Small Business Digital 101 seminar: Learn to grow your audience using Google

>>This is a
caption test.>>Good evening, everyone. We are running a a few
minutes late this evening. We will commence
very soon. In the meantime, I would love to do some
housekeeping things.>>Good evening, everyone , and a warm welcome to the beginning
of a fabulous year. This year, due to popular request, was a request to focus
and deep dive into digital. Tonight, we bring you
a wonderful series that will focus on this small business
presentation. I would like to welcome
the Lord may Clover Moore .>>Thank you. A warm welcome
to you all. This is a great
series that we run. The feedback that we get is that our businesses , our small businesses,
particularly, find it very help. This is the first of our
thought leader seminars for 2018 . we are focusing on small
businesses in the digital era. I would like to
acknowledge our esteemed speakers tonight,
Richard Flanagan from Google Australia
and New Zealand. Leona Watson and Michael Rantissi. We’re looking at digital strategy because
it is crucial. An online presence is
essential if you want to grow your market and
reach your customers. Throughout the year, we
will bring you experts from Google, Richard
tonight, as well as Facebook, into gram and we chat. You will also hear from
business owners who have a thriving online
presence. The city has recently
launched a new digital and social
media campaign and that is about
promoting local villages and two profile the very businesses
on our high streets. The campaign invites residents and businesses to share their
local haunts. I hope you and other
business owners will join in in using the hashtag . The more you take images
of your businesses of the greater your
chance of being featured on our social
media accounts. If you are here tonight,
whether or not you have a marketing budget, there
are plenty of tools available to make sure
you are discovered online, whether it is a
basic business listing, or a targeted campaign. You will learn how
devices shape consumer behaviour and what you
can do to respond to these changes. On behalf of the city, I
want to thank Richard, Michael and Leona Watson. I am sure you will
find it useful and informative. We hope you do come to our other
sessions later in the year.>>Inc you so very much. It is such an exciting opportunity to bring
tonight to you. We know from running
these events successfully for seven
years that small businesses continue
to ask how. We have had great ideas,
experiences from wonderful businesses,
but how do we do it? Our first speaker will
tell you about the how. As you might know,
Google is big. Richard is going to tell
you some of what Google has to offer, but will
not be able to answer all your questions,
unless we’re here for five days. Richard is going to
present tonight from his own experience, he is very passionate
about small business. He introduced the Google
platform, especially for businesses, called the Digital
Garage. He will talk about that
tonight and tell you about the features that
you can tap into. We are then going
to lead into showing you to small
businesses who use this platform. We will show you one
that is doing it for free and one that is
using some of Google’s features that you
need to pay for. We will show you
how to do it. Richard will give you
some advice on stage on how they can improve
their performance, which they will be excited
to hear. You will hear first-hand
how they do that and how your business can
accelerate through the tips and tools we
talk about tonight. I would like to welcome
Richard and we are excited to
have him here. He has a wealth
of knowledge. Come on down. Richard, before
we get started, there is one piece of exciting
news we have tonight. Who have you got tonight?>>I have bought three
other people from Google today. Two of them have walked
through the door. John is in the
back row. They have the
T-shirts on. I think they will be
able to help us out later on in the evening.>>Fantastic. We will show you one
stage how they can help you in your business
immediately. One of the fantastic
opportunities we have tonight for six
businesses, those in the room, you will be let some time to dive in with
these people. You need to stay until
the end of the night. We will announce who
the winners are. It will be a fabulous
opportunity to ask some concussions. — Questions. Start thinking of some
questions if you are the chosen one that you would like to
ask from the content that Richard mentions. You have some questions
already ready to go .>>Thank you for that
introduction and from the Lord may . It is an honour to do this in the city that I call home. I live in King’s
Cross and work from the Google
offices in Piermont. I may know many of your
businesses and frequent them. It is a real honour
and pleasure. This forms , this content comes
from Digital Garage. It is an online training
platform that we have brought to Australia are
little while ago to empower small business
owners with the knowledge they need to
succeed online and to thrive. It covers a whole
range of topics. This is a subset of some of the
best of content that I will be able
to cover tonight. This content and
a whole lot more is found online. Let’s get into it.>>When I was a kid, I
always played guitar. I always wanted
to design things. That was my other
second passion.>>On my first day
in my studio, I felt that moment of , “This is really
happening.”>>Breathing underwater is
the closest thing to going out of space.>>In 2009, I thought can
I sell guitars online? When I started, it is quite difficult
to find information. You have to look in all
these different in — places.>>You can access the
information anywhere.>>You can get step-by-step
instructions, it is really helpful. When a website went up, we had
14 days until our first booking. Now, 60 – 70% of our bookings
are done online.>>Our sales have tripled. It is like having
another salesperson without having
to manage them.>>We are now in three
markets in Australia and seven in the UK. Learning digital skills
has been integral for our business and it would
have been so much easier if we had
something like the Digital Garage to
help us back then.>>There you heard
some busy . like businesses
in Sydney and how Digital Garage
can be useful. It is free training. There are 26 topics
covering everything from SEO, how to create
a website, ads, products, mobile
search, video, analytics, export,
e-commerce. It is a very long list. As I mentioned, I am covering in the
next 40 minutes a subset of that, the most
requested hot topics. I do encourage you to
check it out afterwards. You can dip in and out
of this research in order to brush up on a topic . It is free, online, and the link is there. You can also search
for digital to — Digital Garage
Australia. Why are we here today? As Clover Moore
mentioned, digital skills are necessary for
businesses to succeed in today’s increasingly digital
economy. Here are some results of
some research that we ran with Australian small
businesses last year will stop we wanted
to understand the benefits of having
a high level of digital enablement for
your business. By this, we made it is — things like having a website and web presence, tracking your results
with analytics, things like that video and mobile advertising. We are looking at the
highest and lowest levels of digital engagement. 40% more likely to be
innovating or seven times more likely to be engaging. If businesses
can invest their budgets and knowledge
into these tools. From the whole spectrum to having nine or a thought out digital marketing
strategies, there are benefits from moving up every step of
the engagement . Whether you are starting
out or dipping your toes into something
more to this catered like YouTube advertising , we look at every stage
of the digital ladder. That is what Digital
Garage is all about. What is the technology
or the trend that is driving some
of these stats that I had just shared. That is the fact that
we don’t go online anymore. We live online. Thanks to the devices that I see many of you
holding up right now, your mobile phone. This is the
supercomputer by our side every day. It enables us to be really in charge of information
we want to seek and getting answers to questions and
problems that we have throughout our day , and even into
the night. These are burst
of activity where we express a huge
amount of intent. We need to help
find a business , find a service
that helps us solve a problem
in our lives. In Google, we call these micro moments. There is a short video
I will play that illustrates some of these
