Skype for Business: Learning the Basics

hi and welcome to the Skype for business
learning the basics class my name is Sarah rice and I’ll be guiding you
through today’s session the goals of our session today are
really kind of simple we want to introduce you to the basic activities
you’ll need to start using Skype for business today think of these activities
as the building blocks you’re going to need in order to start to master Skype
for business at the end of today’s session I’ll also point out some key
user resources you can take advantage of as you are working through becoming a
Skype for business user and help you along your journey I think the best place for us to start
today is just to take a moment to define or describe what Skype for business
really is and how it can fit into your work life
Skype for business is a single application that arms you with all the
tools you’re going to need to communicate effectively Skype for
business can be your audio conferencing bridge an instant messaging tool a web
conferencing solution or maybe even your phone allowing you to connect with peers
customers partners vendors using your computer and an internet connection
the other thing about Skype for business is that using our powerful encryption
and authentication helps to keep your communications safe in the end what you
have is this enterprise-grade unified communications tool all wrapped up in
the skype look and feel that folks know and love
you before I dive into more detail today I’m
just going to give you a sneak peek into some of my favorite features one of the
first things you’re going to notice with the Skype for business client today is
that it’s very Skype inspired so if you’re a Skype consumer user you’ll
probably see some familiar things we’ll definitely spend some time today
getting acquainted with the client I’ll also review the always on top call
monitor a perennial favorite for the multitasker in us
finally everyone’s favorite the new and improved animated emoticons which let
you add some personality to your IMS so with that quick introduction let’s take
a moment to move into demo mode I know for myself I’m a really visual learner
so I need to see what’s happening in order to truly understand it so let me
switch over and share my desktop okay so here we are with the new Skype
for business client the first thing you’ll notice is that Skype inspired
client I’ve referred to earlier with the round photos and the icons and that
presence indicator again if you were a Skype consumer user this probably will
be pretty familiar to you I think the best place for us to start today is for
me to step through a tour of the main client so let’s start with the top left
corner here think of this as the Me section where you can tell folks what’s
happening and what you’re up to right away you can see my photo and my
presence as indicated by that little green available icon the presence is
something that’s informed by my Outlook calendar so based on what I have going
on during the day it’s going to change to tell folks when I’m in a meeting or
maybe when I’m free if for some reason I want to manually set my presence I can
do that right here so maybe I’m doing something super important and I don’t
want to be disturbed so I set myself to do not disturb and when I’m done I could
reset my presence again another thing I can do from this view is
update my status so I can kind of broadcast to folks what I’m up to if I
want so for instance I could say you know I’m doing a training today and
because of that tight integration with Outlook if you’re on holiday and you
have an out of office message set in Outlook Skype for business is smart
enough to pick that message up and display it here in your updates as well
so pretty cool underneath this main Me section there are several different tabs
let’s walk through these the first one is this contacts tab so you can see your
list of contacts from here you can search for somebody and bring them to
the top of the list if there was a group of people I talked to a lot I could
group those users together and that would allow me to send a group I am or
even schedule a meeting with that specific group of individuals very very
simply with a click let’s maybe super-efficient step on our tour is the conversation
history tab if this has been enabled by your organization it’s where you could
see a list of all your past conversations and meetings I love this
feature you know it seems I have trouble remembering what I did you know five
days ago let alone five minutes ago so for me this is really helpful in being
able to keep track of of past conversations that I’ve been in also if you have had it enabled by your
administrator there’s this dial pad this essentially will take your Skype for
business client and turn it into your phone in fact this is the only phone
that I’ve had and use I haven’t had a physical desk home for probably five
years now this functionality allows you to make
outbound calls so if not just to other Skype for business users but maybe a
customer or somebody outside of your organization you can dial those numbers
here you can even call out to your favorite restaurant and make
reservations for tonight if you wanted to on the final tab of our tour is the this
calendar or meetings tab it’s a really nice shortcut to use this tab instead of
flipping between Skype your business and outlook from right here at a single
glance I can see what I have coming up today and I know which of these meetings
are Skype for business meetings because those show up in blue those non Skype
for business meetings will show up in gray for me and if I wanted to I could
even join my Skype for business meeting from right here just by double clicking
on the meeting so gain at a glance I’ve got my whole day at my fingertips
without even opening outlook so I can see it all right here before I dive into a demo of the main
client there’s one last important area I want to call out and that’s the options
which you can get to by clicking on this gear wheel down the left-hand side here are all of
the options for your Skype for business client so as new users I’d encourage and
recommend that you start here as one of your first activities section really gives you an opportunity
to personalize how you have Skype for business setup I’m not going to step
through all of these options in today’s session but there are two ones that I
want to call out to help get you started and before you have a live call with
anybody the first one is this audio devices tab and this is where you can
indicate which device you’re going to use and you can check the mic and
headset volume the next one is the video devices again where you can select which
camera you’re going to use and it’ll even give you a little preview so you
can see what the other person will see as well so if setting options was one of
the first activities the second activity I’d encourage you to undertake is
getting started with a conversation using instant messages or IMS let’s take
