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Do you ever look at other small
businesses and wonder how they’re getting such great results?Welcome to my first episode of the Secret Marketing Show. I’m going to show you examples of
small businesses putting simple campaigns together that work best for
them. Hi, I’m Janine Coombes. I make marketing
easier for small businesses. This week I’ve got the marvellous Martin Huntbach
from Jammy Digital. We’re going to have a look at their campaign to open the doors
to their membership site. What strikes me, having spoken to Martin, is how clear
they are on their basic, foundational strategy. The ethos of their business
is very clear. Their branding couldn’t be clearer; I love their punchy colours. So,
just to run through their campaign; their objective is to get 50 paying members
into their site. They know their customer inside and out. They’re using the channels
that are best for them. That’s what we’re going to look at now. What I love about this
campaign is how simple it is. They sent a few emails to their subscriber list.They
had one webinar and at the end they mentioned the membership and how to sign
up. They also had a planning day set for two weeks after the webinar so this was
their equivalent of an early-bird offer. But the pièce de résistance is their
Facebook group. They have an extremely engaged Facebook group. We’ll go into
more detail about their Facebook group later but first of all let’s have a look
at a couple of their emails. This is one to announce that the doors are
opening to their membership and this one is announcing that it has now opened.
Their tone of voice is really nice. It’s like talking to them on a Facebook live
or on the phone. As part of their launch they also did a webinar. The webinar
showcased a bit of the process that goes behind what you will get out of the
membership and it’s also a chance to see Martin in action. This is a
screenshot from the webinar all their branding is so consistent. You know
exactly who they are. They do website critiques every week and they are
amazing! Everyone in the membership now, bar one, has
gone through the website critique process and it’s just such a genius idea
because you can see the wisdom behind what they’re saying. They are Facebook
aficionados. It’s their main channel. Also they opened the doors to the membership a
couple of weeks ago and everybody who’s part of the membership gets to go to
this face-to-face website planning day. So this was the sense of urgency that
they were adding into the campaign. They opened the doors to their membership and
if you got in there within two weeks you got to go to this free website planning
day. Looking at this banner here, this is the domain for their landing page for
the membership site. So what they’ve got here is a very comprehensive landing
page to capture people who are interested in joining the membership.
There’s that strap line again, there’s a call to action. If you know what you want
and you know you want to join they’re making it nice and easy for you. And if
you scroll down there’s more and more information to overcome any
questions you might have, if you’re thinking about joining the membership
and not quite sure. So what did you think of that? I thought it was really
interesting when I spoke to Martin that he thought that they hadn’t promoted
themselves enough or that that’s something they need to do more of. But what struck
me was that they’re very good at seeing what’s working and doing more of
it. And that’s what marketing is all about! I’d love to know what you think.
I’d love to know if you’re running your own campaign. Let me know in the comments.
Thanks! : )

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One thought on “Small Business Marketing with Jammy Digital

  1. Loved this! I did something very similar in my last launch and it worked a treat – emails and Facebook group, not even a webinar, and I exceeded my goals.

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