moments that happen throughout our lives. As you watch it, and we
go through the next bit of training, have a think
about what are those moments that matter for
your customers, those moments of intent and
need, when you are able to solve their problem and connect them with
the product or service that is going to make all
the difference in their day. You are already thinking
about those micro moments that are
personal to you, but also think about what your customers
needs are, those moments that
matter for your business, and how are you going
to meet those needs thanks to the
online world . Searches the connective
tissue that connects people
in their need in that moment with the business that has the product
or service or offering that they need. 82% of Australians turned to the search engines when looking
for businesses. That impulse to find that need
answered in the moments has increased
dramatically by two times. We’re looking for
something near us that we can access as we
are out and about. That is why getting
it right for local businesses is incredibly
critical. That is the reason why all of these tools that
I am talking about really matter. Hopefully that is
why you are here and we can get into
the practical tips. I have broken
the training up into roughly 3 parts . I will talk about
Google My Business, which is when people are looking for
your business when they are
trying to find more about you
specifically. Next up, I will
talk about our advertising
products, which is when they are
looking for the offerings you have
in your category and how you
can stand out and compete with
other businesses. The last part is
around some tools that help with insight
and analytics to help understand
how these tools are providing value
back to you and how you can invest
your time, energy and budget to make more efficient
outcomes for you going forward. Let’s get into Google
My Business first . to do that,
understanding the Google Search page on web and mobile. To look at the anatomy
of how the search results work and you can see
the search here. We’re planning a trip
to Victoria and we are looking for fishing on
the Mornington Peninsula. There are three elements
to this listing. The search results . The first thing
is a paid ad that the advertiser
will pay Google when somebody clicks
on the ad. Further down, thinking about
the scrolling, the top of the second
screenshot, these are Google My
Business listings. Those are the red pens
that appear on Google maps when you are on search or on Google maps. Those are free listings. That is what I will
talk about next. Below that is the
organic search listings. This is where your website has visibility and Google knows what
is on your website and that is where
we want to provide the best possible answer
to the query that the person has put
into Google. Three elements of the
search results page. I will cover the ads on
the Google My Business listings this evening. Happy to address a little
bit around SEO and organic listings in the
question-and-answer section. There is an entire
section on the Digital Garage earning platform
where you get more deep information on SEO. First is the free
listing on Google search on Google maps. You can see what it is like on the mobile and search site. What shows up when you
search for a business by its name is that Google My
Business listing. You see things like
photos about the business. You see reviews and
start ratings that people have given
the business. You will see a map and where it is. You will see links to a
website, a phone number, and address, and some links to bookings. This is a free listing
on Google search on Google maps. Let’s dive into the value it
can provide. One of the core
value propositions is how easy it makes it for people who are
looking for your business and what
it has to offer to get in touch
with you. It has your phone
number, and that is a direct click to call. If someone is looking
to find you, they can click on the button and it will go straight
to the phone number you have specified. Location for directions
so they can navigate to your business
on the map. As well as closing
and opening hours. You can set the
days and times when you open and people will
know to show up when you open. So, these are
free listings. I’m going to now walk
through how you can sign up for a listing and to claim and verify
your listing, which allows you
to manage it in a deeper way and add more information to your listing. We will start off
with his web address and you will navigate to
the top right button to get started. You will have to create
a login and password for a Google account. If you have a Gmail
account, that is fantastic. I will mention here, make sure you write
down what the email is for that account
you have created and your password. I hear a lot of
feedback that this is something
you assign the summer intern to do, because they may be
the youngest person and a good with
computers. Make sure that if they
do that, they give you the password. Make sure you
can access it and that information
does not disappear as an employee moves on to something
else. The first thing you
will do here is search for your business . If you have not claimed
your listing, there is a good chance you already
know something about your business. This is a stage where you
can claim that listing and tell us a bit more. You can enter your
business name. There should
be a drop-down that will hopefully
signal whether your business
is there. If you see your
business, click on it to continue. If not, you can tell is that
your business is not there. You can enter
your details from scratch. Here is another point. You are going to tell
us where you’re located. Lots of businesses
that have a shopfront or an office, when you want people
to show up on that location, the precision and showing exactly
where you are, really matters. There are lots of other
businesses that provide services in the local
area, but they tend to go to where
the customer is. Think plumbers and other
professional services. You don’t necessarily
want someone, if your business
is mobile, too sharp to your house. You can click the box that says hide your address. We will ask the radius that you offer
your services in. He could be the city or
the more mature area, it could be more restricted
to a particular set of suburbs. You give us that
radius and we will show
your listing within a radius but we will not pointed
to a specific location so you don’t have people
showing up to your home , if you work from home . Google My Business works
in a physical location or a local area. You can specify
the region you are going
to operate in. Try to find a category
that is the closest match. You might have quite a niche business, but find
a category that is the most appropriate for your type
of business. You will enter
your contact details , which is where you put
in the phone number that you want to show
on Google. And link to your website
if you have one. Two things I will
mention about the website is that many
of you probably already have a website,
which is fantastic. Google My Business can
work in concert with your website. They will not be
competing, but working in tandem. Your website will
be listed on the listing and vice versa. You can embed your Google My
Business listing into your website if
you would like. They can work in
concert together , and that is something
we actively encourage. Something else is you can actually
create a free website with the information
in the listing. You can essentially
publish a website by creating your Google
My Business listing. If you are starting off, and you are
a new business and have not invested
in a website yet, this could be an option for
you to think about. Create your listing and
then there is an option to publish a website
for free onto the web. Stay up to speed. If you tick this Ox, that
means we will send you helpful tics — tips and tricks into your email against — email account. Hopefully you will get
some value out of them. The next part is the part I will
probably get the most questions about , it is where we want to
verify your listing. Really this means that when someone
searches for your business or looks on
the map for businesses in a certain area, if we
will send that person to your business, we want
to make sure it is actually where you said
it was and that it actually is the business
that it claims to be. We have a responsibility
to our users, to all of you, to make sure we
are giving people an accurate representation
of what is out there in the physical world. That is where we insist