a look at how this works today I want to reach out to Mike on my
team so I’m going to look in my contacts and find Mike who in this case happens
to be a favorite of mine so he shows up right here on my list
I can see he’s green so I know now is probably an okay time to reach out
when I hover over Mike’s name Skype for business presents me with several
different kinds of ways that I can contact Mike so I could call him
I could start a video call I could send him an email but today I just want to
start on I am so let me click that I am icon and even though his presence says
he’s available as a little Skype for business etiquette tip I always just
like to make sure if it’s an okay time for him to I am for all I know he maybe
has somebody at his office talking to him or maybe he’s just getting ready to
leave for a meeting so I’m going to go ahead and type this up are you free send
this off to Mike see if it’s a good time great looks like it is so I’m going to
continue to have this conversation with them now I want to call it that even
though right now this is just an IM conversation at the bottom of this
window there are a couple of those icons which you should probably recognize so I
could choose two if I wanted to expand the scope of this conversation I could
start a video call where he could see me which I always find makes conversations
a little more personal or I could start an audio call just simply by clicking
one of these icons down below if I did want to have an audio only conversation
with Mike by clicking that phone icon I can have my computer call his computer
and the audio would be added to this conversation
Nowell phone number is required super easy I could also share content with Mike
from this icon say if I wanted to share my desktop or a program with them I’ll
go into this a little bit more in detail in a bit so from a single I am with Mike
I can really easily expand the ways of communicating with him in just a few
clicks I can also use my emoticons from here too you saw Mike use the smiley
face a little earlier but there are many to choose from I think one of my
favorites is probably this dancing disco guy these are things that you can add to
your I am so really add some personality or liven up the conversation another activity I like to do from the
IAM is to share files so let’s say I need to get this Excel spreadsheet over
to Mike I could do that by just simply dragging and dropping it here into the
IM area and that will automatically transfer the file over to him so he can
save it locally so I’ll say here is the latest version of the project plan so as you can see all you do is drag and
drop we can both see the file name the file type and if Mike decides he wants
the file Skype for business will also let me know that it’s been sent so now I
don’t need to worry about my file being lost in Mike’s inbox I know he’s
received it the last thing I’ll point out related to
instant conversations is the ability to add other folks to this chat essentially
making this a group chat all I do is click this person with the plus icon to
invite people to the conversation so now my one-on-one conversations become group
conversations very easily by inviting more people I’m going to go ahead and do
that right now I’ll add Amy to our conversation I thought you’d like to join this
conversation as we’re talking about the project great so adding files using emoticons
starting an audio or video call or even adding more folks to the discussion
these are all really great activities to make my conversations even richer and
things you can do as you start off on your journey whisk it for business the next activity I want to take you
through today is the ability to schedule more formal meetings
now there are a couple of ways to do this you can schedule directly from
within the client by hovering over a user I can either schedule a meeting you
can see from this menu here in this case with Mike I could even schedule with an
entire group of users if I wanted to do that it’s super quick and easy another way you can schedule meetings is
going back to my earlier comment about tight integration with Outlook you can
use that familiar Outlook environment to schedule meetings let’s take a look at
that so here’s my day today and I know I want
to set a meeting up for a little later in the afternoon so I find an open slot
and I click this button up here on the menu bar new Skype meeting if you’re a
current Outlook user you’ll notice that that this looks a lot like your regular
Outlook invite but you’ve probably noticed two things happen when I click
that new Skype meeting button one is that the system automatically fills in
the location with Skype meeting so everybody joining my column those were
using Skype for business for that meeting
the other thing you’ll notice right away is that the system auto-populated the
body of my invitation with my Skype for business meeting coordinates
the rest of this invite should be pretty familiar all the regular Outlook
functionality that you’re used to is still here so if you like recurring
meetings that’s still available if you want to do some other settings that’s
also available too so now let’s tell outlook who we want to
add I and Amy and what the subject is you
I already have my date and time selected so that’s good
I could even add an agenda here right above where the meeting coordinates are
so now everybody knows what we’re going to discuss in the meeting before we send this off another thing
I’d recommend you take a peek at when you’re scheduling your meetings are the
meeting options this lets you make some choices about how your meetings are set
up so for instance you could tell Skype for business if you want to use a lobby
or who will be presenting during your meeting so let’s go ahead and click send
and just like any other Outlook invite this is going to put the meeting on my
calendar and anybody else that I set it to and who’s accepted it so we’ve sent
this invitation off and it’s scheduled for a little later in my day but even so
I can come into my meeting at any time and get things set up I can come in as
early and as often as I like and this is actually a great segue into the next
activity I wanted to share with you today and that’s joining your meetings again skype for business gives you
several different options to join you can either join directly from your
Outlook invitation or as an alternative you could go back into the client open
up that meetings tab I showed you a little earlier and you can join from
right here with a double click this is super convenient if you don’t
have Outlook open or maybe you’re joining from a mobile device you so here we are in my Skype for business
meeting let’s take a look around and get our
bearings I’m going to start by looking at the roster of folks who are in my
meeting to do that I click on this participant icon here having this roster
open during a meeting is super useful I find not only can I see who’s in my
