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Radhey Radhey (Hello) Today we Talk a Low Cost Small Business This Business Start Capital cost only Rs. 100/- This is my reason to bring this kind of business Now this business is doing big business organisation Who earn good profits on labor rates Due to the demand for this project, big traders By installing a machine from 1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh Packing in tubes Earn Big Profit But if you want to start packing with hands initially And earn a big profit. I am giving this business information in Because brother, sister wants to do this business They understand their full concept But people of some sections of our society can do this business. They can not start such work in the absence of information And they keep fighting for unemployment. Some people do not have enough money to take the risk of doing business. So tell me These small businesses can do this from their village or city, from anywhere. Women, and men can do this business If this business is not suitable for you So for the needy living around you, Suggest this business to me So that they can also get employment. Let’s go If you have not subscribed to our channel so far, then subscribe And by subscribing, press the bell icon so that you get the information of our new video So today I’m talking about the business related to Pan. In which you must have noticed that the lime washed with water in the market Sell lime to a pan shop and grocery store And from this shop, customers buy 1 rupee, 2 rupee and 5 rupees in packing. Lime is mixed with double water from lime Like 1 KG Lime=2 Ltr. Water Take 2 liters of water in the pot. soil pot is good And we can use Plastic Drum etc. in this process Lime is mixed slowly in water Because it gets hot After adding lime to the water. Leave it to cool for 3 to 7 days. Then filter it with cloth and separate the stone. And leave it like it for 1 day. Water coming up Then remove the water out of comfort And below you will get lime You can pack it In it you need to be careful when packing it That only work on wearing globs in hands Now tell me how much profit can be in this job It gets lime for about Rs 8/- Per kg If Good Quality Lime have only 100 Grm. stone So you get 900 grams of pure lime But it will contain 30 percent water Whereby its total weight 900 Grm Lime + 300 Grm Water=1200 Grm So that its total weight will be 1200 grams And if you Packaging 10 Grm pack so 1200 Grm=120 Pack (small Jar/Tube) Or fill pouch 120 Noc. Whose market retail value will be Rs. 120/- Now these zipper pouch, to the small jar or Pack pouch Pack 20 nos in transparent Poly From which these 120 nos will be sold for about Rs. 90 Meaning packing of 20 nos will be sold for 15 rupees Where your cost came 8/- rupees lime 120 Noc. Small Jar approx rupees 24/- and if Packaging in Zipper pouch So reduce the cost For purchase small jar, you will contact your local plastic item wholesaler He can provide you In this way your cost of 120 noc. Approximate Rs. 32/- You must love our videos and share them. By subscribing and pressing the bell icon Similar to the videos Thanks, Bye Bye.

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100 thoughts on “small business ideas, small manufacturing business ideas, home based business ideas for women, Eat

  1. Not only the subject matter you deal with is excellent and superb, which is relevant to middle class and low middle class, but also the way you narrate is very sweet and to the point.

  2. Tum plastic ka raw material ka business acha batati ho tumhari waqai video bahut achi hoti hai video…I m Pakistani from Karachi…. I m mughal

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