on verifying your listing and making
sure that your business is as it says
it is, which means that we will
typically send you a postcard to the address
that is in your listing , with a code. With that code, you can log into your account of verifying
your listing , and that means you can access some of the
advanced features that I will talk about in
the next session. Next section, rather. There are are other verification
methods that could be an option depending on your
particular situation. You could be able
to verify by SMS or by a phone call to
a landline at your business. If you do it that way,
make sure that your receptionist or if your
IVR, that that is turned off, so that you can
hear that Robo call that will tell you the
code that you can enter into your listing. It is worth noting that businesses that are verified and
engage in active management of their
presence . Mac presence on Google are five
times more likely to get business
on google. I will acknowledge
that it is strange that you are
waiting for a postcard from Google, but it
is worth the effort in terms of the results
that it does get. Because it unlocks
on the backend lots of insights about the visitors that
are coming to your listing . You can have a
look at trends around what days and
times are they visiting your site. Visiting your listing,
Rutherford is not what types of content are they interacting
with. How many people
are looking to navigate your
business and request those directions
on the map. Lots of insights that are
worth diving into once you have gone ahead and
verified your listing. We will assume that your
listing is verified . Those of you who already
have verified listings, thanks for sitting through
that section. Now we will talk about
some of the more advanced features. Showing off your
business with photos. A web is obviously a visual
place and for local businesses, you are essentially inviting the community into your business . What a better way
to do that than with a great
set of photos. Once you have that listing managed , that listing you can
manage, you can go ahead and upload photos. You can change them
seasonally. Feel free to reuse photos
that you are putting on other platforms
or social media. You don’t get extra
whites for having different photos for
each type of platform. — Extra points. Once you have
taken an extra photo, upload it again. Listings with photos are
35% more likely to get visits to their sites. It is a very inviting
format that entices people to come in and
with your business a bit more. Another feature that
we launched last year which is quite new is
called posts on Google. This is where you can
set a post within your Google My Business
listing . Essentially, you can share a promotion, a
special, an event you are doing. If you are a restaurant, a new
seasonal menu perhaps, an event you are hosting around a holiday , you can select
how you want to view that post to
connect with your business. They can make a King,
they can make a phone call. Really, it is a way to show off a bit more
about your business will stop that post will
appear on the search results when someone is
looking at your listing. You can also set
an expiry date. If it is something that
is temporary or seasonal, you can say that you wanted to
show up for X amount of time. Once that has expired,
it will no longer show. You are among the few
people who have heard of this. It is a bit of
a new feature. I do encourage you to check
it out for stop if you have a listing that you
have not engaged with for a while, this might
be one reason to check back in and give
it a go. The way you can get
started with cool posts is dust click on the post
options in your account . Go ahead and create your
listing, or create your post, rather, and
publish it. When I mentioned before, you got insights about your
listing and you can track what sort of
engagement you are getting and use that to inform
the next ones you are doing . Give that a play and see
what sort of options are resonating with
your audience. Another feature we
have launched for my business is Q and A. This enables . There are two options. You can either list the question and answer it yourself. Commonly asked questions
about your business that your team
or yourself are always answering . You can get one step ahead of that
and put that on your listing and get on the
web front and centre. Also, it will enable
people who are looking at your business to ask a
question on the web and you can go ahead and
answer it for them online. It is a great way to do a
bit of customer service management on the web. If you think about it,
people are coming to Google typically because
they have a question. For you to pre-empt that
and answer it could be a great way to invite
someone to use your service or to
use — weed out the people who are not
right for what you have to offer and save you the
hassle of having to speak with them on
the phone, perhaps. Again, as I mentioned,
a way to connect on a personal level
with customers. Ask questions , you can answer it. Only if you have verified
your listing and our managing it or
post your own FAQs, or do both. That is a little bit around Google
My Business. Those three listings on
Google maps and search . We will have an example
of a business owner who is doing quite a lot with
his Google My Business listing. You will hear a bit more
about that later on. Happy to answer
any questions about that during
the panel section in a little while. Now let’s move on to talking about ads on Google. This is where you are wanting
to compete in your category. You are going to want
to stand out from the crowd, so to speak,
through search results on Google , through those paid ads.>>I started fishing when I was eight years old, according
to my father. Chevron>>I held onto another job for a while. I was standing by the
photocopy machine and someone said you don’t
smile as much as you used to and I
realised I can enjoy my job. We were thinking about
what we would like to do, so we chose
a fishing boat.>>It is constant and you need to keep
working on it all the time. You need to keep working
on the business all the time.>>We are advertising
through magazines and newspapers and it did
not get us anywhere.>>We found Google
AdWords and that gave us a customer base we did
not think possible.>>Times are changing
and people are using computers and phones
to tap in on what is available and we
want to be there. They want to come out
fishing so they type in some keywords and if
those match up with what we have put in,
up we popped. It is really easy for
people to contact us.>>Still doing the same
number of trips, but there are more people
on board. That is the main
difference. Can’t imagine enjoying work and life is much as I do now.>>After a hard day’s
work, you go home, have dinner, and just smile because you are enjoying
what you do. You speak a Mac –>>a fantastic is this business who has rejuvenated
their customer base by standing out
in those searches. Those category of fishing
charters, a trips in Mornington,
they wanted to stand out and wanted to attract a great audience , and as they mentioned, it didn’t necessarily want to do more trips. They only have one boat so couldn’t necessarily
do more trips, but wanted those trips to be full, and
wanted to attract the audience in. That is where they looked
at ads on Google, so we will talk about
how that works. As I have mentioned, that
is where you can stand out online. And show your ad at the top of Google search results. What we do is we match the keyword
that someone types in with what you
have to offer. The way that works is there are two elements to how we decide which ad shows
at the top. The first element is something we call quality score and
the second element is the amount you are willing to spend for that click. The quality score
is really all about are you providing
a fantastic result once someone clicks
through from your ad. Elements of the
quality score are site loading quickly,
a great experience once someone clicks on the ad,
goes to the website, are they able to engage
with the content, and how well does the keyword
match the ad, and how well does the ad match
what is on the landing page for your website. The second element is
essentially how much you are willing to spend
for that click . I will mention again that
you only pay when someone clicks on your ad . Just the fact that
someone does the search and seize your ad, you
will not pay for that . You only pay when they
click and go through to your landing page. There are a fantastic
number of extensions that can make your
