Small Business Digital 101 – Grow your business using Instagram

.>>Good evening, everyone. We are thrilled
you could join us today for the City of
Sydney growing your business using
Instagram. Instagram has become a phenomenon
since 2010 . It first began as a photo
tool for social media. It is far more than
that, but you will learn more from our
guest speakers. But before we do, I will
introduce Councillor Jess Miller, our Deputy Lord Mayor. Jess, I follow
you on Instagram. You do a lot. How come you
use Instagram?>>Partly it’s about
using the internet to get people off
the internet, which is just
as relevant when you work in the
community sphere as it is in business. But also, it’s about building
those relationships without having to depend
on the mainstream media.>>How many likes do you have? Is it competitive?>>It is supercompetitive. My husband is a professional
photographer which gives me an
unfair advantage. I have 2030 and I
am going to check .>>If anyone wants to follow our
Deputy Lord Mayor, you can.>>Things are tight.>>Let’s see what we
can do tonight, folks. I will leave you to it.>>I would like to begin
by acknowledging the land we are meeting
on tonight, the land of the people of the Gadigal of the Eora Nation and I pay my respects to Elders past, present and
emerging and all of our Elders. This is so exciting. I am really upset I
cannot stay for the whole thing. But I am thrilled I will
get to watch it on the live feed. It is really exciting. As I said, Instagram
and social media for me is something that
enables people to connect. When people say, “You
are always on your phone, you are not paying
attention,” it is like you are
but if you are using technology to enable the
real connections whether that is people jumping
into your shop or people having
a conversation or learning about an
idea, I find that really exciting. The idea of using
the internet to get people connected
is really fantastic. And I am sure you are
going to hear all about that. But you guys have such
an amazing lineup of presenters tonight. You have Anastasia
Pavlovic, Small Business Account
Manager at Facebook. And that is
a pretty great … I have got so many
questions for you. We have Jeff McBride, Instagram Communications
Manager for Australia, New Zealand at Facebook. It will be great
to hear from Jeff. But more exciting than
that, no offence to the major players in the
room, Hazem Sedda is here from the Redfern
Convenience Store which is the greatest
a convenience store on earth. It is near my house. I live further away
from the street, but we used to have a pretty committed
effort to find the best pick
and mix in Sydney. Unfortunately, I went on a diet and I am not as dash allowed as much dash — as I used to have. We also have Sandradee
Makejev , founder of St Frock. She used to work at
Bondi Beach Markets and has grown it all the way into this.
How many people now? 40 people and a whole
lot of women working together really well. So that is remarkable. I’m sure you guys are
going to learn so much tonight. I will be watching
on Twitter . And just in the
spirit of things. I’m going to get a self with all of
you right now. — selfie . So thank you, have
a wonderful night. I can’t wait to
watch it all. Thanks, Jo. Thanks everybody.>>Thank you very much. I think the life of
how we do business is changing. For those of you in the
room running your own businesses, part
of running your digital platform,
tonight you are going to get inspired without
doubt by our speakers. You are going to get
a deep dive into how Instagram works, lots of new features to
show you tonight which you will be thrilled
to see, and a live demo on how
to do some of these features which I think
is very exciting. I don’t want to waste
any more of your time with me talking. I would love to introduce
our first speaker. Anastacia is coming on
and she will walk you through how to use
Instagram for your business dash Anastasia Pavlovic , welcome, you have been
introduced and there is nothing more for
me to say. Welcome.>>Thank you all for
coming tonight. How is everyone tonight? Feeling good? Fantastic. I want to start by
thanking all of you for coming out and
having a listen about what we have got
to offer in terms of Instagram and the latest
and greatest on the platform. Working in a small
business, whether you are
a small business owner or employee, or maybe you are
thinking about starting your own site hustle, it’s great you
have come here to learn more about how to grow
on the platform . Tonight I’m talking about
growing your business on Instagram. As Jo mentioned, my name
is Anastasia Pavlovic and I work as the Small
Business Account Manager at Facebook. What does that mean? I provide businesses
similar to you guys on how to get the most
out of the platforms, whether Instagram,
Facebook or Messenger. I also have my coat colleague Jeff McBride, who will
talk about Instagram Stories and how to
up your game on the platform. That will be exciting. In terms of my role, I
host similar events to what we have tonight,
and providing small businesses with key tools
on how to get started. One story I want to talk
about today is a lady named Michele, a lady
I met in Busselton . Has anyone ever heard
of Busselton before? I can see some
hands, very nice. For those that don’t
know, Busselton is about two hours south of Perth. Very cute, a small town,
and they have some cool small businesses there. Facebook goes out
there and we run a couple of things there
on how to grow your business. Michele comes up to me and says, “I’m
really excited, I want to get started
on Instagram. I have my Facebook page,
I don’t know where to go on Instagram.” I thought that was
great, let’s do it, let’s start a
business page. At something I really
remember is she said she wanted to make cleaning.
Get ready for it, sexy. She wanted to make
it cool, she wanted to make it fun, and she wanted to make
it thumb-stopping and exciting
for people. She started a cleaning
business with her husband about
two years back. So I thought, OK, sexy,, cleaning, what
can we do here? And then I thought Mr Clean! Has anyone heard
of this before? I didn’t think so. But this is one example
of how you can engage your customers,
really thumb-stopping, and getting excited
about what you are doing. No matter what business
you are, whether small business, a salon, a wedding
photographer, it doesn’t matter , Instagram is the place
you can really market. Tonight I will take you
through a couple of tools of how to do that. First we will look at
how to use Instagram tools. Looking at how to change
your personal profile over to a business
profile and other tools you can unlock there. After that, we will talk about how to link
Instagram to other marketing platforms to
really extend your reach and speak to even more
customers there. Next we will go for harnessing visual
marketing. How can we take advantage
of such a cool visual platform and make sure you can
communicate to your customers in the best
way possible. Finally we will wrap up by creating effective
Instagram Stories and give you a sneak peek of something you might
have heard of, IGTV. Jeff will talk
about that later. For that session, you
will need to download the Instagram App. Make sure that is
installed on your phone so we can go through it. I have spoken about
my role at Facebook, but I really want to get
an understanding of the crowd here tonight. Can I get a show of
hands, who has been on Instagram for about
six months? OK. What about one year? Maybe two years? OK. Fantastic. Any more than two years? OK, cool. We have a range of
people in the room tonight. Whether you are getting
started on the platform and not sure where to go,
or you have been here for longer and you are
thinking about promoting or advertising your post, hopefully we can all
learn a couple of new things tonight. Before we start, I want
to show you a quick video of how small
businesses are really benefiting on
the platform. (Video plays)>>Behind every growing
business is a story. A story of craft. Of hard work. Of good, and, not so good times. But when you share your
story on Instagram, it becomes so much more. You can start
conversations. Learn about your posts
and the people who follow you. And build lasting
relationships with those you
have just met. All in a few easy taps. In a world where your
business’s story can blend in, stand out.>>That was a cute , fun video. What we really like to
find with Instagram, it is a really fun and
exciting form. It is really a place
where people get inspired and they
are coming to discover new things. Why are people coming to
the platform and what is it that people are driven to come back ? Instagram is a place where people
are exploring their passions. Like to think of
it as Facebook is a place where you are
discovering , speaking to your
friends and family. Instagram is a place where you want to learn more about things you are passionate
about, hobbies, interests. Not necessarily
those you know or are in contact with every day. We found 100
million people are using the
explore tab. People are actively
looking for new things. 46% of Instagram users say they have
saved a post and of those posts, 29% of businesses. It is clear that
businesses are at the core of this community. 80% of Instagrammers are actually following
a business. Let’s take in that statistic for a moment. 80%. There are clearly people
who want to engage with businesses and want to learn about new products and services
being launched. This is a great way to learn how you
can get the most out of your customers. So we can dip dive into
