Small Business Stories – Bruny Island Cheese Co.

MAN: The penny dropped for usabout literally five minutes
after we got off the ferry
onto Bruny Island for the first timeand I knew very clearly,“This is somewhere I want to spend
a fair bit of my time.”
We loved Tasmania instantlyand then came for a drive
down south, down the channel,
and completely fell in love.Owning Bruny Island Cheese
means a lot of pride, I think.
Pride in being able
to produce a product
which hopefully makes
a lot of people happy.
This business involves everyone
in its community.
And it’s a humbling experience
in that respect.
I think it’s one of the biggest
challenges that we face,
is being an artisan
in a new world context.
You know, it’s a pretty
highly regulated industry,
the cheese-making industry.So staying true to techniques that
are often hundreds of years old
is our biggest challenge.But ultimately,
it’s our biggest success as well.
Being on Bruny…
It’s actually bigger than Bruny.
It’s Tasmania, I think,
is an amazing place,
not just to live
but to be a producer.
Having the support
of the local community
in propping you upand supporting what you do
is incredible.
But just the natural environment
is such an inspiration.
I’ve been more aware of that
since I’ve had kids.
And bringing kids up
in a place like this,
I reckon you might be doing part of
your job as a father pretty well.
Persevere.Be true to your…to your dream.Don’t let your dream
become corrupted.
You set out to do something.You set out to make the product
that you wanted to make
or do the thing
that you wanted to do.
That’s what’s gonna make you
successful, ultimately,
rather than trying to mould yourself
into something
that other people
think that you should be.

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