SK-II: Marriage Market Takeover (Please turn on subtitle)

You’re not a kid anymore. Find someone to marry. I won’t die in peace
unless you’re married. Don’t be so free willed. She’s stubborn. You’re too picky. You are a leftover woman. “Sheng Nu” literally translates to ”leftover woman”. It refers to women
over 25 who aren’t married yet. You become a subject that people talk about and you get so much social pressure. Chinese new year is the most stressful time, because everyone will be asking you. How old are you? Why are you not married? You’re no longer young. People think that in Chinese society,
an unmarried woman is incomplete. You feel like an outsider. In our days, matchmaking was simple. You get matched… you get married. The Shanghai Marriage Market People’s park, Shanghai Personally, I don’t like
this “Marriage Market”. It’s full of parents who post
their sons’ and daughters’ profiles. What’s his income? What’s his job? Does he have a house? A car? It’s like you’re selling your daughter. In Chinese culture, respecting your parents
is the most important quality. And not getting married is like
the biggest sign of disrespect. We always thought our daughter
had a great personality. She’s just average looking.
Not too pretty. That’s why she’s leftover. I yearn for love. Yes, I want real love. It’s time to fix this problem. Don’t be so cruel to me. Maybe I should give up on someone
I love for someone who’s suitable. If she really can’t find the one it will be a heart disease for me. Maybe I am being selfish. I want to say sorry to them! I just wish my parents would
understand my way of living. The daughters decided to attend the Marriage Market. But only to deliver a personal message to their parents. ”I don’t want to get married just for the sake of marriage.
I won’t live happily that way.” Even if I’m alone. I will be happy, confident
and have a good life. As opposed to the term
“leftover woman”. I have a great career and there is another term
called “power woman”. “I want to take the time to find the right person.” I will always support you! I´m happy being alone. I feel free and I enjoy the single status. My daughter is beautiful. “Leftover women” should be proud! Being independent is a great lifestyle
and it’s the life I want. If she feels it’s ok to be single, we will still respect her. The “leftover women” are outstanding. The “leftover men” need to try harder! I’m confident. I’m independent. I love life. I’m a pretty outstanding woman. Don’t let pressure dictate your future. Celebrate independent women everywhere by sharing this film and help #changedestiny

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100 thoughts on “SK-II: Marriage Market Takeover (Please turn on subtitle)

  1. They want love through a checking list and ticking boxes and this is their life, as much as they pretend to be “Independant” & “free”, inside them they are miserable, How many Mens wanted them and were rejected by them because of their unrealistic expectations.

  2. In some societies, a woman needs to exhibit a certain level of dependence to be able to get married. Some women aren't built that way, so people should learn to live with their daughters being single.
    I'm 32 years and a man, yet I don't feel like getting married any moment soon yet family and society don't have problem with that. But this will be a big issue for a female.

  3. This is such a good video! I never knew how much of an issue this is. I've decided to do my university dissertation on it and am going to China for 3 months later this year so I hope to gather some data. I hope to also help bring light to this, I can't wait to look into this theoretically 🙂

  4. 사람은 꼭 결혼을 하고 아이를 낳아야 완전한 존재가 될 수 있는걸까? 왜 다들 여자의 나이에 그렇게도 민감하지 ㅠㅜ 요즘은 평균 수명도 할아버지 세대보다 20년은 늘었고 외모도 40대 초반까지는 20대랑 그렇게 큰 차이는 못 느끼겠던데 … 그 이후로 꺽이는 건 같다만 ㅠ 아무튼 동아시아 사회가 여성에게 매겨놓은 타임라인 때문에 우리는 그저 빨리 달리고 달리다가 진짜 방향을 잃고 더 방황하게 되어버리지 …

  5. “Left over men need to try harder.” Yes they do. Until then, I’m living and loving my single, independent life. Thank you SK-II.

  6. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. In a country where men out number women 3:1, how can they be leftover?

    Marry me, I 'll be a polygamist.

  7. Sad but true ?
    And also here in the philippines we have the same culture ? .
    Like when you attend a reunion when they see you they ask when you get married or do you have a boyfriend ? im always tired to explained them and answered there questions ?

  8. Chinese girls are the most materialist ever. I've tried the single dating service here in the US and went on plenty of dates. I almost got married to one but, I gave her the ring 1.5carrot she said why so small??? I got my ring back (dodge that one). I have a good job 26yrs so far, have retirement, my home, car, saving, ect,ect..but still not good enough for the next one I dodged. ugh I gave up….