a couple of the tools offered on Instagram
for businesses. The business tools. First up for tools
you can have to use at your
fingertips. The first is the
Instagram business profile. And Instagram
business profile is allowing you to stand out from a personal profile. You can inform
your customers of things like address, email, ways to contact them. You can also unlock cool tool. Including Insights. You can be able
to understand key stats about your business and how people interact
with them, whether it is
engagement, followers , you can learn some things that will inform
future posts. You can also unlock the
ability to promote. So extend your reach to potentially putting some money behind your posts to communicate to more people
and getting it very targeted and nitty-gritty. Finally, you have
the ability to speak and communicate directly with your customers or potential people who are interested in what you
have to offer through messages. This can be a nice,
seamless and positive experience for
those people. In terms of business
profile, you can stand out through the
Call to Action buttons that
are available. Providing directions , or whether you
would like people to communicate through email. If you would
like to convert to a business profile, all you need to do is
go to your settings, scroll down and
you will find the option of switch to business
profile. Follow the prompts and you will find your profile has become a business profile. Once you have unlocked
disability, you will have the ability to look at Insights. This is probably
the coolest thing about changing into a business profile. You can understand the people engaging with your business page. So I like to give it
as a place where I can understand how many
people are coming to my profile, how many people
are looking at my posts, get into the
nitty-gritty of when they are interacting
with my profile, when they are looking
at my content. The days, times of the
week they are looking. This can give you a
better understanding of your audience and allow
you to craft and create your content. After this, you
have the ability to actually promote and
put money behind your posts. This can be where
you want to extend your reach, get down to the
nitty-gritty behind the people you want your post to resonate with. Maybe I am a hair salon and I would like people
to learn more about my hair salon in the service
I provide. I am situated
in Piermont. When promoting an ad, you can select
the objective you would like the
promotion to go towards, so drive
in-store sales, people come
into the store , you can also target
based on age. You can look at the
people you would like to target. If I am a hairdresser,
maybe I am looking at 18 to 35 . Then you can start to
get down to how much you would like to
put a hind the post. One dollar, two
dollars, anything. You can start
testing this out and it can start getting regular when you look at
the results. This extends region and
gets more out of the post. Finally, the ability
to message. Being able to
message directly with your customer
allows for seamless experience and makes you
look authentic. You can speak to
them directly, have a conversation
with them, be able to tell
them more about your product
or service . Another great tool we
have is Instagram Shopping. Does anyone in the crowd , are you selling a product of some kind Q Mark and e-commerce site ? Raising some hands. Instagram Shopping is a great way
to showcase the products you
have on offer. Maybe you are selling a range of T-shirts and you really want to showcase how
your T-shirts will look on a person. When you upload a post onto Instagram business profile, you can tag those products into your post. It is really easy to get this set up. All you will need to do
is select the product catalogue in
your settings, then you get your
products discovered, upload your feed, the products you have on your page, and then click done. It is simple and you can start to tag the posts. Adding products is also quite easy. If you have been able to upload this
product catalogue into your Instagram feed, you will be
able to follow the instructions when you go into
this section when selecting products. Essentially, if you
are finding difficulty while setting it up, you can go through is Mr That will go to step I step how to do this. Then you are
ready to shop. People can gain a
lot more information about the product
you have on offer once you have tagged the post directly within the
Instagram feet. Think of it as a
way to show grace . might showcase more of what you
have on offer. Next up, I will talk about how
to link your Instagram with other platforms
to extend your message. We have our posts on
Instagram, cool content, but how do we connect
this back to other platforms? As you may know, Facebook is actually a family of apps and services. Instagram is one of
those apps that come under Facebook. Whilst it is standalone,
they definitely leverage on each other and work
to each other’s strengths. We also have
messenger and the third one across is audience and networks, which is essentially a
network of publishers we work with. Really, the way we can be able to utilise this full suite of apps is by creating an ad where you can run across different
platforms. If we created a
post on Instagram, we can share this
across Facebook and on Instagram . This may be , for a couple of you, maybe you are not sure
how to do this or you have not advertised
before stop that is OK. This could be an
opportunity to take the next step if you are
thinking about taking your business to the next
level on the platform. How do we do this? How do we extend from
Instagram to Facebook and on to messenger? Through a cool
new tool called Ads Manager . Has anyone ever
used this for key mark ? A couple of hands. Ads Manager is a place where
you can centralise all of your advertising in the platform. This is where you can
create campaigns, drive your business
objectives , whether you are trying
to drive more awareness of your products, or
maybe just people to the website to learn more
information about who you are and what
you have on offer. You can essentially
start off by selecting your business objective. That is where you can get people to click
into a site or you would like
people to learn more about what you
have on offer through brand awareness or try to get people to watch more of a video that you have uploaded. Essentially, at the campaign level, you are telling us what you would like
Instagram to drive in terms of results. Then you have the ad set level. That is where you can
choose who you would like to target in
your campaign. Maybe you would
like to target people living in
a certain area, the age group, this is where
you can select this criteria. You then have the
ability to choose your placements, whether
you would like your ads to run on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger. That is how you
can extend your marketing breach and reach more people. Then you have your
budget, where you have complete control. You can test out how much you would like
to put behind the campaign. Finally, we have
the schedule. You can choose how long
you would like the ad or campaign to run. Finally, my favourite
part, the ad level, which is
where you choose the creative you
would like to put as your ad. That is where you can
choose to upload a photo, video, all the
stuff you would like to see in the final product
when it is completed. In that adds that level, essentially you have the ability to choose different
placements where you would like your ad to run. In this case, we have
all of the platforms selected, Facebook,
Instagram, Audience Network , and Messenger . But you can uncheck some of these boxes. Maybe you don’t want
it to run on Messenger . Essentially, you have complete ability
to choose . Once again,
you can extend your reach. In terms of how
you would like your ads to run, depending
on the objective you choose, you will then
be permitted to the placements
that are given in terms of this chart. If we are selecting a video campaign , we would have the campaign run only
on Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories , Audience Network and In-stream Video. It is thinking
about how you can use these placements to
get the most out of the platform and extend
your reach. It is thinking about
how you can connect with your potential
customers wherever they are. If I am someone who is really low on Instagram, it would be great to run it on Instagram. If I am on Facebook,
maybe running on Facebook would
be better. It is thinking about
how your audience is really resonated
with your content and using insights to do that. Now I will move on a little bit more around how to harness visual marketing. How to get the
most out of the content
we are posting on Instagram. Now, when I think
about this part of creating cool
photos, videos, I like to come back
to the basics of how people
actually behave on the platform. In terms of people and how they
are scrolling through the feed, we have found people are really looking mainly at that photo or video. They are looking
at the video . usual. Then we find people who
are looking at the caption. People who are looking at the
context, the story, what is it you are
trying to tell from the photo? Then they are looking at who posted it , the account it
is coming from. Finally, looking at the
engagement, so how much engagement this post
is receiving. When we are thinking
about the concept we are putting on our
Instagram business page, it is important
to think about what kind of relevance
