SiteLock Customer Reviews: Small Businesses Provide Web Security Customer Experience

(upbeat music) – I am a newborn and family
lifestyle photographer. I was definitely very naive
before experiencing this hack, I was just, you know, a
little small photographer on the internet who doesn’t have anything that I would think would be susceptible, that hackers would be interested in. When I called SiteLock at
ten o’clock in the evening after getting the process started and moving forward with them, by the time I woke up at
eight o’clock in the morning I had emails saying that they
had cleared everything out, that my website was restored
and I went back online and it was like, as if nothing
had ever happened (laughs). And it like, that ease of mind, you know, was worth everything. – My business provides custom websites for companies of all sizes. When I sit down with an owner, whenever I talk about security, I always bring up SiteLock. During that time, it’s
important for them to understand how vulnerable all sites are, not just large companies, any
site out there is vulnerable, and every site out there is
being targeted to some degree. SiteLock allows me to focus on my business and generate more sales instead of worrying about
security and malware. – We are a whale-watching company, and we run whale-watching cruises
from April through October out of Barnstable Harbor on Cape Cod. I called SiteLock and I was a wreck. I mean my responsibility
is to keep the website up and running, I’m responsible for the content, for the
functionality of the website, but I’m not an IT person. It was a revelation to me that I could call a technology company and get the kind of response
that I got from SiteLock. There was a live person
who answered the phone, and a person with the
technical expertise to help me who could look at my situation and know and determine
what the problem was and what needed to be done to resolve it. I really appreciate SiteLock, I appreciate the way they
take care of their customers, the personal attention that I get, and knowing that their services are going to protect our company from another hack, another
invasion of malware. (upbeat music)

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