  9. I just want to put out there that it's not entirely the parents to blame, b/c they're probably feeling the pressure themselves from either society or their circle of friends. And so if their kids don't marry, they look like bad parents who failed. I really blame the societal view of singles and there is nothing wrong with being single.

  10. This is great, society does need to change some values, especially value women more, but don't let the financial elites define who you are with media brainwashing. They did this in the West with Feminism (it is socially engineered), and now they are doing it in the East. Breakdown of family. If you don't want a conventional family, make a family through community and friends.



  13. Kind of wish the interviewer had the balls to point out that the obvious only thing wrong with these women is their parents.

  14. While these women are too good looking to be leftovers and are probably just actors, the cause and message is commendable. Also, girl at 1:57 is just ???

  15. Everything about this is so fucked up. Parents need to understand that they don't own their children. And kids don't have to fulfill their expectations if that means living miserable lives

  16. So this is taking on a western perspective, it's men's fault. Not that I was ever the womens fault but what about a changing culture and not blame either gender per say!

  17. Please don't cry. It breaks my heart. You seem so sweet and respectful. You should not feel such pressure. It is YOUR life.

  18. The fact is that woman in china too much prefer money. They want a guy who owns car , home, good bank balance and then they expect love from them. I am from India and my gf is from Indonesia. I don't have my own house, I live in rented apartment but still we fall in love. She love me ,I love her may be 1 day I will marry her

  19. LOL… They're trying to push that feminist anti-family propaganda that they've successfully pushed in the West in the last century… What's sad is that they'll succeed, except if the government takes some radical measures in order to prevent that.

    This is the propaganda that will destroy the Chinese momentum and turn the nation to a one of degeneracy and lack of morale and meaning in life, without a reason to work and improve oneself and the nation. China is most probably fu*ked, just like the West. The world will probably be conquered by the Mohammadins.

  20. Sad. Cosmetic company taking advantage of Chinese societie's suffering and telling young women they should feel proud for being lonely and without families of their own. I blame the parents more though since they supported their daughters getting an education and career and now that it's too late for them to find husbands the parents are guilting their children and pressuring them.

  21. Yo for real, those parent suck worse then the vaccume of space, and I wish, in my heart of hearts, well and truly, that they die quick, so they can leave their damn kids alone already, jesus

  22. Men age like fine wine, women age like milk! As a man gets older, his maturity and assets grow, as a women ages, she just gets bitter and lonely as her prime years are far behind. Who wants a fat, flabby armed chick with bastard kids anyway?

  23. If anyone is "leftover" in this situation, it's those rural men who are stuck in stereotypical gender roles of the past. Ironic how the women are viewed that way even though they are the ones in high demand.

  24. Food for thought: Meghan Markle married Prince Harry at age 36, after a failed first marriage.

    Don't worry, you have time.

  25. yeah my mom feels bad because neither me nor my sister have children and she gets to listen to her friends who have grandchildren and even great grandchildren. The one thing that all of our direct ancestors did was have a child. I made a mistake and got into a 5 year relationship with a very special, beautiful, powerful , youthful, humorous, young woman but we were not completely compatible and stuff degraded. Sure I am lonely but I'm free!!!!!!! I wonder if the modern world has too much distraction for our own good. For those of us who haven't found the Big LOVE, maybe we could become better hunters. Of course when people are more relaxed with less pressure they tend to be more attractive.

  26. It’s all about money not love .. that’s the root of the problem … They want to marry Billionaires with Brad Pitt looks …

  27. It's not only in China the social pressure to get married is very real in Armenian culture as well which is sad in 21st century…marriage and motherhood should be a choice not a societal obligation. One should marry because of love and compatibility and not social pressure or fear of being alone. You are enough if you're single or dont have children, your life is complete without a husband and children. This is what we should teach our daughters instead of single shaming them.

  28. Another nail in the coffin for single chinese men , who are in big numbers . Go both genders you dont have to marry

  29. These ladies are my role models. I’ve been single for 10 years after college and I’m happy. Yes I have that desire to be married and have children. I personally don’t feel the need to search for someone to have all that. I want to meet the best friend who will become my husband. Have children if not biologically then I’ll adopt. I understand arranged marriages I’m the second generation in my family that didn’t get forced into one but the option is still on the table if I want it. The first four years of my single life was hard and I almost took the offer. Being 32 on March 19th I will not take my singleness for granted. I’m free to come and go when I want, if I want and not have to worry about the other person. It was until the past two years that I accepted myself without having to wear makeup as well. I know I am beautiful with or without because what’s important is what’s within.