are we achieving? We need to make sure what we are
communicating is to the right communication method, the right people and at the right time. Making sure we
are deliberate in who we are speaking
to, how we are speaking to them and at what point
in time we are doing. We can use Inside to
get more information In terms of key creative
considerations, there are a couple I
wanted to knock out today. First is using the
entire story capabilities
of Instagram. There are a whole suite of cool ways you
can tell your story and harness the visual
marketing on the platform. Whether that is through
Instagram posts, through your stories, whether it is through
using Boomerang or Hyperlapse tools. There are cool ways you
can communicate your story and be quite authentic,
I think, in terms of who you
are and what you do. And you can do this
directly on the platform. Next is using the space
as a different way of changing up
the content. Thinking of it not
just as a photo, but thinking of
uploading a video, multiple photos,
and thinking about how you can change
and resonate with your audience. You can also
think of time as more of a
creative tool. Thinking about a post on your business
profile, that is something that
is quite permanent but you can think of
stories as something that goes over 24 hours. So it will loop and you
can create something more authentic and real
and it doesn’t need to be too perfect. Finally, you don’t
need a big budget to create big ideas
and creative content. You can do it easily using natural light
and your mobile phone. I will now take you
through a short video of a business doing
exactly that. (Video plays)>>That was a lovely
small business , a German business , that was using
natural light is a great way of
creating content. And really getting thumb-stopping things
on the platform. To do this, you can use
natural light from a window, you can even
use a door frame, or just think about
different creative ways of how you can
speak to people and create cool photos
that really stand out. If you don’t have
any natural light, you could potentially
use your iPhone camera, you could even
use a lamp from above, just
something to create that light and consistency
across your feed. Another thing to think
about is diversifying your content. You don’t need to think of solely looking at
photos and videos. Think about creating
and changing it up and using multi-posts to do that. Another thing
I have heard from a lot of businesses
is, I need to have my feed perfect, I need to keep
consistency, keep the colour scheme, but
honestly, it is not important unless you have
a story behind it. If you have the content,
the story, you’ve got the
inspiration behind your post, people are going to be
looking at this part of your content , the stories you are
telling behind the photos. Making it authentic
and real is what will get people engaging and get your
content to resonate with them. Another thing
to think about is playing with
creative apps that we have available. Boomerang and Hyperlapse are two ways you
can get excited, get people looking
at your content, looking at things
in a different way. Boomerang is
a short video that will play on loop and it goes backwards
and forwards and looks quite exciting and fun. Hyperlapse is a great
way to record a process or longer video over a period of time. And it is another way to
showcase what you have on offer. Here we have an example of a business and all she had to do in
this clip was lay down some fake marble on the
floor, she had a white background, and
then set up the spiral tool behind the white
background and get people excited and play it back
and forth. As you can see, it is quite cool and
it’s a great way of being able to show your
product in a different way. Maybe you are a cafe,
you could use Boomerang in a way where you
change up your content, they be you can
move your coffee around. Maybe you are a hassle
on and you can use this tool as a way to showcase people getting
their hair cut. So just think of
different ways you can showcase your product
or service. Another thing to
consider is, does it work without sound? If I am travelling on
the train or the bus, sometimes I will
turn my sound off. And I will just
watch the content and scroll through
my feed more quietly. Something to consider is if your video and
content works without needing sound. Let’s watch this quick
video and see if this business can do that. (Video plays)>>That was very
quiet, guys! But essentially, from that short video, only 15 seconds long, we were able to learn
this lovely business called Frameology provide a service of
printing out photos for a special occasion. Whether it is weddings, photos , weddings, birthdays
or anniversaries. Just that short video,
using stop motion, we were able to
understand that. So it’s important as a
business to think about how we can do the same are creating different
content and different ways
of showcasing it. Really leveraging on that particular
feature. The next thing
to think about is crafting for time. Thinking about time as
a means of communicating your message overall, and how this can affect
your business narrative. If we think of permanent
organic, this is something people
can come back to afterwards and
refer to it in the future. It is thinking about
how we can have this as a means of showcasing
your business, maybe it is a highlight, something a bit more rounding and something
you want people to refer back to. In terms of
Instagram’s is — Instagram Stories, it
is quite a theory. It won’t last, so we can be less polished. With Instagram, people think about the
feed needing to be well done, but the good thing about
stories, you don’t have to think about
it too much. It can just be a bit fun
and cool, and you can even use a filter to
really polish it up which would be good. In terms of limited time
for the page posts you have got running, you
can think of this as a message you want to
communicate in a short period of time for
however long you would like the campaign
to go for. Whether it is one week
or two weeks, it only lasts for that amount of
time and it’s a great way of communicating
to your customers that key call to action
you would like them to take. Whether that is going
in store or to your website. I am now going to hand
over to the lovely Jeff, who will take us through how to create very cool
Instagram Stories. This is probably the
coolest session of the night, so get
excited, guys. (Applause)>>Coolest session of
the night, apparently. Hopefully for all
of you as well. I am Jeff. I have been comes
manager for Instagram Australia and New Zealand for about 1 1/2 months. — Communications manager. Today I’m talking about
Instagram Stories, which are a platform
we’re finding more and more people
are using. We launched them about
two years ago and we have about 400 million people
using them every single day. We have a user base of
about 1 billion people globally, so that
is nearly half the number of people
on Instagram. It’s really important for you to start
thinking about how you can use Instagram
Stories, whether personally or for
your business, but just have
some fun with it because it is
a lot of fun. The reason that people
love Instagram Stories is because they are
really immersive. When you open your phone
and look at Instagram Stories, they are
full screen. Almost as if someone is
showing you their world through your phone,
or you have FaceTime with someone and they are talking to
you, showing you what they are seeing . It takes you into
their lives. They are ephemeral, and they don’t last
more than 24 hours. There is less pressure to make them perfect and make it a permanent image. You can take less time
worrying about it and make it more
fun and playful. The playful aspect is
why people love them also, because they can
think less about them. When you open up
Instagram Stories . Don’t worry, it has
been a lot of slides, but you will get to
do this yourself. Hold tight for a second
and we will show you what it looks like. At the top, you have
a progression bar. That shows you how far
through the story you are. Or how many stories
the user has. Then you see a profile,
the name of the person you are looking at
or your own profile. You can move backwards
and forwards by tapping left or right. Or if you want to
pause on a story, whether a photo
or video, you can press your finger down
and hold it and that pauses the story so you
can take a longer look. There is also the call
to action at the bottom which usually says to
swipe up or asks for more information. Businesses and people
who have the ability to add this usually add things like links to
shopping, links to stores, links to the website
or articles, so you are turning what
we call discovery into action. So you are taking
your users Instagram use and
bringing that through to something you may want
to engage them with whether it is your store
or anything else. Instagram Stories are
15 seconds of video or five seconds
on photo. Again, a move
really fast. — They move
really fast. When you open Instagram,
this is what it looks like. You have your regular
feed at the bottom. Then at the top, under
stories, you have your stories. Yours will always be
the first on the left. Then you will have the
other people you follow in the tray after that. To enter your Instagram
Stories, to open the camera and start
playing with it, you either tap your icon or the camera at the
top on the top left. This will show you what
it looks like when you do it. Hopefully. Well, we will go through
it ourselves in a second. (Laughs) But the reason