ad a standout even more. There are things like seller ratings , where you can ring through to third-party
verified sites that have official ratings or products
about your service. There are cycling’s
where you can deep link to various landing pages
within your overall website. And we want to encourage people
to click through to rich content that is available about your business. Something I will
point out also is for mobile, that
experience of being able to click through and call
your business direct league. We have call extensions , where instead of
clicking through to your website, they can click
and call directly on their phone and connect
with your business. There you go. Right on cue. Connect with your
business on the phone and take that booking
or enquiry. Whoever that was,
thank you. Perfect timing. And call your business
directly from the search results. What are some
of the benefits of advertising
on Google? It gives you a huge
amount of control and flexibility based on
traditional methods of advertising. You can start, stop or adjust
your ads at any time. There are features you
can pause, change things up as you need to. You are also seeing
real-time results. You can log into your
account and you can see exactly how many clicks
you are getting, what keywords are performing
well, which adds are performing well , a huge amount of
insight that you can use to optimise your
performance and optimise your results over time. Then, finally, flexible
pricing. You set a budget that you are comfortable
with and we will only spend up
to that budget. You can set that budget daily, weekly , monthly level. You are only spending
what you are comfortable with. One thing I will mention
is people are often a little bit hesitant to spend money
on advertising. You have limited budgets and resources
and it is totally understandable. I would say that you have two be a little
bit realistic around the type of budget you will
put in and the type of result you are
going to get. It is not going to work
doubly overnight — instantly overnight
without a good bit of thinking and a little
bit of strategising around what are the key
words, what are the ads, what is the budget that
is right for me. And at the number-one
tip I will offer is
to understand what success means for you. Define those results you
are comfortable with and be focused on understanding
whether you are getting How can you get started
with Google ads? There are three logos
that I have a peer and I want to spend
a minute or so explain what these
options are. You have standard
Google AdWords. This is the manual
version of AdWords where you can let us
know what your budget is and decide what
the keywords are and create those
text ads and decide which
ads are going to go against which
keyword. And you can go in
as much as you like and optimise it and set it up for
your success. AdWords expresses an
automated version of AdWords. It is the starter
package. And was Expresses as
if your business is a little lacking in complexity
that other businesses some have. If you are looking
to advertise locally you can let us know
where your business is located, what your
website is. The system will come
back with some recommendations about
what keywords are right for you. It will give you a set
of budget options, small, medium, large, and expected results you
can get for each of those. It is a way to take
the pressure off if you are just
starting out. And it can let a bit of the technology, it can make those recommendations
for you that you can implement
more easily. There are options to
reverse back and forth. If you are in AdWords
Express, and you are getting good results, and
you want to get some control, you can graduate to the
more manual version where you are more
actively optimising your results. Another option we have is Certified Google
Partners. These are digital
experts all around Australia. They are all certified
on our products and have a history of managing
and campaigns for businesses
with success. We will hear a little
bit about that in the panel coming up. If you are somebody
who has a desire to outsource, definitely check it out. You can find a list of
certified partners on Google. It is a buy a’s market. There are a good number
of them out there, but make sure you are
shopping for the specialist that you have
a good connection with. There are customer
testimonials of their happy customers and you can make
an informed and transparent decision around what value
they will provide to you and your
business. The third part is
looking at insights which will help you grow and unlock more value
for what you are doing online. I will talk about a
couple of tools and platforms that you want
to take a look at. The first one is
Think with Google which is a website
that has research and thought leadership about trends in
digital marketing and the online space both here in Australia and around the world. Some great case studies, research around consumer
behaviour, mobile usage for a range of different
categories. If you like to do a lot of reading and
stay up on the trends, definitely take a look
at the Think with Google website. Google Trends. Has anybody used this? A couple of hands. It is a tool
that allows you to put in a series
of search terms and you can see relative
volumes over time and in different
geographic locations where those terms
are occurring. You can see some of the
trends for Fishing Charters. These are in New South
Wales across the last five years. Look at these trends
for your business. What are those
micro moments that matter for
your customers. What are those
trends over time and in different
geographies that will be interesting
for you. You can also take a look at how that juxtaposes
against some other sorts
of search terms. That blue line was
for fishing charters and whale watching is
overlaid on top of that. The story of these two options are that there is
a colleague in the Sydney office who
has a friend who runs a fishing charter business
and there was some seasonality. They were thinking about
what they can do in the off-season and someone
is suggesting well reaching — whale watching. It overlaps perfectly on seasonality . You can think about that
for different products and services
that you offer and see how the trend
happens over time. Google Analytics
is the free platform from Google and you can attach some
code to the back end of your website to
give you a window into the types of
behaviours and performance that is
happening on your website. I consider it
a must have tool if you are serious
about succeeding in the digital economy. It is free and it gives you the insight
into what the search terms are that are driving people
to your website. What are people
engaging with? What are the other
experiences that will make people go somewhere else. You can link this with
your AdWords account. It can give you deeper
insights into how your ads are performing. It will also give
you insight into how Google Searches driving
your traffic and also a range of
other platforms and technologies as well. It is a must have if you are serious
about understanding the value you
are getting from your digital
profile online. Which of you would
wait on this line? The same can be
said for the web and for the mobile app. — Mobile web . We want to get
information immediately. There really is no point to investing
a lot of energy and budget into getting ads
on social media that are driving
interest to your business. Once people click
onto your website and say they
want to engage, if the speed
is really slow, why would they do that? The reality is that the
average mobile website in Australia take 15 seconds to load. That is a very long time in the mobile world. We are just not
patient at all. More than half of us
would leave a website if it does not load within three seconds. We at Google, not actually me, other engineers, have created a tall called TestMySite. It Is Linked with
Our Other Sites. You put in your
web address and it will generate
a customised report which looks at usability from a mobile
perspective as well as speed. It gives you
a report ones . back on what the elements
of your website that you could improve to get your website to load more quickly. If you are technically
minded, you can take a look at
some of those items, and hopefully implement
them yourself. You could have
a conversation with your web developer , in-house or an agency, and come up with a plan to improve your site is loading. I encourage you
to take a look. Work out a plan to make
some improvements as to how your website is loading on your device. An icy company
meant that to improve in the mobile world is the 25 principles of mobile website
