Small Business Marketing – 3 Simple Tips To Get More Customers

Hi, I’m Dustin with 9 Design, and I strategize
with local businesses all over the country to get new customers and grow their business.
Today in this video, I’m going to teach you the 3 best ways to market your business and
drive new customers to your door, so stay tuned. I love helping local businesses properly position themselves to get more clients for less money.
Lets just say you are a dentist. Unless you live in a really small town, the chances are
you are not the only dentist in town, which means everybody in your city gets to choose
which dentist they go to. So how do you stand out from your competition and become the first
choice of potential customers to use you for the product or service that you offer? There’s
a few things that you could do. You could buy a local TV or radio ad, go door to door
passing out flyers, mail out a mailer advertising your business, or even put a coupon in the
local coupon book. Well I can say from personal experience that all of those things, while
they can be a little bit effective are a waste of time and money for one reason: they are
just broadcasting your business to people that may or may not be interested. Let’s say
you are a dentist again and somebody is driving down the road and they hear your radio ad
on the way to work. Do you really think they are going to be calling you right there in
their car to schedule an appointment? If you are a dentist or a plumber or a landscaper
or a real estate agent, you want to target your advertising to reach the people that
are already interested in your services. So how do you do that? It’s a little thing I
like to call Local Google Search Domination. You see, if someone in Bend Oregon is looking
for a Dentist, they are going to go to Google and search: ‘Dentist in Bend Oregon.’ And
if you are dominating the first page of local Google search, you’re going to get more clicks.
The business with the most clicks, gets the most phone calls, and has the most opportunities
to turn potential customers into lifelong clients. So how do you do this? It’s as easy
as 1, 2, 3. Number 1, if you are a local business, you need a website that’s optimized to appear
on the first page of Google in local search. You might be thinking to yourself, duh, everybody
knows this. And you probably already have a website. But I see it over and over again,
local businesses that have a nice looking website, but it’s not optimized, and nobody
is ever going to find them because it is not coming up in Google search. So if you have
a website for your business, and it’s optimized appearing on the first page of Google for
local search terms, than you can check that one off; good job. If you haven’t, or if you
don’t have a website, I want to invite you to stick around until the end, because I’m
going to show you how you can get my free video training where I walk you through step
by step how to build a WordPress website from scratch. I’ll start off with how to buy the
hosting and get your hosting set up. Purchase a domain name, assign it to your server, and
build a WordPress website from the ground up. So definitely stick around to the end
to get that free training. Number 2. The next really important thing
that you need to do to dominate local Google search is something that I see local businesses
overlooking all the time, and that is setting up your business directory profiles. A business
directory is a high ranking website like Google+, or Yelp, or, that allows you
to put your business information on it, often times for free. So why is it so important
to be on these business directories? It’s pretty simple, people actually use them. People
use them when they are looking for reviews on businesses. They go to Google+, they go
to Yelp, they go to Yellow Pages, and they look for businesses like yours and what other
previous customers have said about your business. So the reviews section of these business profiles
is very important. Business directories are extremely important and influential in helping
your website rank higher, and also ranking your Google+ page in the maps section of local
search. So the name of the game of business directories, is quantity, quality, and consistency.
Quantity; you want to be on as many as possible. There’s hundreds of them out there, and you
can sign your business up for as many as you want. Quality; you want to be on the top ranking
ones, like Google+, and Yelp and Yellow Pages; they’re a must. And Consistency. You want
to make sure that every profile shows the same business name, address, phone number
and website. If there’s any inconsistencies because you’ve moved locations, or changed
your phone number, it’s actually going to hurt your rankings because Google is confused
thinking that you might be two different businesses, or it’s just inconsistent information, so
consistency is extremely important. There are a few approaches at how to set up
these directory profiles for your business. The first thing you can do is just do it yourself.
The only thing wrong with this is it takes a lot of time, but if you have time, search
out the most important business directory profiles that are going to fit your niche
and sign up for as many as possible. If you can get anywhere between 20 and 30, it will
definitely help out your business dominate that first page of Google. The next option
is to hire a company like Yext or Moz, and they will charge you a monthly payment and
they will put you on as many directories as possible and they will make sure that all
of your information is current and up to date for a fee. The only thing wrong with that
is if you decide to cancel your monthly fee, they’ll cancel all of your directory profiles
putting you kind of back where you were at square one. The third option is just to hire
somebody like myself that will charge you a one time fee, and will set up all of your
profiles, will give you the username and password so that you can upload more pictures, or change
those, or if you move locations, or change your phone number, you can also edit those
as well. So those are the ways to go about it and those are some options that are available
to you. Finally, number 3, I’ve saved my favorite
for the last. If you’re looking to dominate local Google search, then you need a professional
video that’s ranked on the first page of Google. this is where I’m focusing most of my attention
with my clients because it’s just so effective at getting them new customers. When it comes
to business, trust is a huge factor. And what better way to build trust with your potential
clients than to show them who you are and what you do? There’s a few things that I absolutely
love about video. First of all, they’re interactive. A potential client can sit there and watch
your video, listen to your voice, see your face, and see shots of the place that you
work, which builds credibility, and it builds trust. the next thing that I love is when
you optimize video properly in Google search, there’s a little thumbnail that appears there.
That thumbnail has a 41% higher click through rate than any other static website that appears
on the first page, which means it’s more likely to be clicked, which means you’re more likely
to be called. As you can see, if your website, your Google+
listing, and your YouTube video are all appearing on the first page of local Google search,
you’re absolutely dominating the search results and I guarantee your business is going to
grow, and you are going to get more phone calls from new prospective clients. The cool
thing about all of this is it is incredibly easy to do, and it is incredibly cheap. If
you want to learn more about how to do this on your own, I want to introduce you to my
free video training that’s available by clicking the link below. All you have to do is just
click the link below, and I will rush to your inbox, my free video training that is going
to walk you step by step how to create a WordPress website from start to finish. I’ll also show
you how to set up your business profile directories, and create a YouTube video with your smart
phone and get it ranked on the first page of Google. If that sounds interesting to you,
than definitely click the link below and sign up for my free training. As always, if you
have any comments or suggestions, or questions, feel free to put those in the comments section
below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. And give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed
this video. Thanks for watching, and make today extraordinary.

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  1. Great info… Video is super under rated. Youtube is the #2 search engine, and it's incredibly easy to rank Youtube videos.

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  3. Hi There! I just started my organization and channel – LiveAccessible and this video was great. I'm not necessarily selling anything (at least not yet), but am trying to gain and audience, so I'll try to put all your points to practice! I noticed that I haven't been able to get the website ( onto the first page of Google… so I hope this helps. Thanks for the great video!

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