Small Business Marketing Ideas-How to Grow Fast at Low Cost

If youíre interested in small business marketing
ideas that generate huge results with little effort or cost, hereís a quick tip that could
be really interesting to you. This technique will help simplify your marketing
while funneling revenues that are already being spent, right into your pocket. Whether you offer products or services, if
youíre looking for small business marketing ideas that will help your business grow ñ
without having to spend a fortune on costly advertising that may or may not work, hereís
a simple way to greatly boost your visibility and sales. This is something most people never consider. But when it comes to small business marketing
ideas, this could be your most powerful marketing tool by far. And here it is: become THE alternative to
some product or brand your customers are already using. Now, donít be fooled by the seeming simplicity
of this, and donít think this doesnít apply to your product or business. This simple strategy has been responsible
for some of the greatest successes and wealth creation people have ever seen. With all the business marketing ideas out
there, most donít address the number one issue. The biggest problem for most businesses is
that, at first glance, potential customers have no clear idea what you offer or why they
should buy from you. In effect, most products and businesses are
virtually ìinvisible.î Whether you have products that are sold or
a service like plumbing, bookkeeping or personal training, most people act like their best
small business marketing ideas must include simply letting people know itís your QUALITY
that sets you apart ñ that yours is better than everything else thatís out there. But even the worst product and service providers
will say theirs is better. Customers are immune to this claim, so youíll
need to do better than that. This means the most effective small business
marketing ideas must therefore includeÖ Nailing down a clear differentiator ñ where you identify
something they already buy or use and then ñ explaining how yours is clearly different. This works because it embeds a firm image
in the buyerís mind. Here, let me show you how it works. In the early 1960ís Avis Rent-a-Car advertised
itself as ìWeíre #2, So We Try Harder,î and their sales exploded. At the time they were a tiny company, and
a distant 2nd to industry leading Hertz Rent-a-Car, who dominated the industry. But by saying ìWeíre #2, so We Try Harder,î
they connected themselves in the mind of the buyer. They basically said, every time you think
of Hertz, also think of Avis. And it worked. Revenues went through the roof as Avis was
now embedded in peopleís minds. See how that works? The head of franchising when Burger King was
launching explained to me that because they had virtually no money, they were in serious
need of small business marketing ideas that would work for them. They decided to piggyback on McDonaldís restaurant
success. For locations, they would sit outside every
McDonaldís and count the number of people going in. If a ton of people were going in, they knew
it was a good location so theyíd open up right next door or nearby. Then, to seem clearly different, where McDonaldís
employees wore yellow, theirs wore red. And where McDonaldís fried their burgers
in standardized preparations, Burger King flame-broiled theirs and offered it ìyour
way,î where the customer could special order what was put on the burgers. By targeting McDonaldís customers and offering
something clearly different, Burger Kingís sales skyrocketedÖ And guess what. This is one of those seldom mentioned small
business marketing ideas that can work for virtually any business ñ even yours — to
boost sales and profits. Iíve seen it with hundreds of people and
businesses. They apply all kinds of small business marketing
ideas. Then, as soon as they try this, everything
changes. A simple twist like this could be the difference
between years and decades of struggling to make a paycheck, and almost instant success
and a life of cash that flows in week-after-week and year-after-year. Here are some more examples of how products
and people have differentiated themselves in ways that have helped their sales and profits
really take off. As you listen to these, really think about
your own business and how you could use this. Subway Sandwich Shops became the healthier
alternative to McDonaldís, and sales took off. Panda Express Chinese Take-Out became the
exotic alternative to McDonaldís, with great success. Pepsi Cola became the hipper alternative to
Coke. Through the 1970ís 7-Up became the alternative
to Cola beverages ñ with their Un-Cola campaign. They basically told people, if youíre tired
of always having a cola when youíre thirsty, hereís an alternative. This Un-Cola strategy caused their revenues
to triple almost overnight. Appleís iPhone became THE alternative to
conventional cell-phones and sales exploded. Gatorade sports drink became the alternative
to water for athletes by replenishing the body with electrolytes ñ something plain
water does not do. Lite beer from Miller became the less-filling
alternative to full bodied beer and sales shot through the roof. See how, when it comes to small business marketing
ideas, this ìbeing THE alternativeî has proven valuable to so many marketers? Red Bull became the high-energy alternative
to Coke and coffee and sales really took off. A1 steak sauce is THE professional alternative
to ketchup. Starbucks coffee shops is the alternative
to coffee shops and McDonaldís restaurants ñ where people can just get coffee and maybe
hangout for a while. In Southern California, Mike Diamond Plumbing
is the ìSmell-Goodî alternative to conventional plumbers. It might sound odd, but this positioning combined
with a $99 guaranteed price for unclogging most drains, has caused his sales to really
take off, at a time when many plumbers are struggling. Crest Toothpaste, when it launched, was the
only toothpaste approved by the American Dental Association. In fact, they were the only toothpaste with
the ìCrestî of the American Dental Association right on the box. James Malinchak is the only authorís coach
to be featured on ABCís Secret Millionaire. I know an accountant who is one of the few
who has actually worked as an auditor for the IRS. I know an insurance agent who is one of the
few specialists in the construction industry ñ because he used to run his familyís construction
business. His income has continued to grow even during
recessions ñ when other insurance agents have struggled. A sign maker I know promotes himself as one
of the few who supplies Disney theme parks, and that helps establish him as a state-of-the-art
supplier. See how this could be one of your most important
small business marketing ideas? You or your product could be the only one
recommended by someone famous, or by some local celebrity ñ or even by something funny,
like ñ the only breakfast restaurant recommended by mothers-in-law throughout the Upper Valley. If youíve won some award, you could be ñ
Award Winning, or Best Selling Author, or Olympic Medalist, or World Record Holder ñ
or ñ as featured in the New York Times or some local or national media. My having been a workshop chairman for SCORE,
the resource partner of the US Small Business Administration, helps explain part of my credibility,
as does the list of Fortune 500 companies Iíve coached. So, what and who are you competing with? And how specifically are you different? Try this. When it comes to small business marketing
ideas, you may be surprised at how simple yet powerful this can be, to help you grow
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18 thoughts on “Small Business Marketing Ideas-How to Grow Fast at Low Cost

  1. Absolutely brilliant video guys, I'm loving the information that you're giving in it! It's very relevant to my current situation in life. Keep up the solid effort, we're all in the small business battle together!

  2. Great information thank you. I just started my business and need some insight on marketing for a small business. Love the examples you mentioned.

  3. Some of the info was pretty good for #SmallBusinessMarketing . Thanks for this. 
    Jamie I
    All Points #PublicRelations

  4. Another spin on becoming the alternate is to complement or enhance an existing product or service. Instead of competing directly with other companies, you could create or alter your products and/or services to make your so-called competitor's offerings better. For example, Apple creates the IPad, but do you really want to go up against that tech giant by creating your own version of the Ipad or do you want to create the accessories such as covers, styluses, chargers and so on? Probably not. Do you see how you can still become wealthy by creating a product that enhances the Ipad rather than competing directly with it?

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