Small Business & Project Management – Ryan & Norman

>>Norman: “Enormously” is a full-service graphic
design and screen printing studio. We’ve been running for the last three years,
then we decided to take San Diego Continuing Education to make sure we were doing the
right stuff.>>Ryan: We had a lot of experience of word-of-mouth, we had a lot of
referrals. We needed to work on our marketing plan. Marketing was a huge
piece that we we’re missing in our business plan. So working with Aaron these past
four months, has been essential to us because we solidified our marketing
plan. Because before, we kind of like, were very very hodge-podge, didn’t know what we we’re
doing. Now we’re on the right direction in the right path. We actually saw the
growth already, directly, from the things that we’ve been doing from the class.>>Norman: I
was tired of Googling: “do I have the right permit” or you know, “Am i running my business right?” I was tired of having that looming, like, what
if you know what if we’re doing the wrong things, you actually feel a lot better about
running my business now that I actually took the class.>>Ryan: Hey these are things you
do in graduate programs getting master’s degrees, so you say hey I did this when I
was in getting my MBA, so it was kind of reassuring, ok I’m not paying anything for this
class and I’m getting material from I would if I would just go to grad school
and pay thousands and thousand dollars and be in debt, and especially being a small
business owner – you want to save every penny you can because you have a lot of
startup costs, and knowing that there’s no startup costs for your just your
preliminary education your business planning
that’s like priceless.>>Norman: If you are kind of serious about your business, or you don’t know what you’re doing, or like you have even the tiniest
thought of what if I did this business , like, I think you should take the class.

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