is pretty amazing
I think it’s really neat for people that don’t want to deal with a self hosted the hassles
and controlling everything themselves and having to support everything themselves and
people that are on Shoppify that might want to’s not have to pay out that two or 3% or
whatever the cost is or if there on any kind of platform like that this seems like it’s
a really good deal for all of those types of situations so this is Simvoly let me know
what you think in the comments section down below once again it’s
also have a link in the video description box if you do

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