people love Instagram Stories and the way some
businesses use them are demonstrated
here for you. You can see things
like sales. J.Crew did a
special presale with a pair of ink sunglasses. They only launched
50 pairs the day before they
went into stores. And they launched them only to their Instagram
followers, and this breeds loyalty and
affection for a brand by giving your followers
something special and something extra , and maybe something
exclusive, that they can access
simply by following you on Instagram. You could use Instagram
Stories for launches. If you are a fashion
line and you have a look book of 25 images
for your new line, you can post all
the images on Instagram Stories in a way you
couldn’t do that in your feed. You can fund fact post to restore
a in a day. You can post more — post stories in one day. We don’t recommend it, but the option is there
to post more than 100 . Maybe you are a hotel,
maybe you want to post a new flight route, the inside of the plan. Even tutorials. There is a great
Sydney-based business called mustard made and they sell cute lockets — lockers for your home and there are tutorials on their
Instagram which are usually eight stories long and it is rather than being basic,
“This is how you put it together to set up your locker,”
it is the story of someone receiving
it at their home, taking it out of the
box, putting it together. The lady has a daughter running around on a
tricycle at her feet, plants everywhere. It is really authentic,
fun and easy. Not only does it let your
consumer, customer or follower see themselves
in that person and in that story, they also
see the personality of their brand . You can take them more
into that personality. Then there are things like
behind the scenes, again with a fashion line, you could take them
behind the scenes at a fashion show. There is a Sydney-based
houseplant delivery service called Leaf Supply. They take followers into
their warehouses where they source plants. Their followers want to
see all this stuff, they feel part of the business
and really engaged in a special way. Instagram Stories has all
of those capabilities. And like we said, it
doesn’t need to be perfect. You can photograph
anything. A moment that
doesn’t seem exciting, you can
make it more fun with the tools we
have on Instagram. We have stickers
so you can add fun images or animations . We have Face Filters,
which you have probably seen before and we will
use in a moment. You can add mention is. That’s when you
tag someone who might be in the
photo, or you could tag on what works for
your business. And what is really
special about doing that, not only do you
demonstrate to your followers that you are engaged with the white Instagram
community, that person receives that tag also has the ability to be able to share that on their story as well. They are able
to potentially widen the audience by posting it on their own. There are things like poles l l s , that person has given
two options and there are fun ways people play around
with this. The kicking in the US — are kicking let you design your perfect what are. You got to click
through, say you wanted
one or two paddies, cheddar cheese, pickles, no pickles, all of those things. People went through each
of those and by the end, they got a voucher
to go into burger king and
pick it up. Not only did
they promote engagement, it
meant they turned and online interaction into an off-line interaction. They came in store, picked up their burger, properly got some fries or something else. Then there is a video , which is crucial. We find nearly 50% of Instagram Stories that are posted and
viewed our video content. We have fun tools , things like Boomerang, where you are able
to take a video of an action , something similar — simple as moving
a cookie or a train into a station. Something audio , but Boomerang makes
it fun, engaging, out of the ordinary . There is rewind, this video was not
necessarily working, but if it were,
you would see the action in normal forward view and then it would play in your story backwards. This guy would be
drinking his coffee backwards, his glasses would be
flipping onto his head, his shirt will
be buttoned . Another fun, silly way you can put a bit more thought and be more creative with your story. I personal favourite, adding animation and fun stickers
over the top of the story or video. You are also able to go onto website and create your own . Maybe you have branded ones, things that relate
to your business. You are able
to create that and the white Instagram
community is able to use that. Things like superzoom, where you can
really quickly zoom in on one thing in your story with dramatic, goofy music. So I will take you into scoring school — story school. Who had heard of
Instagram Stories for walking in the door STUDENT: ? Who created Instagram Stories in the last week or two ? Who has never created
an Instagram Stories ? People with their hand
up before, take note of those people
in the room because you may
need to help them . I can’t jump down and do it. I am relying on
your expertise, trusting you. I am going to sync my phone now, bear with me
for one second. This is the chance to open up your Instagram. Just to the front page. When you open up your Instagram, to enter stories, you will hit the camera in the top left-hand corner. There I am. That will take you to Instagram Stories. This is your camera, you are able to
upload content I taking photos or videos this way. If you swipe up,
it will open your photo library. There is me as a cat. In this bottom tray, from left to right, you will see the
photo library , ability to add / , the lightning bolt. The main white button
is where you are taking photos or video. The arrows are where you
switch from your front to back camera. So there is all of you. Here I am again. And that little face with a smiley is your face tickets. Face Filters. If you have your phone
out now, and I think we should all do this,
you will open up that tray, have yourself
a camera on yourself. You will open up
those Face Filters and then you will see a
bunch that have a sphere , and opaque sphere. Those are the ones that
will be able to transform your face. You’ve got the bunny. A rainbow. There are lot that
make me look like a drag win. For instance, you want
to look like you in the jungle, I don’t know. Again, drag queens. Some kind of freaky ones. If you have a chance now , have a play around with those , find one that
works for you. I have a sun
shining on me , a little rain cloud. If you do need help finding these, the folks here at the
front, anatasia and Joe will help you. I will choose one
and I suggest you choose the same. Let’s do the bunny. So, once you have
the Face Filters you have chosen, you can play around. I will go for runny. Press the white dot at the centre and that will capture your image. That’s me . Once you have
had a chance to do this,
the first step in creating your
Instagram Stories will be like any good
Instagram photo. Choosing the filter. To choose the filter , just swipe your finger from right to left. You will see
a whole bunch of different filters that will change the way your face looks. Light, shadow, like and white. You can keep scrolling
through those and you will go back to the
original image. No worries about
going too far. That is my original . I’m going to choose Oslo as my filter. Everyone good ? Once you have done that, you are going to add some text to your story. You will see at the top, in the top right hand corner , the A a , that is the text. So we will keep
it simple. Press done after
you have typed. Tap it again for a second sentence. My name is Jeff. You can move that
text around by touching the text and moving it around the screen. Now some colour to the text. You can also change
the font. Where it says strong in the top middle, you can change to a bunch of different fonts. A lot of brands use
the same font for all stories so when people swipe through,
they can identify really quickly. This is my personal
favourite. That and then choose a colour. The colour palette is
above the keyboard. You can swipe
right to left to see Gray’s, lax, whites, pinks . The main screen will be
bold primary colours. Key colours. I’m going to
choose orange. If I don’t like orange, I can tap on that,
hold it down and I can choose a different orange, somewhere in this colour swatch. Let’s do that and they done. The other thing you could do is that little eyedropper on the left, you can tap
that and much — match anything on the screen to that wording. The final piece you can do is
touch the little A in the top left
in the square. That will add
colour blocking. You will get a black — background. You can resize it by
moving your fingers . And then, if everyone
has the hang of that, I will show you a colour
hack that is something I didn’t know when I
started at Instagram. It was taught to me
on my first day. You’re going to tap
the my name is. Tap it twice. Select all comes up. Select all. This is complicated , so you may not get this on your first try, but we will get it together eventually. Press and hold down on a colour. That will bring
up the swatch. Press and hold down on the blue dot above my. As you move your finger from left to right
across the words, move your other finger around the colour swatch to create a multicolour
gradient. So we’re going
to go like this. Didn’t do it. Didn’t do it again. So you are able
to create a rainbow that way. Honestly, it took me
days to figure that out. Do not worry if you are not
able to do it. It is homework,
you will get it. I’m sure there