design. We did a huge amount
of research with users around
the world and had them interact with various business
websites across a range
of industries to understand
the features that people engage with , the types of design
principles that in — annoyed people and this is a set of recommendations for how you can
think about how your mobile website has excellent usable experiences
for people. We recommend that. Some of them are simple and obvious but until you prioritise
them for your business, it might been something that you can take
advantage of. An obvious one
is to make sure your call to action, the thing you want
somebody to do on your webpage, is front
and centre and clean and has no ambiguity about what someone
will do. Making a call to action blazingly obvious and simple is paramount. Even if the page
has not loaded, they must be able to
take the action straight away. That brings me to the end right on time
for my section . A couple of takeaway’s are a first up
Digital Garage. It is free and covers
the content I have talked about the night
and a whole lot more. I will encourage you
to check it out. If you want to take
a photo of one slide, this is it. This has links to a lot of
the resources I have talked through. That is that one. That is my training
done. We’re not done
with the session. Thank you very much. We will go through the
next portion of the season — this evening.>>One of the aspirations
we had tonight was that you would be
able to take home one practical tip. I am a small business
operator myself and I came to the session a few weeks ago and I
thought I would share a few things. I have four different
websites and my interns
and the password for every one of them. I went back
to the office and was surprised. I now am the
owner for the all the passwords for my sites. We did the mobile
testing and found that our
website was performing poorly. Straight away were able to look
at the report and do a diagnostic and gender websites. Those tools are critical. The other one we did
was a call to action. If you are a business
that is not mobile and you are looking at
your website on a screen, you forget about
that real estate, the space that sits
there on a phone and our call to action
buttons were not anywhere to be seen
on that first screen. Those are the three tips
I would give to any business. What we should focus
on this evening is that he has run
through the profile. He has talked about how search works. He has talked about
organic search and other search
options. He has given
some insights from a Google
perspective. Finally, he talked
about analytics. It is important to
understand what you’re website
is doing online. It is great to go
through that with our those results. Telstra thought it would be great to think
about this from a small business respect
but in the eyes of the consumer. They recently issued
a report that showed what it that 82% of consumers in Australia
say that search is more important than anything
else they do online. Searching for a business
is critical to 82% of consumers. Most importantly , they found out that
50% of small business owners in Australia do not
have a website. If your customers are
searching for you and you don’t have a
website or my Google business account, how
are they finding you? Another insight that
Telstra found through this research was 62%
of consumers will not consider a small business if they
cannot find any reliable information online
about them. That reliability comes
through your own narrative through
your website or what you may put
on Google My Business. Those are some
reasons why issues around searching
and your profile online are essential. What we would like to
do now is look at this through to businesses. We would like to
give you a look at other people and how
they are using this platform. I would like to Malcolm
Michael Rantissi. He is a chef — welcome Michael
Rantissi for he is a chef and author. We have had him come
along on two other occasions to help us explain to businesses
what is valuable. When you started
your business in 2012, you came along and can
you tell everyone how you began your online
journey and how you thought about
when you are constructing
your business.>>It was more 2013 because we did not understand the online world . In the final six years, Instagram, social media,
Facebook, it went totally. I am a
chef as well. I understand how to
cook, to serve. Digital media is
an alien for me. It took us a bit until people
started calling in asking for a website and asking for
information for us to give them. It was when we
understood we had to take it a little more. We took it a bit more
advice from professionals and that is how we set it up. They told us how to start
our setup on our own , how to manage my Google
business, how to upload things on it and how to
kind of make it an easier process for us to
work with stop>>what digital tools
do you have at your disposal?>>Instagram is our existing because food is visual. You want to see something
delicious the second you wake up in
the morning. That is what attracts you
and I understood as well that if you post
something for breakfast at night, it makes people
think about you coming for breakfast
the next day. If you want to post
something for people to come for dinner, you post
in the morning, because that is when they are
doing their plans for dinner. You post a dinner dish
in the morning and a breakfast dish at night. Very weird. Unusual. But Instagram
is wonderful. Facebook, I still have
a lot of understanding around Facebook. We do a lot to
do with Google. We don’t do any paid
thing to do with Google. We try to budget
ourselves as much as we can, trying to target
our audience with a limited budget , and in hospitality, we
know the profit margins are very low, so you have
to be very smart when you are spending
your money.>>Lets walk through
your profile. You have got 326 Google reviews. That is fantastic. So many businesses
in Sydney do not have any reviews. If you do not have , if you do have a my
business Google profile , check how many
reviews you have for your business will
stop you will find this is one of the top
performers because you are so available
in this space. This walk through that. You have call to action buttons. What happens when someone
presses the website but in?>>They go directly
to the website.>>How detailed
is your website?>>We just recently
updated it. You have to update ends with time . I think our website
now is pretty good. It just gives much more
information to people . Easy navigation around,
and I think that was our problem before is our . Page was very difficult
to navigate around and click to find things and it was more artistic, but not easy to navigate around and
now we understand that it is , as much as I would love
the first photo to be the most amazing photo,
it has to be easy access or people to navigate
around the website. Items have to be big
and displayed easily. People need to find
themselves easily around. Especially if people
enter into the website to check the menu,
a gallery of photos that gives them an inspiration if
that is the right place or them
to go to or not , the menu , because we all like to know what we are
eating before we eating. It is a new trend.>>Talking about
photos, on your my Google business
account, you have a whole series of photos . You have once from
your menu. Is that where you have
basically created photos of your dish?>>We create a lot of the
photos but as well we also support people
coming into Instagram and supporting them
when people do ask , would you like us to
put something on trip advisor? Trip advisor is a big
thing for people to go to. For us, we get a lot of
international guests to the restaurant , and it is an
easier platform to navigate them directly to the website
through Google. This way, they get to
see the restaurant, because we have the 360° navigating around
the restaurant so that gives them an
easy access to see the visual of the
restaurant. Gives them a visual to
see the food, to see the food, to have the
ability to go to the website, and navigate
around the whole restaurant without them
having to look for something else.>>This is all through
Google My Business. You can continue to cure
this and provide as many photos and imagery
as you like. It gives an opportunity
for consumers to also add photos themselves. It is a really
good tool to have as part of your
Google My Business platform. Going back to
one more feature . This one. Reviews. How do you deal with reviews?>>I am not the biggest fan of
