Small Business Need To Stop Selling Yourself SHORT! | Entrepreneur Life Ep. 15

I don’t understand how you can just keep
selling your so short when this is your business your brand your baby but you’re
not believing in yourself if you want to know more about that
keep on what what’s up guys is like related I’m back with another video so
from the toast video I can already tell if you click this it’s definitely for a
reason you want to know how so stops on the your business short and how to get
the most out of your business so before we even get into that I need you to do
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jumping right into this video at your prices are yours to pick if you feel
like that product is worth ninety dollars then that product is worth nine
dollars unless you’re someone like shin es products then says we need to have
another type of conversation but if your products are worth $90 tell me 490 knows
if that lashes worth $30 you sell it for $30 the difference between selling your
stuff for higher price and lower price is the value that you believe your
product is worth if your product is worth twenty dollars that stuff your
swing nose and the people who are telling you that your stuff is well
since let me hit you up on the secret those aren’t your target customers those
aren’t the people you want to buy from you anyway those are the type of people
that are gonna wait for a discount or sale in order to buy something and then
never return you want the type of customers who are willing to spend money
with you we’re at 20 dollars and then we spend money with you again if your
products were to increase to like 30 $35 you don’t always have to have a discount
or sale yes okay some you will have email list when you get a
percentage off if you sign up cool but you don’t have to have a discount when
it comes to everything like for for July or Independence thing which is probably
the same thing but it’s okay we’re gonna keep going so like fourth of July or
Memorial Day and then Thanksgiving and then Black Friday and then Christmas and
then Valentine’s Day and then fresh friends and then cookie they are packing
day like you don’t always have to have a sale those type of things invite the
wrong type of customers those type of customers are always gonna just sit and
wait for you to have a sale because you’re so focused on getting sales
you’re gonna always have a discount or percentage off or price off that that
customer is gonna sit and wait until the next step you want a customer that’s
gonna shop it with you we don’t have sales and also we pop up with that 15%
discount promote your brand daily even when you don’t feel like it
like literally is simple yoga pose wonderful feature and one story picture
and that’s bullshit or you can be as advanced at school saying three feet
pictures and five stories it’s up to you but as long as you’re promoting yourself
you’re not selling yourself short if you sit around and just wait for the
customers to come to you there’s something you’re so short because
nobody’s gonna know about you so promote your brand daily get the word out there
get that exposure bring that traffic bring those customers to you instead of
waiting them waiting for them to come to you you know you just need to reach out
and grab them real quick you need to always be looking for new strategies and
growth like okay so this we can use this batch of hashtags between your batch of
hashtags wine and back to hash things to those that really work for you so switch
hashtags keep growing like you don’t always want
to keep doing the same old same old cuz the same one gets boring
don’t keep posting the same pictures don’t keep posting the same videos don’t
keep posting the same stuff like switch it up
do something like people get bored very very easily
so you need to switch up always change but also remain the same it sounds
difficult sounds hard maybe confusing but I
promise you is much easier than you think so say you’re thinking this month
was purple okay purple was this month so you take your pictures of certain style
cool keep that stuff not telling you to change it but what you can’t change that
color so instead purple you go pink easy same style of photos different pictures
so now you have a different kind of background as well as rotate your
product photos and your lifestyle all of them whatever photos are gonna be
uploaded to your feet rotate them out and also take new photos weekly I don’t
mean take a mass gaggle of photos like a hundred two hundred photos like we do
when you first start but now take like 10 to 20 new photos weekly that way you
have photos to rotate through on a daily basis when you post lastly you want to
keep pushing even when you don’t want to trust me there are days that I don’t
want to get on my bed I don’t want to post on Instagram I don’t want to do
this I don’t want to do that but I do because I know that day what I don’t
want to push I get the best results the day that I don’t want to do something I
get the best results so keep on pushing it’s okay to not want to do something
but if you want to see the growth and one stop selling yourself short we have
to do things when you don’t want to do all right Renee V thank you for tuning
and if you made it this far and the video go ahead and comment the green
heart emoji because that is my favorite color and yeah I hope you enjoyed don’t
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