kneading but you’ll see these icons to the right of the name they let me know
that the individuals can hear or I can also see if they’re typing in I am if
the icon is gray I know the features not enabled if it’s blue I know it’s
available or being used if we take a look down along the bottom
of our screen you’ll see those same icons we saw earlier in my I M and they
have the same functionality so if I wanted to start my video I could do that
here if I wanted to say mute or unmute my mic
I could do that here and if I wanted to add content I’d click here
while we’re on this content icon I’ll say that it’s a best practice even for
my own meetings I like to add content before folks join so I’m all set and
ready to go before meeting starts let’s say I wanted to present a
PowerPoint I can do that right from this present PowerPoint menu option choose
the file I can start presenting the activity I probably do the most in
my meetings of share my desktop and I do that from right here on the present
desktop option there are a couple of other cool things
you can do in terms of content as well if I go to this more menu you can see I
can add a whiteboard for brainstorming here we can annotate directly on the
whiteboard using the tools you see on the right hand side here
you can draw you can type and if you’re a presenter using the PowerPoint file
that you upload it a little earlier you can also find these same annotation
tools to the right of the screen as well another really cool thing with the Skype
for business meetings is that because of the tight integration with office I can
add a OneNote right from here from the content menu I can click my notes and
not only does it launch OneNote but it’ll capture my meeting date/time the
attendees resource is shared and of course any notes I may have taken this
makes getting my meeting notes after the fact so much quicker
you’ll notice that down here on the lower right hand corner my picture is
showing up and it’s there because the view I had set today is the presenter
view but if I wanted to hide my picture change my view I can easily do that by
going up to the top right corner here and clicking on this icon to change my
view I can set this for myself and then when others join my meetings they can
also set their own preferred views independently as well okay now Micah’s joined that my meeting
I know that because the counter participants has changed from one to two
but I also can see that his name has been added to the roster here now now
that I have others in the meeting with me I have the ability to manage my
attendees there are a couple of things I want to show you as handy little tips
here today by right-clicking on my attendees name here in the roster I’m
given some menu options so let’s say there was some background noise coming
through on Mike’s line I could choose to mute his line right from here or if I
wanted to demote him from presenter to attendee I could do that here or if he
was being particularly disruptive I could even kick him out of my meeting if
I wanted to say instead of managing an individual I
want to manage all my attendees at once there are a couple of things I can do to
affect everyone from this participant actions button down here on the bottom I
can mute all if I need to regain control maybe or maybe I want to turn off
everybody’s iam so everyone’s attention is focused on me I can do all of these
things from right here so let’s recap the progression we
covered here today I showed you how to navigate the main client and and set
your options and then we talked about how to start an ad-hoc or instant
message conversation from there we moved into actually scheduling and joining a
meeting and then finally we reviewed some basic tasks for presenting in a
meeting so I hope from today’s demo you can see how Skype for business really
can accommodate all of your meeting types whether there are quick IMS
between you and a colleague or maybe a more formal scheduled meeting sometime
in the future perhaps you’re presenting to a customer either way
Skype for business can adjust to your needs
something you may be asking yourself is if people who are external to my
organization can join Skype for business meetings and the answer is yes anyone
with your meeting credentials and a computer with an internet connection can
join when they click the join meeting in your meeting invite look at a prompt to
use the Skype for business web app which will allow them to see your content and
hear your voice furthermore since books are on the go
more nowadays k4 business gives you flexibility when your journey meetings
remotely there are mobile apps which let you connect to Skype for business and
give you access to all of your contacts and meetings right from your mobile
device and we let you do that from your favorite device whether it’s an iPhone a
Windows Device or an Android at the beginning of this session I
mentioned the call monitor as one of my call-out features but I wasn’t actually
able to demo that during my session today so here’s a quick visual to help
you understand the beauty that is the column monitor essentially if you were
in a Skype for business meeting and you navigate off that meeting to another
application this call monitor will pop up and give you quick access to get back
into your meeting or unmute or mute your line if you’re called on in a meeting I
love this feature and I use it all the time
to help me keep track of my calls okay so what next if you have Skype for
business right now I really encourage you to start using the product login to
Skype for business and check out your options start to personalize it and make
your own maybe add a picture start a an IM with one of your colleagues and use
one of the fun emoticons to add levity to the conversation
another thing I would encourage you to do is schedule your next meeting with
Skype for business and use some of those you know the functionality that I shared
today like sharing your desktop or a PowerPoint
finally I want to leave you today with some great resources
for new users we have several QuickStart guides available for you to download you
can access those here we also have several other resources like short
videos and tutorials all online and available to help you build confidence
in using Skype for business in closing today I want to thank you for
spending this time with me I know we’re all busy so I’m so glad you could join
in before I sign off I do have a couple of final things I want to share we have
a survey for this session and we just love to hear your feedback related to
the content it’s really the best way for us to improve and help to grow our
course catalog speaking of course catalogues our
catalogue of courses is growing so check our registration page regularly for
newly added classes and join us for a future session thanks again for your time today hope
you enjoy the rest of your day

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