Skillsoft Business Skills Collection

Skillsoft’s Business Skills collection
is designed to enable an organization’s workforce to deliver on critical
business goals and strategies. In this collection, comprised of more than
90 learning channels, Skillsoft provides the most engaging and comprehensive content
available to teach the business skills required for today’s digital economy. We know from brain science research that
learners need three things for an optimal learning experience – relevance, meaning and emotion. Our business skills solution is designed to meet the needs of today’s modern learners who have just one percent of their
work week available for learning. All of the course content is delivered
in three to five-minute videos within a 30-minute course to support micro-learning. All courses contain assessments and job
aids for immediate on-the-job application. To support global training initiatives, the
content is available in several languages. Complementing the video courses is a carefully
curated array of books, audio books and expert thought-leader video to
further extend the learning opportunities. High-performing organizations that develop
strong hard skills and strong power skills in their workforces and
have established strong learning cultures are 37 percent more productive, 46 percent more
likely to be first-to-market and 58 percent more prepared to
meet future demands. If your talent is left behind,
your organization might be soon to follow. Skillsoft’s Business Skills solution helps
employees develop the skills they need to thrive in the modern workplace. Learn more at

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