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– I’m so glad that so many of
you liked yesterday’s video and my recommendation on a
planner, which has ended up being a really integral
business tool for me. Today I wanted to recommend a few more the digital, physical, and
kinda like systemic tools that help me to run my business. My planner from Ink and Volt
is definitely a good one, as is OmniFocus, which is
a digital task manager. OmniFocus actually just
released their kinda 3.0, their new update, which is very exciting, because the previous ones
were really based on the getting things done system methodology and if you tried to learn
that you look at one blog post and your eyes glaze over and you’re like oh no, I can’t do this. But the new OmniFocus does not require you to be familiar with that system or to kind of adhere to
its ideals and guidelines. Basically, it is a to-do list
that you can schedule things, you can defer them, you
can make tasks repeat, you can also tag them
according to the business, the project, the location, the tools you need to get it done. So I can pull up all the
things I have to do with phone calls if I’m ever in a
waiting room with nothin’ to do and poor internet reception, I can just crank through
a bunch of phone calls. This is also a small silly thing, but it integrates with Siri so that I can, when I’m falling asleep,
trigger Siri and say remind me at four p.m. to email whoever and it goes into my OmniFocus
as a four p.m. reminder for tomorrow, which is like (lips smack)
love it. Similarly, I really rely
on every note that is my kinda like note-taking
bookmarking system of choice. I have it up all the
time, it’s great on iOS, it’s great on my Mac, and
I can keep meeting notes, I can clip different
bookmarks from the internet to put into my different project folders. So I have not only all
my bookmarks and articles and recipes that I wanna save, but also meeting notes
for all of the phone calls that I have for Multitude, and journals, like night time journal writing that I do. And anything that you can
imagine I save it in Evernote. But when I’m working on
documents with other people, I prefer the Google Drive
Suite, so every single podcast related thing
that I do with Multitude is in Google Drive. That means documents that I
use to prepare intro notes and show descriptions and
other things collaboratively with the different podcast teams and spreadsheets for accounting, for keeping track of our sponsors, for keeping track of the
shout-outs and the intro materials that we have to do in every one. And because I like to keep
everything in the same system, I also use Google for business email. So that means I have an email address and I can give those out to
others in the team as well. Initially, I just forwarded
all the mail to that address, to my personal Gmail and had
them all in the same inbox, that soon got out of hand and I have now kept them
in separate inboxes. I will have my work
inbox, my personal inbox. Even though podcast stuff has been personal stuff for so long,
I wanna make sure that I set myself up for work life balance and keep those two things apart. Another crucial email tool is Mixmax. I’ve talked about this extension before, but it’s a kinda like email
plugin Chrome extension, they Firefox as well, I believe. And they let you do things
like save email templates, to save contact to groups really easily, to switch out your email signature, to track emails so you can
send them and then track when people open them,
which is a scary power. Way before Gmail introduced
a snooze function, Mixmax had one so you can
say hey, send this email outta my inbox and bring it
back next Tuesday at eight. You can also schedule emails
and this is so clutch, so when it’s like 11
p.m. and I can’t sleep and I’m answering emails,
I don’t want to look like a person that answers emails at 11 p.m. or to set the expectations
with clients or sponsors that I’m gonna do that forever, so instead I schedule it
to go out the next morning. I use QuickBooks for business accounting, I use Squarespace for our websites. We use Slack as a team to
communicate, which is great. And then Discord to have our community, our podcast listener forums. And kind of a silly last
one, but a great lawyer is also a very important
tool for the business. I was not exciting about
needing a lawyer initially. I was worried about the expense, I didn’t know how to find one. I thought that I would have to
bang my head against the wall and describe what podcasts are. But doing some Googling,
I was able to look up creative small business
lawyers in New York City and I ended up finding an
incredible lawyer, who I love, I wanna be her friend, I
wanna hang out with her. She is experienced in what I do, she has a great kind
of price setting scale, so it’s a project rate
and not an hourly rate, meaning that if I ask her
to help me make a contract for a certain situation,
she’ll tell me how much that contract will be and then
we can go back and forth as many times as I need to ask
questions or to make edits. So I’m not worried that
every email I send her I’ll then get a bill afterward. And just being really
confident in our paperwork and in our contracts and
in our client agreements, being able to have someone on hand, where if I have to run a document by her, she can review and say this is great, this is normal, this is not. That is really valuable peace of mind. And I definitely wanted to
make sure that I started out the business on a really solid foundation, so I used our first
consulting check to pay for the creation of those client agreements, the contractor agreements,
and actual partnership arrangement agreements for the podcasts, instead of one that we
downloaded from a free website and tweaked and then signed. So those are the tools that I
use to run Multitude so far. If you have ones that you use
to run your creative projects, your side hustles, your business,
I would love to hear them. And, of course, I’ll be back with more business week tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Small Business Apps, Tools & Software || VEDO 16

  1. This is awesome. Getting a PhD is a small business in its way and I find Ulysses (word-processor tool that simultaneously teaches you markdown, is aesthetically soothing, and exports in many print and web forms without losing formatting) clutch in that regard. Also trying to move more toward Github and away from Google Drive in terms of version control/collaborations, though that's restricted to my more tech-y collaborators so as not to impose on anyone. I have yet to find a good citation manager (they are all too English-normative for my use)…but I'm keeping an eye out!!

  2. Wow, this was great!

    A few apps I find myself using a lot recently are:
    – Airtable ( [ ]
    – Notion (
    – Mailchimp ( [ ]
    – Buffer (

    And I've always been curious where to find a good lawyer familiar with creating on the Internet – definitely keeping Nakia in my back pocket!

  3. So I’ve been slowly going back and watching some of these VEDO videos and every dang one feels so relevant.
    Thanks for the mixmax recommendation, it sounds like everything I never knew I needed! I’ve been using a different extension for email scheduling for a while and it’s been a life saver in maintaining the illusion that I work regular hours. Now I’m dreaming of email templates!

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