Small Business Revolution – Main Street: Season 3 Official Trailer

(mellow music) – [Narrator] Small
towns across the country are struggling to survive. – When manufacturing left the country, we were particularly hard hit. – So many of our businesses
are maybe one or two bad weekends away from
shutting their doors. – If things continue as
they are now, there’s no way that we’d be able to make
it through another summer. – [Narrator] But what if
we can get one small town the makeover it needs
to turn things around. (exciting music) The Small Business Revolution
Main Street is back. Join marketing expert Amanda Brinkman for a new season in a new town. – We do this because we truly feel like you are the heroes in this country. – [Narrator] And this
season, she’s joined by a new co-host, renovation icon Ty Pennington. – This is a huge challenge. We’re taking on literally an entire town. – [Narrator] Thousands of
towns across the country applied for a half million
dollar Main Street revitalization and America voted for one
winner, Alton, Illinois. – This is the beginning of a revolution and the evolution of Alton. – [Narrator] Now Amanda,
Ty and the team at Deluxe are going to work and
they’re bringing a whole cast of experts along to
help revitalize the town one small business at a time. – You’ve been selected, oh yeah! – [Narrator] Every episode
the team will be helping a different small business in need. – You should be charging more. – Two weeks with no income, kiss of death. – Does it scare you? It scares me. – [Narrator] But this season a bigger town means bigger challenges. – Do you feel like this
area gets as much attention as other parts of town? – Not at all. – [Narrator] And to build a better future, the town will have to come together. – There’s always been
that racial divide here. A lot of people don’t
like to talk about it. – You poured your heart out
and you want to make sure that you do the best and I can sense that. – And if you can get
people to work together, you can actually make
America a better place. Starting one small town at a time. – If we get through this, we’re golden. – I don’t think that
this could have happened to better people, now don’t cry
’cause you’ll get me crying. (mellow music) – [Narrator] Watch season three of Small Business Revolution Main Street. Now streaming on Hulu and

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