corresponding with reviews. I know I need to improve on that and
I am becoming a bit , but I do push people to do reviews on social
media because I think it is important that you
have the existence there and people have
an objective point of view. I find it a little
bit difficult with the whingeing
platforms. As a restaurant, you
are very exposed . Everyone has the right to say their opinion , even if their opinion
is not right.>>I will highlight one
more feature here that I think is a
critical one for those of you in
a food and beverage industry. There actually is a direct, and Richard can
clarify this, there is a direct link through to
open table, where people can click through
to book a table. It is a great feature. This 360° view feature. We cannot go live at the
moment on this, but can you tell people, if you
go do this at your own leisure, you can do,
similar to what you can do through Street you,
you can explore the entire restaurant. How is this useful
for you?>>The restaurant is
divided into two separate rooms. It is hard to describe
that two customers when we are saying this
is the function room and it is at the rear
part of the restaurant. They expect to see a room
that is a dark room that sits a small
amount of people. We can send them through
Google to be able to search that room, have a
view of it, see the size of it, and they can
circulate around it, see all the exits and
entrances to the room itself.>>What is exciting for
that romantic night is you can say can we have that
table by the window.>>We do get that.>>If you go to the desire
of this platform, is the consumer experience. This gives you the tools
and features to be able to promote what your
business you would like to betray to
the consumer. It has lots of little
things in there. Thank you. You can stay here
on stage with us. Thank you for sharing
that with us. I’ve got a little
video of our next guest to show you a
little bit more about her business. Leona Watson is from
Cheeky Food Events and I will not say too much
more yet because I think the next movie tells a
lot about who you are. Let’s watch it now.>>I am Leona Watson and
I have a company called Cheeky Food Events, and
we do teambuilding cooking activities for
corporate surround Australia. They arrive as
individuals but they leave as a happy,
smiling, way more productive team. I used to cook in the
Whitsunday Islands on a yacht and I
realised how cooking and food brought people
together. I wanted to take that
magic into the corporate world, because it
is tough there. And I first started
Cheeky Food Events, the most difficult aspects of
marketing was the risk and the time lag. As opposed to now, with
Google AdWords, where it is quick and you can turn
it on, turn it off, budgeted easily. I first started using
Google AdWords eight years ago and it was love
at first sight because I knew what my return on investment was
full stop you got the results quite quickly,
so I get really good information on when
people are looking for my services, and that
is when I invest my marketing budget. We have to make sure
we are there when our customers are looking and
if we are not there, is likely our competitors
are there, and you never want that. Google AdWords accounts
for 60% of our new business. Because I am getting the
results, it frees me up to go out and spend more
time doing what I love in the business, which
is doing the events, product development, so
the business just keeps growing. It is great.>>Welcome to the stage. Not only is Leona a powerhouse in running events , she runs a good party. I think it is fair to say
your business translates to who you are. I will invite Richard
to join us back to the stage as well because we
would now like to start going through how both
of these businesses use the platform. Can you share with
everyone how you think your digital presence
has transformed your business?>>About 500% round and round and
over and over again. When I was first
starting, it was all about pushing out ads,
spending your money now and as everyone here knows,
it is all about cash flow. The second you put some
money out, that is money you are not using
for something else. You would spend money on ads or inserts or
whatever and you might not get your results for two or three or
four months. You might have committed
the money. That was a major thing
from a cash flow point of view. Cash flow is everything
in the first few years. And thereafter,
in all honesty. What has changed so much
for digital is the immediacy of getting
some results and then the speed of , say, when someone is
looking, and making sure I am there when someone
is looking, and then being able to talk with
them really quickly because they have gotten
to us really quickly and then you can fast track
through the whole proposal process to
getting a cell. I am quite different
because we are both in food,
you are multiple transactions, smaller
dollar value and your profit margins
are different. Whereas, I’m a only do 20 events per
month, but my dollar value per event is high,
so I am no different than someone putting
in pools, for example. You might only do 10
pools per month, as opposed to doing 500
covers per week. The dollars is the really key thing
to look at their, and how I have
looked at that as a business has really
changed over the years. You speak it is enormous
what it can do to your business.>>Can you talk us
through from your perspective what differences are between
these two businesses and how they are using the
different products? You speak in a –>>I think they
start with a similarity, they want to
get the right customers through the door and
keep them happy. Where they are
little bit front is Leona is laser focused on using
search to drive her business, and she has
invested not just budget but time to learn about how that
works for her business. Most importantly,
measure the value that she is getting. I know you are in the accounts
on a daily basis, reviewing performance. So critical to the
business of your — success of your
business that you have invested yourself to
get that knowledge and how to run things. With Michael’s restaurant, I think he has a broader strategy across multiple
platforms , and that is fine . I would like . It would be awesome if
everyone was like Leona, but that is not reality,
and people engage with content on different
platforms in different ways, and I think
there is something around the beauty of
the food that you are providing and the
experience in the restaurant and
translating that two photos on Google My
Business is definitely working. Maybe those are some of
the differences that I would point out.>>Michael, can you point — took us through and we look at
how many Sydney businesses are using the Google My
Business feature, which is a free feature
from Google, what, Michael,
how hard was it to set up the 360°
feature, and did you find it to be an
easy process? And have you had
inquiries from doing it?>>We set it up with an
outsider, not something we did ourselves. It was not that costly. The whole thing around
it was probably five or $600 to be able
to set it. I think it does
add an amazing added value to
the business. Especially today we are all
about the visual. We need to be able to see everything before
we buy it . So it is a good for the restaurant.>>From a Google
perspective, what businesses can access
that feature? Can all categories of’s?>>You have to have that
physical presence and you have to invite the
photographer into your business. The two main categories
that are the most popular are hospitality,
food and beverage, accommodation obviously,
or retail. A great example from hospitality . Retail, you are inviting
someone into your store and giving them a
preview of what the inventory looks like. Those are the two
biggest categories. We have also seen
some quirky ones. Orthodontists. You probably think,
why would that matter? If you think about it,
the cleanliness of the office and the
sophistication of the equipment and that
environment when you are in the rating room, that
does matter and it would be a consideration for
even in a business that is a bit wacky, there can be a
niche as to why you would want to invest
in that technology.>>If you are creative
person doing art or jewelry making all those
things, could utilise this feature? You speak absolutely. It is a feature that does
have a bit of a setup cost. The cost that Michael
mentioned, that is when you are inviting an
independent photographer who has access to the
technology and the equipment to come
in and take those images and then
upload them to your Google My Business
listing. You are not paying
