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Cheesecakes were something I’ve done all
my life My cheesecake shop is very unique. We do
mini cheesecakes They’re roughly the size of a cupcake, but way better We kind of pride ourselves on being the
anti cupcake. Right now we’re at about 128 maybe 129 different flavors that we have already made. In our shop at any one time we have between 12 and 20 different flavors that people can choose from. Before this I was a Senior Chief Electronics Technician in the Navy. After 26 years in the Navy we knew that we were going to eventually retire, this end up being
the place where we retired. I started this business in 2013 and going through all of the steps to start business was terrifying. Making cheesecakes with easy opening a business and starting a
business was a whole different story I’ve been with Navy Federal for over 26
years. Every loan, every financial thing I’ve ever done has been
through Navy Federal they’ve been fantastic never had any problems they’ve always
been extremely helpful and it was just a no brainer to go with them for our
business aspirations as well. This first year has been amazing, I love being able to make the decisions I love the fact that
everything that goes on in here is on my shoulders. 26 years being in the
Navy you kinda learn to take on responsibilities like that and you thrive with that. In five years I’m hoping to have maybe two or three more stores very similar to this in the Pensacola area. We will definitely go
through Navy Federal for business loans and to expand we have here.

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