is a tutorial , but you are able to… This is a finished
product. I will be outside if you need one-on-one
advice. Once you get
the hang of it, you will be able to
teach people that and they will think you
are a total pro. Now I click send to and share to the story. Done. That will add to your story. That is the end of the story school part of the
presentation. If we go back to
the slides, I will tell you quickly about some other fun things you can do. You can take a photo
of text, add text over the top to change the phrase, use the gradient. You guys know how
to do that now. You could create the
same word and font for multiple versions and different colours and then stack them over the top
of each other to create a
shadow effect. There is a bunch
of things you can do. The more creative you get, the
more engaged your consumers, your
followers, customers , anyone watching your Instagram Stories
will be and see how creative they are. You can tailor these two the personality so that the things in your business
are mirrored. For quick things to
take away from this. The sum up of the end of
the school. A, capture attention
quickly, be thumb-stopping. As people are
swiping through, make sure your content
is interesting enough in the first couple of
seconds that people want to watch your story. The second thing
is sound. You could potentially , as Anatasia showed you , have a story without sound. A lot of people watch sound — watch with no sound. A lot of people do watch with sound and we have
lots of things in Instagram, where you can add a song from a huge iTunes
database . There are tools to
play around with. Frame your story, make
sure it is vertical. 90% of people
hold your phone like this and if
something comes up that is horizontal, they will not
move the hand. If you can , show content that
is vertical. Play around. They were different
speeds, different video tools. I like to post a photo, a Boomerang, then a video , then another photo. It keeps things
interesting. If you are starting
out tonight, maybe focus on photos. But move into the video, Boomerang, play around with it. The final piece is IGTV. IGTV launched a couple of weeks ago,
the natural evolution for us starting
with the feed, the original Instagram , what has now become
the highlights, the key moments you want to share. That moved to stories, where you could have fun
and we have realised the importance and
engagement we got around video. That has moved
from 52nd video — 15 second video to IGTV. You can post video after 10 minutes
in length. You can use that space to
do something longer. A cooking show, product demonstration. Anything. Instead of having 15 seconds or one or 1 minute on Instagram
feed, you will have up to 10 minutes. This video will show you what is about. (Video plays) a business.>>That is IGTV. If you are just getting
started on Instagram Stories, this is
the next level. If you have mastered
Instagram Stories, play around with IDB. Super quickly, — IGTV. Super quickly, it
is mobile video. It’s not like when
you click on a link, you have a horizontal
video with black bars
at the bottom. It shows up full-screen
on your phone. It is super immersive. It takes you inside as
if you have face time with someone, as if you
are inside their world. It creates a connection and takes
you deeper into their lives. It is simple
and intuitive. As soon as you open IGTV, you are instantly
inside content. It turns on almost
like traditional TV, you are immediately
watching content and you can flip through channels
which are the people you follow. We also have suggestions
for you of people we think you might
find interesting, and popular videos. But it is curated
exactly for you in the sense
that you can open IGTV and have all the
people you follow in there with their
content for you to watch. And it is super
easy to access. If you have Instagram
on your phone, and why wouldn’t
you at this point? But you can open it by touching the little
orange button on the top right. That is IGTV. Or you can download
the IGTV app from the App Store’s . That’s a separate app so
there are two ways into it. Here is a couple of
ideas of how you could use IGTV. Like we said, you could
do a product launch. You could use the longer
form to showcase what your product
is about. You could do thought
leadership, sharing your expertise
in a field that your business
is in. You could do a demo,
for instance , a cooking demo. Educational training, talking
to experts, uploading that as
a long form video. Behind the scenes has
a ton of uses for IGTV. And they evolve from
Instagram Stories. As you play with
Instagram Stories, start thinking about ways you can
extend that into IGTV. Because it has only been
a couple of weeks and we are seeing
massive uptake of IGTV so we believe it
is the future of mobile video. With that, you have
graduated Story School. You have your
honours in IGTV because we did
the extra piece. Thank you very much. I hope that was
illuminating. I am around afterwards
to help with the colour gradient if you need it. I will pass back to
Anastasia who will wrap up and move onto
the next section. Things, guys. — Thanks.>>How good is Instagram Stories? My favourite part every time we run
these events. We have covered a lot
today and I’m sure your brains are filled with a
lot of info and you are like, where do I start? So let’s recap. First, we looked at
how to use Instagram business tools, thinking about business
profiles, using insights, looking at promoting
your posts to extend your reach, and looking
at messages and how you communicate
with your customers. Then we looked at how we
link Instagram across platforms. Looking at how you can
extend your reach through Facebook, Messenger and Audience
Network. Then we looked
at harnessing visual marketing,
looking at key creative considerations, how to
create video with sound, creating thumb-stopping
content and getting as much
out of what you have in terms of natural
light available. Jeff took us through Instagram Stories and
how to take that to the next level. If you are thinking,
where do I go from here, go to to get all the
information on how to learn more
about the platform. If you want more
inspiration , tips and ideas of
how businesses are succeeding, you can
follow @InstagramForBusiness and get more information of how we are seeing
small businesses succeed on the platform. Another thing to go
through is the Facebook blueprint. Facebook Blueprint is
what I like to call Facebook University. It is a place where
you can take quick eLearning courses , 15 minutes long, on how to get the most
out of the platform. Not only for Facebook, but
for Instagram. We have a couple of different courses there, short and
specific to Instagram. We also have a couple of webinars
running every quarter. Also good to
check out that. With that, we thank you so much for
listening to myself and Jeff talk today. I hope we have been able
to give you a couple of tips on how you can take
your business to the next level and be able
to take your Instagram game up a notch. I will now hand over to
Jo, who will take us through some of the
panellists joining us tonight which will
be exciting. Thank you, guys.>>Who is exhausted? You can pause, you can
breathe for a moment. What is exciting is
we’re going to bring onto the stage to businesses that are
doing all these things. All, some, beginning, halfway
through. They will share
their journey , their story, and how
easy some of these things are to do, how much their consumers
and customers like it in terms of getting
involved in businesses through social media, so
we will learn a lot more about that. I will ask our first
local business to come up to the stage. Hazem Sedda is from
the world’s greatest convenience store
here in Redfern. Take your seat. Can you tell
us. Oh, yes! Have a seat. Can you share with us a
bit about your business?>>My business is a
convenience store. I never thought a
convenience store would need social media. But here we are with 13,000 followers and we are here today
to share the story with all of you.>>When did you start ?>>I started running it in 2003, my dad started
it in 2000. I have been running the
business for the last 15 years. Speaker mac –>>When did you start
on social media?>>A friend of mine loved my store , loved a product we
carry in our store, and he advised me that I
should have Instagram. And I was telling him , who would come from
the middle of the city or town hall
or Surrey Hills to buy Coca-Cola
from the? It’s available — from me? At he told me I
should have it. So he took my phone and
installed Instagram . It took me a week , how can I engage
with my customers? How do I get people
to know my business? Then we introduced the idea of taking
photos to the products because we
had unique products that not every
store had. Then I started to think of the idea of
introducing customers of the day. Instead of taking
photos of products and posting that, I
thought that would be boring for our customers , why would they need
to see a 600 mm — 600 mL Coca-Cola ? So I had to think of
another way to engage with my customers and
make them live on my Instagram. I made a connection
with them to have them in the
photo with the products they were buying. So while my customer was buying a
bread or something else no one has, it was their
stories, so I started posting their stories
with what they bought. I created a story for
what they bought. I created different
things so it made it fun. People want to
read that story. I got a lot of comments
from a lot of people. People all around
