Small Business 101: Episode 8 – Starting A Website For Your Business

Alex: Hey everybody, welcome back to another
episode of Small Business 101 here on Arbeit U. Spencer: Not just any episode. We have
a new set today. I’m sure all our viewers are going to notice, we’ve completely
changed our studio here. Alex: Completely changed it. We brought in a new table.
Spencer: Yeah,it’s totally different than it was before.
Alex: Yeah. Spencer: Thinks it makes more for a welcoming feel, so let us know what you think.
Alex: So we have wonderful guests like Papa Joe right here, aka Joseph Tilton;
our marketing manager. Spencer: Marketing manager of Arbeit Software. Joe: Hey how you doing
everybody. Spencer: Here to talk about today’s topic, Alex: marketing for small businesses and
we’re going to, what are we going to talk about, websites. Joe: Yeah, so you know when you’re
starting a small business in today’s day and age you need to have a website.
There’s no getting around it you know. You know, nothing else is gonna work for
better inbound leads or any sales or anything like that, so you make sure you
want to have a good website you know and Spencer: First time on camera. Joe: Yeah, so basically you
know what do you would be put on website? Like how do you make it? Who you go to?
Like what are the platforms you do? You know so a lot of it is you want to
choose a platform that’s gonna be easier to manage and then it’s gonna be able to
easily build a website. Alex: Right, I’ll tell you there’s been so many times I’ll go
to somebody’s website and it looks like it’s from the you know dial-up AOL
Internet era and I’m just done. I’m like no way. Spencer: Not buying that product. Alex: And
there’s that there’s people, new businesses that come out today that’ll
launch websites like this or have websites that are just so basic they
look like a straight ripoff template and I hate them. I won’t buy from it I feel
like. Joe: And know, then that’s a good point right. So like when you’re looking at a
website, that’s like one of the biggest things you have to consider is user
experience. Whenever you’re building a website consider this; how our customer
is going to react on your website and how are they going to be able to get to
point A or point B? So really when you build a website, define what do you want
your website to do. Alex: Yeah, so example, you know if you’re selling
clothes, well we had your friend on Ryan and his website right he sells
t-shirts, anime t-shirts. What does he want to accomplish when someone comes
on his website? To sell a t-shirt right. Spencer: That’s the objective Alex: The goal isn’t for
them to subscribe to their blog like you know maybe ours is. Spencer: A wink-wink
nudge-nudge. Alex: No, his goal is different than somebody like us you know our, we’re
not selling a direct product on Arbeit’s website. So it’s way different. We
don’t want somebody to buy something necessarily at that moment. We want them
you know be able to get the information they need when they come to our site. You
want someone to buy some service, you’re gonna have a whole different setup, whole different
concepts. Joe: Yeah and that’s exactly what it is.
So with our website specifically you know we cater to a niche area which
is debt collection agencies. So really the important thing that the, important
aspect of our website when we designed and when we redesigned it is really to
inform and educate the person going on to the website because that’s what
they’re gonna ultimately look for and make a sound decision. So our, well we the
way we designed our website is to make sure that we give them the information
there and then softly lead them to our expected goal which is eventually a sign
up. Alex: Right so we want to convert them into a lead, give us your
information. Ask for a free trial right. So yeah, I mean you got a completely, you’re
like, it’s like a treasure map right. You need to lead them to what you want them
to do and that’s the websites like the treasure map to the end goal. Joe: Exactly you
know and you know, if you could take anything away from this really it’s all
about having three great concepts on your website; great content, fantastic
images, and amazing call to actions because those three things combined with
you know a decently, well-designed website that’s gonna make for a great
user experience, that’s not gonna be full of clutter, that maximizes white
space it’s all it’s all you really need in order to make a customer convert on
your website in any given point in time. Alex: Yeah, make sure it looks good right. Don’t
use some template that everybody uses, it’s the free template of the internet that
everyone uses or something because you you’re gonna, your website is gonna
look like everybody else’s on and in they’re going to
you know customer, the users going to realize that and it’s not going to be as
engaging in my opinion. But what are some popular I mean WordPress right, that’s
probably the go to website, WordPress website if somebody’s trying to do it or
you what do you recommend someone tries to do it themselves. They use like a
Shopify or do they pay somebody what do you think? Joe: Well you could go with
different bunch of routes if you have experience and building a website then
why not take a crack at making yourself. Yes go, WordPress is a fantastic content
management system for building a website you know. We use WordPress in a lot of
people use it and it’s easy, it’s easily customizable and you can integrate
things really well in it. For shopping people like e-commerce, you
might want to go Shopify, Bigcommerce or anything like that and it still it’s
easier to use website where you can get all the information you want and they
walk you step-by-step through. Spencer: So dumb this down, if someone was, someone just
started a company, they want to launch a website, what’s the first thing they should do? Alex: Talk
to a professional. Joe: Yeah you could, but really the very first thing before
you even like think about even designing your website is think about
this; What is your website’s overall goal? What is it, what is the point of your
website? Alex: Yea, have that plan ready for when you talk to somebody or you know
start and learn right. Try, Shopify, if like, if you’re, if you’re capable of
using a computer, you can make your own website on Shopify. It’s pretty, there’s
tons of content out there, learn, research, figure it out in your own to an extent
if you need to, but it’s highly important. Just don’t think, oh I’m gonna throw
something up there or not think about that. Spencer: Oh, like doesn’t matter. Alex: Your
website’s not just to give the name and phone number of your company anymore.
Spencer: Yeah. Alex: There’s a whole strategy about it. Joe: Yeah, your website is ultimately
judged by the potential visitors they go on there. Spencer: Yea, a lot of times it’s a persons first, like the first chance to see your company. Joe: Yeah, I mean think of it
all it now n days you know, if I saw a website that was built in like an old
AOL format style with yellows and the horrible
content or whatever, you think I’m gonna trust the company as a whole. No Spencer: And I’ve
never bought something from a company without going on the website. Have you? Have you ever bought something without going to the website? Alex: I always go to the website and I always look for on my phone or the computer or one of the
other, so. But that’s a very just so, that’s it for today right. Spencer: Yeah we can
do this all day. Alex: This is a wide overview of websites. We’ll dig down into each
individual section of it, next episodes will go. Joe will be specializing in the
SEO portion that his, Joe: That’s my expertise. Alex: Yes, so we’ll have him back, don’t you
worry. Spencer: Thank you for coming. Alex: Yeah, thanks Joe. Joe: Yeah thanks for having me over from the
office next door. Spencer: And thank you for coming and as always, Alex: Subscribe. Spencer See you next week. Alex: See ya. Spencer: That too.

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