Small Business Essentials: Web Chat for Essentials

(calm music)Welcome to Salesforce Essentials.We’re bringing the world’s number one CRM to every small business for just $25 a month, and it’s ready to use out of the box. This is your setup screen. You can setup Web Chat for Essentials by searching for chat. When you get to chat setup, click the button to start turning on chat. After you’ve read and agreed to the terms of service, then you’ll be guided step-by-step through setup. First, give a name to the queue where chats will wait for your team to respond. Then give that team a name and assign users. Next, copy and paste your website’s address into the website URL field. Then, drop in your Salesforce site domain which you make unique to chat. You can then select if you want resulting chats to be connected with sales leads or customer support cases. In setup you can also give your customers the option to fill out a form when you aren’t available to chat with them. The final step is copying your code snippet. Adding this code snippet enables chat on different web pages. You can also imbed this in your Salesforce help center. Let’s see this in action. Now on your help center, prospects or customers that visit your site can chat with your team right through the web. They can enter their information and send you a message, and right in your service console you can engage with that prospect or customer who’s visited your site and reached out through Web Chat for Essentials. Getting started with Salesforce Essentials is easy. And now that you can set up Web Chat for Essentials directly on your businesses website or help center, it’s that much simpler to connect to customers over any channel they need.

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