Australia started following me. They loved reading the
stories I wrote about my customers. Someone who lives
in Port Macquarie, someone else lives in
Newcastle, someone lives in Perth, and it makes them feel
like they live in Redfern. They see my customers,
they are like their neighbours or
their friends. I had a connection , I made a connection
between friends from Port Macquarie and
friends from Dubbo , and now they
are best mates.>>The power of
social media! Can I now introduce
Sandradee, founder and director of St Frock. She began her journey at the weekend
markets in Bondi, realised that what she
had to offer others might be interested in. Can you tell us about
your business?>>Are used social media
to take my business from a Bondi Beach Markets
tall to a $12.5 million is this over
eight years.>>Congratulations.>>Thank you. It’s been a great
journey but when I started out, I just wanted to post
a few photos online and take orders for them on a Facebook
fan page. But through
that journey, I was able to share the
excitement of what we were doing. Instagram came out so we
started and Instagram page. We utilised that to share what was
happening in the business. Our products, and a
lot to do with our personality, and things we thought
were interesting to us and to our audience which could be travel
or food or animals and a big favourite with
our customers is our sense of humour, so we
share a lot of meme is and things that are
relevant to their everyday lives.>>Fantastic. Anastasia, the king
at both businesses, what is — looking at both businesses, how did Hazem surprise
you with his business?>>The way you create
that community with your Instagram account , with your business, is fantastic. It’s a great way to
engage with your customers and expand
your reach. The way you have your
photos, your content, you are interacting and
showcasing your customers like, hey, this is what
we are, what we’re doing, what they are
buying, and that creates a personal connection
and that makes you so authentic. One the things that
surprises me and what is so unique is the photos themselves
are not super polished, they are not
professional photos, they are just taken on
the iPhone and the reaction you get and the
way people engage is fantastic.>>I look at other
businesses on Instagram, all the
pictures are professional
and paid for. But I didn’t have to
spend a single cent. I used my mobile
all the time. Just like taking
these photos, and these people that I took photos for, like when I hashed them, it goes onto their — hashtag them, it goes onto
their Instagram. And it becomes
a competition for them. And it was exciting. A lot of people asked
me questions like, is it easy or difficult for you to ask someone to take a photo? And everyone thinks this
is the hardest question you could ask someone. Why would they accept? But honestly, it was
the easiest thing to ask my customers if
I could take a picture and they accept that. They fight to come in , they tell their friends and tease their
other friends, it’s a dream come
true, this hashtag I have never used
but other customers use it.>>Can you explain
to everyone how far your customer
of the day extends? You have had a customer
of the day from which countries?>>I have covered all
the countries, really.>>Do people
know about you for they come in?>>Some of them know. I have had messages from
people that live in the UK or the USA . I told my friend that he lives in Surrey
Hills or the city to come and visit and
say hi from us in the UK. It’s amazing. Like, how Instagram helped me to get known all
around the world. So we introduced the
T-shirts for the first time when we had the pop-up
store and Instagram helped me to get the pop-up store
in the Opera house, which was the first
pop-up store held in the Opera house
since they opened it. That was because
of Instagram and the posts I had. When we did
the T-shirts, I was surprised people
overseas wanted to buy the T-shirts. And it says on them , Redfern Convenience
Store. This unusual. Why would someone? I laughed like
you as well. When I redid them and I paid $10,000 for
500 T-shirts, — when I printed them , I wondered if I would
get my money back. Did I spend $10,000 for
something I was not sure of? Why would people
wear my T-shirts? That actually, it will fight
to get them now. — But people fight to
get them now. I made them limited
edition. And people, even now,
they are asking me for these T-shirts. I have had famous people using my T-shirts
in their ads. Other companies hired
them to do an ad and the first thing they wear is
my T-shirt on their ads.>>Your T-shirt, Jeff,
how in demand is that?>>Pretty in demand! Maybe not as much, but
we can swap later.>>Sandradee, can I get a different
perspective, can you talk about how
you have grown your business and
from selling a product physically, what
was the transition from selling physically to online? What was the experience
and how do social media>>Basically, it was to do with a dust storm at Bondi Beach. In 2009, I thought
the weather be bad for the next
couple of years, so maybe I would
do something online. That is when I posted those photos. I went to sleep
that night and woke up with $350
worth of orders. I had only invited
a few friends, 10 terrible images, creased clothes . What I got that $350 worth of orders, I thought maybe
I could turn this into a business. I did that for
quite a while, about a year. That is when I opened a physical store. I kept posting each week what I was selling at the markets, launched an
online store, and it has always been part of the
biggest driver for my business as the social
media following group as well. Today, it is still
our biggest channel. There was quite a
lot of information you were given tonight,
but if you go back to the basics about posting
great content around your products. We pose 50% on product and 50% on our personality. Things that are
happening in the company, things that are
funny, relatable to the audience, things we find funny. It mixes it up. Each day , we’re posting on
average, we have a 62,000 following on Instagram. We’re posting
about six posts and three of them are around product, the other three are
our personality posts.>>How have you found
customer engagement ? You have Facebook and Instagram ? What is your comparison in terms of Instagram
engagement , what do people
talk to you about on Instagram?>>We use a couple of
different features, the Instagram Stories. We like to start
conversations with customers that way. We use poles, to
ask questions. We are also posting
relatable content. Instagram is more about the aesthetic , whereas Facebook is more . . . It’s a different market. We have a following
of 556,000 followers on Facebook. We use the channels
in different ways. I like this pole feature on Instagram , so we can ask questions about , should we shot — should we stock
this product ? Where would we you wear this product ? Would you wear it to the office
or two drinks ? We talked our buyers a lot and asked them the questions they would like to know and we utilise those to start conversations.>>Anatasia, in terms of this, what kinds of
added teachers could she be adding ? — Features. She would be a benchmark business that
is doing a lot on her Instagram. What are some additional
things that are new features that are worth exploring ?>>I actually follow
saying for a — St Frock one Instagram. I love how you have
created the identity on the platform. Ways to take it
to the next level is by using IGTV.>>It’s the first time
I have heard of it.>>Definitely
jump on board. Eating onto IGTV, eating long form content to get people excited. You could you product launches, showing more of
behind the scenes, showing more about the process
of design, on 10 you are making. Just take it to another level with your customers.>>What is the most
bizarre thing that has happened to you that you know has come through
your Instagram approach ?>>Starting the
Instagram. No, just because Instagram takes a lot of time . It is like following . . When you have a
lot of followers and they all ask you questions, it takes a bit of time. The quicker you
reply to them , the quicker
you engage them with the answer or whatever
they request. It makes them more connected to you. They know , it this guy I can text him and he will get it for me. And when I get it,
I will text him back. It gives you a
strong connection between me and them. They are a very
secure customer to me now. They would never go anywhere else. They don’t have to think , or look around. They know they
can contact me and I can get
what they want. That is one of the
best parts about it. As I said, it takes
a lot of time and effort. But it does help
the business . At the end of the day,
we are all here Instagram didn’t really boost my business , especially because our business
is small compared to the
big supermarket which they are opening in every corner
at the moment. Around red form — Redfern, we had
businesses like that that closed because of the
big supermarkets. People came from
outside Redfern . It is actually improving
our service as well and makes us bring more product that the big
supermarkets don’t have because we can’t
compete with them. So we create another product to bring more customers , so they don’t . . . They can’t find it at the big supermarket.>>If you haven’t been, we
encourage you to do so. You will enjoy yourself and will definitely walk
out with something you never thought
you knew you needed.>>You can come.>>It is a competitive
spot.>>The best moments with the hard work , Instagram to my customers, to my
store, to how I present it, what makes me