Google, are paying the trusted photographer who
can do that on your behalf. The way to find the
trusted photographer is search for Google
trusted photographer on Google, surprise
surprise, and there is a website you can be direct
to and you can filter based on location
in Sydney. There are a number
in Sydney. There are a number of
photographers, I should say, and you can contact
them independently to get that set up.>>An exciting
new feature. Can you tell us , before we had over
there, sticking to my business at the moment,
what is your and an improvement you can
straight away say to Michael that he can do.>>I mentioned posts
in my presentation. As new menu items come
out, as there are new events, seasonal things
that are happening . Easter is coming
up, for example, that would be
one you can add some freshness
to the profile. It is really simple
to set up . Once you do it once, it
would be quite easy to replicate. If you are doing that
on other platforms as well, which he mentioned,
if you already have the copy and the image, why
would you not do it? It is a couple more
seconds, really, to get that going. Even if you have a great
Google My Business presents like Michael
does, posts, because it is a new feature, is
something to check out..>>I want to head into your
business a bit more, the owner, and your
advertising program and what you do there. Can you tell everyone a
bit more about why you started using Google as
an advertising platform and how you started
playing around with it and your journey, the
long journey you have key speakers.>>I was probably like everybody else here and wondering
what Google was and I had so many things
on my to-do list, and this was seven
or eight years ago. I waited for everybody
else to leave and decided to look into it. I poured myself
a glass, sat down, and I made myself do it. I just started
playing with it and the great
thing about it is a lot of people get
scared about starting. There are some
technical beaks . make its, but you can set limits every day about how much
you can spend per keyword. You have a lot
of control over the marking
activity and you do get the
results quite quickly about what is working
and what is not. That is how I started. I started by putting
$500 per month and I saw that
it was working. I track every single lead and how they
heard about us. I can see that whilst I have had
a lot of leads, I can see if they have
converted to sales and if it is profitable. For me, they were. I started putting
more money into it and what is great is
that over the years with all the
new elements, I actually get a lot of
marketing information. I see some keywords
that are fantastic. By keywords, I mean the words that I am paying for that I want to say. They have changed
over the years. The markets gave
has changed. I am now changing the
language in the words on my website to suit
some of that great information. In all honesty, I think you should
change Google Analytics, which is a word that
can turn people off, just call it Google Staff. There is so much
stuff on there. I have gone from
running it myself to where it was becoming
a bigger and bigger part of my business, accounting for 70%
of my new business. I then appointed a Google Ad Partner. I have had a few partners
over the years. I have had account
managers leave and go to someone else. I’ve had great
success there. At the moment I am
managing it myself because I wanted
to get into it. There are so
many options and what I am doing
at the moment having learnt about
digital garage just recently, I just watch it over
my breakfast cereal in the morning. We must keep
on top of that because otherwise your
competitor will.>>A tip for your breakfast
tomorrow, log onto Digital Garage. Richard mentioned that
when you go into that advertising platform,
it has basic features , is that your experience? There are even times when we know we’re flat out and I have all my staff and sales
outdoing the event. I can turn it off. I can say that I
don’t want calls after midday because we will be
out of the office. Mums and dads who have
kids in the afternoon, turn it off from 3 pm. You can control it and
that is good. We can test a lot
of different things. We had different
ads running against the same keywords. You start to learn
what price point might work for you. There are a lot of cool
and funky things in there. You just have to take
that first deep breath and get started. Do prepared to
invest enough to give me some
decent information to make you decide if it is the right
way for you to go.>>Can we talk about
the analytics? Michael, what analytics
do you have for your digital
presence?>>Not through Google, but
through our website. We know where the
traffic is coming from, whether
it is Google or different directions. That really does help.>>Leona, how often do
you look at it?>>A couple of
times a week. It is not just how the lead come from
different places, but how long they
are there for. They bounce all around and hopefully they
will hit the button that says contact me. There are some other
great information is. If they’re getting to
it but leaving quickly, you might be spending
the money, the time and effort, which isn’t necessarily
a cost to AdWords, but it is still your
time and investment. You might be doing all
of this and they get to the page and they say
they are not interested. You get that information
as well. It is not just what is
working, but what is not. That is really
important, too.>>I will see if anyone
from the floor would like to ask a question. I will get the
microphones wandering through the room. I will get a
question right from the front and from the back. Questions everywhere! A lady down the front , a lady down there, and a gentleman at the
back with a blue top.>>We had a chat before and they mentioned that they want to set up their own business. Is there any way I
can start thinking of setting up my business account and
business ideas in Google without starting my business. Maybe I can put it
live and I am ready ?>>That is a good question. A couple of things
I might advise. Tools like Google
Trends, have a play around with the keywords
and topics that matter most and what those trends
look like over the year, the different
geographies . Leona mentioned that across the years the
keywords change. That is an easy one
to play around with. You could create a
website for your business and see what type
of traffic gets but not have a
call to action. It is a little strange, but you could create
a simple website and put the contents for your industry
and your business, but you could say
it is coming soon. Better yet, people
could sign up for a newsletter so that when the
business starts you could send an email to let them know
that you are live and looking to
get inquiries.>>Richard, what
is the risk, if you do that, and your business
name is Blue Shirt . If I type in that in search , what is the risk of
jumping on that page, if they have not
set it up entirely . Will Google find it?>>It depends. A lot of the platforms
for starting a website, they all probably
have that integration where it is part of the
offering that when the website goes live they will be crawled by
the Google bot and the index. You can turn it on and
off and play around in a test mode. A lot of those platforms
will have a practice mode.>>The gentleman with
a blue shirt?>>Two questions. Do you do traditional
marketing like flyers and appetising
in the newspaper or magazine is? If you do, how much
of your budget do you spend on digital
advertising, and how much on
traditional advertising?>>It is had a total flip. In the early days, it
was 100% on flyers, and my time on the phone but it has certainly
flipped. I spend zero, 5% on flyers and advertising. This is my business. I am business
to business. My target market is large corporate. You need to be clear
about what your overall strategy is and think
about the best way . Your best we could be in
newspapers, but I don’t know. Don’t totally throw
that out with this. The whole idea
is to test this, get started, every month you are not
starting is another month you are not
in the game. Start small and see what
works for your business and track it.>>Another question.>>Thank you. I am enjoying the
presentation. I have a public
relations business and they communicate white . my quite well. My website is fantastic. About six or so months
ago we optimised for digital and mobile and all
that sort of thing. My ranking sank . I look at those that are
ranking higher than me and to put it bluntly
they are not necessarily very good. They are not optimised, there is no blogging, I am on Google+
