Small business benchmarks

How does your business compare to others in
the same industry? How can you find ways to improve and grow
the performance of your business? Business benchmarks can help you improve your
business by measuring its performance, against others in the same industry. Benchmarks highlight ways to help you work
smarter, and how you might make your business a greater success. The benchmarks are derived from real data,
from real businesses, across more than 100 industries. Each year the benchmarks are updated using
the latest available data from businesses with turnovers up to 15 million dollars. To calculate the benchmark for your business
use the ATO app, select business, and start the business performance check The business performance check shows you how
your business compares and if you’re above or below the average benchmark for your industry. If you are outside your industry benchmark,
you can look into adjusting your costs, pricing, mark up and wastage for example to help you
improve your business performance. To learn more about the small business benchmarks
and how they can help you, go to

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