happy is when you take a photo
for a customer and they become customers for the day. You see them jumping. The second thing, if they
are with a group of people and I am behind the
counter, I can hear them screaming outside
how exciting it was to be made
customers of the day. I am very into
my customers. I treat them
like friends. They can come around
the counter, if they come with
their kids, the kids can jump on the table. I make this lively vibe in my store. People contact me , saying, “We’re coming from the northern
beaches. We need a birthday today for
one of our friends , so we need to
get some stuff from you.” I will buy a cake and
things, so when they walk in, I turn
the lights off and we will make a
birthday party for them. I have done a lot of
things for them that they did not expect.>>Sandradee, what
other things that I really important in
your business and tips you have got four people in
the audience about how they manage
their brand online and encourage that engagement with
customers ?>>Put your hand up if you want to start an
Instagram page and you haven’t. A couple. And you have an
Instagram page and maybe under
1000 followers. OK, cool. People over 1000
followers. ASHOKE KUMAR BISWAS:>>A few.>>Everyone started with one follower. when I started, it was
deciding how many posts you could commit
to a week. That was big. You need to have
consistency. That is one thing
we have missed so far, consistency. How many can
you stick to? If you can only do
three posts a week, think about the three
best pieces of content you can post
every week. Two product, one
personality next week. One product, one
something very funny and something very personality related. So then study it, did
people like it, did they engage with
it, make comment, did people message you ? From that moment,
you can ask what worked, what
didn’t work ? Whatever works, keep doing something similar and tweaking it. Anything that
didn’t work, make it redundant. As you get the hang
of those three posts, for your schedule
going forward, it might not feel
like you are getting any traction for a while, but you will get some small wins. A few extra likes
and comments. Use that information. You probably won’t be looking at Insights yet, that is way
in the future. Look at what works with
people and trying to create more content
around that. Sometimes, the customers were really
surprise you. You will try different
things you wouldn’t normally talk about
and the customers love it. It is all about
consistency going forward and sticking to a plan. Once you start to get up to maybe
10 posts a week , you will get there one day, start
to break it down. Half of those
will be product for the week and
the other half will be personality. There are small things like making sure your by a link at the top has
a website address or direct them somewhere. Whether it is
redirecting them to your Facebook
page or website. My bio link takes 100 grand a year by sitting there. Use the Instagram
Stories, a great way to have a conversation
with people.>>When people heard you say 10 a week, people went, “, My gosh. “>>Think about the
time and day that most relevant to people. It depends on
who there is. I saw a great
Facebook study ace around mothers that were putting their
children to sleep. They are spending a
lot of time at 2 AM amusing themselves on
Facebook and Instagram. Maybe if you are targeting
mothers, you might post things
late at night. And then you have to
think about overseas. Baby steps first. Let’s focus
on Australia.>>What has been one of
the most memorable expenses for
your business?>>One thing that
comes to mind , it is Facebook related, we did a live video. For one of our
birthdays. We share a lot about
our company culture online. That is always
really memorable. It will get very excited about our company
culture and the way we do
things at St Frock. For this particular
birthday, one of the most
memorable was a country-western
theme . The general manager
Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome
other, I had just started a line dancing school. Everyone was dressed
in country-western for this girl’s birthday
and we had an 1130 meet time downstairs. Her mother came
in and we did country line dancing and no one had
any idea. It was so much
fun and we made a live video out of it. People loved it online. They thought it was
cool and it showed how big a personality
is, how fun we are
as a company. Showing that personality
gets people more invested in your brand and what you are doing when there are 70 other
things out there in the market. There are heaps
of people selling fast fashion. Why should people
care about us ? Because we know
Hume are, where I diverse and
inclusive workplace, we will always
three surprises. You never know what
will come next. Line dancing, K pop .>>Jeff, in rounding up before we go to you for some questions on the floor, are the five key tips you could give
to everyone that you are continually
asked , how do I .. .?>>There are lots
of questions people come to us with around Instagram. Maybe you guys have them tonight. Things like algorithm come up a lot. They used to be the
chronological algorithm, now there
is the new one that your regular Instagram fee doesn’t come up in the same quarter. Sometimes people want
the old one back because they want to see
things in order. When we did have the
chronological feed, you missed more than
half of the post s . With the new algorithm, you are seeing the vast majority. Over 90% of the posts in your Instagram feed. We don’t discriminate between whether it is
somewhere you follow , personality or friend, a business, we don’t discriminate. We don’t put one thing over the other. That is one thing I will say. Anyone who is a chronological s h ipp er , you’re saying
a lot more now and we are not
constantly changing it. People ask about
verification. People want the blue
tick a lot of the time. help? Do you have that?>>I want it!>>We get that a lot. I got three
emails today. On Instagram, in
Australia only, you can go into your
settings and apply for verification yourself. There are a few things
to think about . A few criteria. Things like note ability, do you have people out
there impersonating you , do you need insights
about your account but you can’t switch
to business? So there are things
we think about regarding verification,
but if you wanted, you can do it inside — if you want it, you can do that
through the app. People think about how often should they
post, and when. To your point, look
at your insights .>>If you don’t have
insights to start with, just committing to three amazing posts per
week, once you get traction and grow
your audience, you can lock down and look at those insights
for the age groups, the times people
are responding, and you can make better
judgements going forward and design more fun content. That it can become
addictive. It is like a child, a
garden, you want to grow it and see how it goes. It gets exciting. Like your story
is amazing. It would be so exciting
for you to go on that journey.>>Jeff, I have
a question. Many people in the room had somebody else set
up their Instagram. And then they forgot
the password . How do they access that? How important is keeping that
information when you set
up Instagram?>>It is important. If someone else sets
it up for you, save it somewhere or have it linked to
your own personal account so if you forget
the password, you can go through the link and
reactivate it through your own email rather
than the third party who set it up. It’s important to own
all the elements of your Instagram. Even if you are not the
one that sets it up, you will use
it day to day. Ownership over that
is super important.>>Because if that
person goes away and you cannot find them
again, how easy is it to get back in?>>It will take
some time. You will have to go
through other processes. And you definitely want
to avoid doing that. You also don’t
want to give up and have to wait
a couple of days to get back into
your account. We have had that
happened before the devil cannot
get there — we have had it happen
before where people cannot get their
password reset through their
own email. So have as much ownership
over your own account from the get go. You don’t want to have
to start a new one. Ownership from
the beginning.>>Advice number one, if
you have not set up your own Instagram, and you are the business
owner, your homework is to make sure you have
every access to that account. If you don’t have it,
you need to know it because it is critical. So do we have any
questions from the room? All the way at the back. We will get some
microphones to you. And a question down
here at the front. Two ladies, one there
and one there.>>I was wondering if
you have any tips for doing competitions
on Instagram?>>Sandradee, can you answer that?>>We use competitions
quite a lot to get more followers,
create a conversation, make it fun. So we gave away
product online if they shared the
product on their page. And also tagged it so it was a great
way to track it, so you could see who was tagging and then
you could choose the winner. Kind of business
do you have, because people — people really
like that, what kind of business
do you have? Are you selling
products? Great, well done. That will be fun.>>Anastasia, what is really good so people
can look at other Instagram pages? What others have you seen across the network in
terms of other businesses doing great
competitions?>>I don’t have anything
on the top of my head about competitions.>>We don’t necessarily