all the time, we’re hard at
it all day long. What has happened? Since we optimised, and redid the
surgeon updated, it has some. What could that be?>>Do you have Google
Analytics? I can give you
some hypotheses, but analytics is going to
tell you what actually happened.>>I have analytics. It just says nobody
is coming.>>What people before
and what has changed?>>And was going to say,
are using Google Analytics?>>It has flatlined.>>, I thought that maybe when you are optimising for
mobile, it could take a while to wake up.>>I reckon this is something we could
help you with later.>>I have had something
similar like that happened to me. I would get someone
external, not the original people
you are working with, to have a look
at your backend. It sounds like some of
your measuring tools might not be set
up correctly. You don’t go from being
fabulous do nothing.>>Richard showed you some tips that I said I
have done on my website, which is to do
the testing. It takes no more than
a few minutes. It gives you a report and
it tells you exactly. For our website, we just
had some is indexed incorrectly. The report is very good
at helping you through that.>>I provide digital media services
to small businesses and one of the big
questions they say, they say don’t have
time to do another. I have so many things
I must do. Another website, another
LinkedIn profile, and I am wondering what
the key takeaway is that I can tell them,
my clients, that this could benefit
them of anything else they may be doing in
the digital space.>>, Richard, what
would you say?>>, Google My Business , that set up that you can find out
what somebody sees when they
search name, investing time to
make that work, it is just pride in your
business and how that will show up on the web. If you don’t want to
respond to reviews, that is fine. If you don’t want to
invest in post, that is fine. How you show up on
your brand term, that is mission-critical
for most businesses. On ads, it is only
worth the investment if you are getting
the results.>>And I say, I do a lot of businessmen touring with people
and start-ups. Our biggest currency
is time. I can tell you that the thing you most fear is the last thing you
do at the start of the business day. You look at the
marketing and it is 5:30. You must decide what is
most important for the business and whether you
should be the person doing it or somebody
else. To answer your question, when we started doing
research for tonight and looked at how many
businesses right now in Sydney , it is mind-boggling how
many people are not using that tall. If somebody wants
to Google Greek Scarf , if you are not
there in that free search engine, knowing that 82% of
people will search first, if you are not there
in that first moment . It does not
take any time. Any other questions?>>Great presentation,
thank you. We have a real
estate business and we are a
buy a’s agent. We help people
buy investments. The question I had was with a pay per click, do you also have a
pay per conversion? When a client comes onto
the website, we have a form that they feel that
with contact details for us to contact them. Rather than just
generating traffic, can we actually pay a higher
rate for conversion?>>Yes. Conversion optimiser. There are features within AdWords where you can tell
the system what they conversion action is . Someone does a search,
they said the ad, they go to the website, they take some action
on your website that is trackable. They could be buying
something, making an enquiry,
filling out a form. You can set up a
conversion Tracker on that action that will tell you if the conversion
action is happening, and there is
a tool called conversion optimiser
within AdWords where you can pay based on that conversion. You can let the system
know what that conversion is
worth to you. It is an exciting
feature and I’m glad you’re
excited about it. It does take some
technical know-how to implement it, but if you are serious
and it sounds like you are, if it is something in
the Edward system, you can investigate that. We have a one 800 number where you can get
answers to questions like that and we can give
you some assistance for setting it up.>>Where do we go to
find out the number? To market changes
based on topic. Going to AdWords and there are different
ways to contact us.>>We had time for two
more questions. Where are the
microphones?>>Hello. If I am selling
on Instagram, so I don’t have
my own website, can I still have a
Google My Business account for?>>Yes. If you are purely
e-commerce, and not a service to a local area, at this stage, the
product probably is not worth that much to you. You can try it, but it is really about that
in person experience, we were going into the
premises or going out to your offering. If you are just
e-commerce, you can play
around with it. It is not really
designed for that use case at the moment.>>Should have asked this
before the session.>>, If you have a
website, you can do AdWords. If you are purely
Instagram – only, then that is the case.>>Keep in mind
this was to look at statistics. One of your business
pieces of real estate is the best website. Those of the current
statistics when it comes to digital.>>Just going back to the Google boat business post, did have access
to video? — SEO .>>It is more real estate that is
going to appear when your listing shows in
the search results.>>Google will
like you more.>>People will like you
more, which means people will
like you more , which means Google
will like you more.>>We will take one
more question.>>Just a couple of
thoughts on nonprofits and AdWords. If you can tell
us what is there and how we can
tap into it?>>We have a program
called Google Grants. If you are a registered
charity you can get free advertising
on Search from Google. There is a process to submit the process . make paperwork that
will verify you, but once you do you
can run search ads for free up to a certain
limit, provided you are getting strong
results. Provided the quality
score and a certain number of clicks. We wanted to be a good
experience for people when they click
through to the ad and come to
your website. As long as you
meet those criteria which
are laid out you get the free
advertising value. There is also a wider
program called Google for Nonprofit, which has that
particular feature as well as other resources.>>Can you access through Digital Garage?>>, No it is separate. Just search for Google
for Nonprofits and you will find it.>>, Who is only overwhelmed? It is good to know that
there is one practical tool that everyone can
take away tonight. If you can all join me in thanking
a guess, I have a few more things to share. (Applause)>>At the speakers will
pop out into the preconference room that
we began the evening in. If I can get all of you
to make your way out there, they will take
off their microphones. Really important from
our point of view is that we would
like you to let us know
your thoughts. We really, really take
on board every bit of feedback we get from
small businesses. It is really important
to us that we are offering this offence for
you and we get valuable feedback. If you can take out
your smart device and you can put this into
your browser. You can type
this code in which will allow
you to pop in and give us a survey. It takes no time at all
and we would love it if you are able to do this. If everyone has your
browser ready, I can read it out. If everyone can do that,
I will then make an announcement as to who
our lucky six people are to get on one-on-one
with our evil from Google. This is your first
digital lesson for the night. Is anybody else having
that problem? OK. It is a zero at the end. Thank you for
persevering. We will send it to you
tomorrow because we have your contact’s. We do value the feedback
because it helps us cure the topics and give
you the best information we possibly can. Our guest speakers are
all out in the room that we began in, but I am
going to read out and if you don’t mind
yelling out just so I know. If you are not in the
room, I will go to the next person. If I do not pronounce his
name is, I apologise. You can head out to
the conference room and there is a Google waiting for you. Annex person is Leo. ( R ead s (Reads name) no. (Reads name) you are here. You have an experience. (Reads name.) There are our
six lucky people who get the Google
experience. Thank you, very much. We will be back in touch
with some further information tomorrow. We will let you know
when the link is live so you can watch it again. Headed out for question
and answers.

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