    YES!!! It gets lonely but I will not go find someone just for one moment of happiness. To all you ladies out there if you want to wait for THE RIGHT PERSON, you wait and take your time. On the flip side if you are out there in the look out for someone. I will pray you through it. No matter what, each woman has the right to love and make their own decisions. ?❤️?❤️?❤️

  30. You as a parent choose to have a child (sometimes accidentally) but othertimes deliberately. He/she didnt say he/she wanted to be born … and then make demands of your child. Childrens arent extensions of yourself they are their own people.

  31. This add was sponsored by Dildos Inc, and Whiskas, because you don't need men and you are a strong independent wahmyn

  32. I have a feeling China is about to go full fledged lesbian here soon lol.
    They will look strong and independent for a while but 10 years from now they're gonna be massively depressed. 30 years from now they be bitter and old while watching young girls flaunt around how independent and strong they are. Vicious cycle…

  33. I thought there is supposed to be shortage of women in China hence there are a lot of single men????? As long as you are happy whatever your status in life it does not matter. Besides being married it does not meant you are going to get a 'Happy Ever After'.

  34. And SK-II will exploit anything it can, including a snapshot of your cultural attributes, and portrait it in partial way so that it can manipulate your mind and let you cough out your lunch money for a bottle of liquid that does not do much.


    their story is not your story;
    this video is completely staged;
    SK-II is profit oriented organization that does not care about anything but your PAYMENT.

  35. Better only than forcing a marriage to please someone else. Look at all the benefits of not having a partner

  36. The problem is that most chinese ladies have TOO high demands for men. Men must look good…earn much money etc etc etc..Come on ladies!!…so that is why they stay alone..and not find a guy…very simple. Chinese people as a whole are VERY materialistic…not much room for love. Only money…and material things. NOT good. These women will have to find forreign men…OR stay alone. But a marriage with foreign men can be very tricky.

  37. ahhh yes throw away your lives and become carrierfixated monster only to understand with 40 years, that you have nothing, just some expensive gadgets and maybe a nice car, but noone who keeps your lineage. die out it is better for humanity. and for all those who wait for the right one, where will never be the right one, after all no human is perfect 🙂

  38. These parents are angry their daughter isn't married…But why? Really, I know it's a cultural thing. But I don't understand why it still is. Why does their daughter's marriage affect them? What will they gain or lose if she marries or not? It never made sense to me. Shit, I don't care if I'm selfish. Why should I be married? What is the point of having kids? There is no reason. People only care about their status. With parents like these, I HOPE I'm an embarrassment to you.

  39. What a disgraceful term " leftover woman". If a woman cannot find the perfect male counter part for her, if the number of spinsters keep increasing, there is something really wrong with the male market out there. It is time to see it that way.

  40. I am 54 look more like 30 and I would no problem to marry any of those women for a wife. They can't be worse than the 2 women I married from the Philippines. Stay away from women from Phil- they are very abusive to there husbands and there kids. They are not like you would think. Japanese and Chinese women are much better but even then if you bring them to USA and treat them bad they are going to leave you for other man. My son is now 10 and he has hated his mom from Philippines ever since he was 4 years old. He was 4 when he 1st told his mom he wanted to kill her cuz the way she treats him and it has gotten much worse since then. Yep I called DCF and 911 so many times they show up and do nothing to the moms. Both of my 2 x-wives from Phil- are still in the USA working in a Hospital of all places. Never marry a Filipino unless you want a lot of B.S. in your life.

  41. It's okay. It's not the END OF THE WORLD. All the married people did achieve anything better than singles other than producing offsprings. You can get married when you find your PERFECT MATCH.

  42. I personally loved it.. I got married at 32 for the first time for the wrong reasons. I had never actually lived my own life. The marriage was a disaster and 10 yrs of hell followed. Take the time to find whatever it I'd your looking for.. You get many changes at most thing's. We only get 1 life.. Live it as you see fit..

  43. If most of the women and men are unwilling to get married then it is the great opportunity to reduce the large no of people throughout the world.
    We should encourage them not to get married.

  44. I got a single chinese teacher named poon poon make great money this man is 5´11 and 200kg his muscle is out of this world hit this man up.???

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