Small Business CRM by Marketing 360®

(soft, piano music) – The CRM program integrates seamlessly with marketing 360 and our UXi websites to collect all of the data
from customers and leads to compile all of that
into a single database where you can interact
with them effectively, send out email drip campaigns, communicate with them, and track all of your
interactions with the customers. – As any business starts to grow, having a CRM or a customer
relationship management software becomes more and more important. It helps you manage all
the contacts you have, as well as share different projects within your organization. – The CRM is basically
a way for our clients to manage all of the users
and contacts that they have. It’s great for local industries, especially if they receive a lot of leads, they have the ability
to go through our CRM, update all of those leads, keep their contact logs, keep their emails. It’s great because it’s
an all-in-one program that can be integrated into Marketing 360. – It allows you and your business, whether it’s you and six other people, whether it’s just you, to keep track of the
projects that are happening, to keep track of the customers, and make sure that you’re
dropping as few balls as possible. – Beyond that, you can do email drip
campaigns at seven days, 14 days, any timeframe. So by building these customer lists, you also have a reoccurring sales funnel so that you can get second purchases, and then have a customer for life. – At the very least, you can keep all of
your business contacts, sales, phone numbers, anything that has to do with
your business and your leads, in one, nice, little bundle. – The other thing that’s
really important about the CRM is that it ties in with
our Marketing 360 software. – If you’re a small business
operating off of spreadsheets, or emails, or notepads, I mean, you’re gonna get
passed up by your competitors. I mean, you have to have
a CRM that’s intelligent, that can do some of this
stuff on an automated basis to save you time, that’s integrated with your marketing so that you can actually invest more of your marketing dollars
into what’s working, and less of marketing
dollars into what’s not. And at the same time, manage your business with technology, which is just vital today. – You spent all this time, money and energy driving
people to your website. They became a customer, they made a purchase, or they filled out a lead form, and then you let them go. Having a CRM ensures that you’re able to continue that conversation and continue interacting
with them to ensure that over the lifetime of their
interactions with you, they’ll become a lifelong
customer that leaves great reviews and consistently purchases from you. – One of the greatest things I like is as phone calls come in, the ability to listen to phone calls every time those calls
occur within that lead. It automatically puts it in
there and racks and stacks it. So that’s something that’s
pretty cool that nobody else has. – We have, literally,
dedicated CRM experts who are gonna import your data and help you walk through the CRM because it’s a learning experience, and everybody’s gonna need that time to be able to understand it better. – It’s so powerful that we would highly recommend doing a demo, or taking a free trial, or even watching some of our screencast to really fully understand
the power of the platform, and how it can help your business. – Again, it kind of shows our commitment to helping small business owners do as much as they can from one place. (soft, piano music)

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