facilitate competitions through Instagram, so
they are all user led and really different. But your customer
of the day which is not necessarily
a competition. There is no prize
at the end of it, but you are still
creating something people want to achieve and you don’t have
to put terms of use or terms and conditions. You are creating
something simple where people feel like
they are winning every day by visiting
your store. That is easier than a
competition in my book.>>My name is Alisa and
I am a ceramic artist. Trying to get Instagram
Shopping on my feed is driving me to drink.>>Can you Instagram
helpers stand up and say hi. At the end of tonight, come down and
get some help.>>Thank you.>>Can I go to another
person with a microphone?’s>>Hashtags , the ongoing question. Do you put them in
a separate comment or in the initial comment?>>I used to put it
under the photo, then everyone went
to putting it in the comments. But now you have to go
back to put it under the photo, is that correct?>>That’s a mess! — Myth . You can put it
in your comment, it will still
get picked up. You can put the hashtag as a sticker on your
photo in stories. And you can put
something over that and hide it, so you could put the
hashtag there and put a sticker on top and people
won’t know it. But when people click on
it, it will be indexed. And we have introduced
the ability to follow hashtags now. People are following and
engaging with hashtags more than ever. I know sometimes
they feel they are old
school or uncle — not cool but I would
say they are more important than ever.>>I would definitely
recommend to use popular hashtags instead of just one
that anyone can make. That makes a
big difference. Go with the hashtags
that have thousands and thousands of use rather than one
or 10 or 20 views.>>I love creating
my own.>>You still have
that option.>>One more thing,
tag your location. I get lots of people
watching the stories so we tag St Frock address
all the time. And we get a lot of
Sydney story viewers , so we ended up with
more followers and more people engaging
with our content. That is in Instagram
Stories.>>Location, hashtag,
thanks. Question at the back.>>A question about the
hashtag algorithms, the difference between
recent and top. When you look
at a hashtag, there are two columns you can sort them by which our top
and most recent. Why when I use a
hashtag, I might have 100 likes and someone
else has six, but they end up top?>>That’s a good
question.>>#Don’t know.>>Exactly. That could be the way it
has been engaged with really quickly. Maybe it has been
started to be liked really fast. It sounds like a
specific sample — example so I would have
to look at it. Maybe it is a verified
account. It sounds like a
specific example , maybe afterwards I can
talk to you about it and you can show me. Because top should
be more likes.>>Question at the back.>>I’m just wondering what your top three tips for gaining
followers in a natural way, rather
than paying for them.>>In an organic way. Have a customer
of the day.>>I got all my customers
without paying for any of them. When you create
something with your customer, not just
about the product, the best advice I
would give to anyone using Instagram is not to concentrate on the
product to sell. Think about your
customers and make a story about that. That is what is going
to make your customers share what you post on them on
their own social media and that is how you
get there friends . There friends will come
and do the same. And that is how
I went viral. That is my answer.>>Absolutely. Sandradee?>>To gain followers
and get engagement, you have to sit down
and think about your content schedule. That is what is going to save you, it
will give you something to work towards and improve upon. And then mixing
it up with half your product posts and
half your personality stuff. Stick to it, study it, follow it,
look at what works and what doesn’t. That is the only way
you grow an audience. And stick to it for a
good couple of months.>>The other thing is you would be lucky for
Jeff to give you a call and be sitting here
for another event. We gained 1000 followers
just in the last few days.>>But also media,
and the exposure that your business
has had just from Ellen Jones thinking
what he is doing — Alan Jones … And the today show?>>We are doing this on
Sunrise live from my story as well.>>Congratulations
on that. (Applause)>>What I think
is very exciting about that story
is the engagement. So if you go and look at what you are doing,
it is engagement. The customer is being
part of your business. And if you go back to
the traditional product selling business model,
customers are king. And you have translated
that into social media really effectively.>>The thing with social
media, I have been to all the channels and I
have had all the companies and magazines
ringing me to do my story. Even from Germany, a company is publishing teaching English for
students in Germany and they wanted to feature
me in their book. So now I have a book
and it is all German students who have my
pictures as an exercise form, “Hazem has a corner shop . He sells.” And fill in the blank. That’s amazing.>>Sandradee, you mentioned
there is a lot of fast fashion but you have managed to
translate and create a business that is astronomical
in a very short time relatively speaking. What are the key things,
your last tip for people in terms of
how you grew your online and in-store
business and achieved customer interaction?>>Be authentic, create a content schedule
and share your story. Just enjoy the ride. It is really enjoyable. I am really passionate
about social media so it was quite
easy for me. Because I was really
interested in the way people connected,
talked and tagged and shared. That has always really
interested me so it was easy for
me to grow that. If you can get enjoyment
from that, you will find social
media very easy.>>Fantastic, thank you. Our night is not done. Our night is going to
conclude with a couple of key things. We have an opportunity
for six of you in the room to have a 15 minute
one-on-one Instagram session. You have an opportunity
to ask your questions about your own
Instagram page , what is working
and what is not, with our Instagrammers
Jeff and Anastasia. Our businesses will
be here to offer you individual feedback and
things you can do. Sandradee, you have
members of your team to help.>>If Pat and Melissa can
stand up for a moment. Pat and Melissa are
my social media team. They are amazing and
will be on hand to answer questions. If you want to come
and talk to us about how to grow
your business or other specific
things, probably the more crazy
technical stuff, if you are having
key issues, but if you just want
inspiration and direction, come
and talk to us.>>I’m going to ask each
of our panellists to pop out and get ready
for that. I will ask all
of you to remain because I need to read
out the lucky winners. Before we do that,
please join me in thanking our
inspirational speakers for their advice tonight. (Applause)>>Thank you so much. I will get you
all to head out. Head out and we will
take the microphones off you. If everyone in the
room can stay put, there are two important
things I need to do. City of Sydney has been
running these events for eight years. We are thrilled to have
the opportunity to share local stories, insights, local business
experience and have our keynote speakers give you
some really exciting information. But every year, we look at our
own insights. We want to make sure we can get everything
right to achieve the best
practice for businesses. So we would love
you to do a survey. Grab your phone and
go to your internet, you can type in city.Sydney/survey and we would love you
to spend 20 seconds doing that. And there is
a paper version that we can pass to you if you prefer. Just let us know and
we can get it to you or you can grab
it on the way out. It is on your seat. It wasn’t on mine so I
didn’t realise it was there. Sorry. We would love you to
spend 20 seconds filling The feedback we absolutely always get from
these events is we would love
more networking. We encourage you to
pop out to the room you started in with all of our
key speakers and encourage you to talk to each other. Share stories. You might get
a few people following your business. I will start reading
out the names . We have done all of the people come tonight
into a random online tool and numbers have
popped up. We have chosen six people. I have extra people in
case those people are not here. Once they read
out your name and you are successful, let me know. Serena Chowdhury. You have one . You can pop out and you
are one of the first people to get
your session. Tanya Moody. No Tanya ? Tanya ! She has lost money. Joe Y a b ba d e n e n . K a th rik a. I can’t say your
last name. Tell us what your last
name is, I am struggling to read that
handwriting. Thank you. Welcome and
you have one. Catherine Baird. Catherine ? No Catherine. Francene Hayward. Yes ? Hello, you can pop out. Francene, you will be in the
next 15 minutes. We have three people
that will start off and then we have
another three. M y o Co m[p r p rea . I think that is six. That is five, one more. Peter fig . Peter ! And for everyone else,
your opportunity is not lost. You have an opportunity
to pop out and see Jeff, the Instagram
people, and ask any of the staff that have
been here tonight. Network amongst
yourself. You will be able to
relive all of this tomorrow. We will send you a link
and you can watch it live on YouTube. Thank you for attending.

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