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At Saccharomyces Beer Cafe, we like to promote independently owned breweries and provide a unique drink to all our punters. We like to keep our beers interstyle so we will always have some easier drinkers on up to some big hoppy, IPAs then some dark and sour beers as well so there’s a broad spectrum there even if you’re new into craft beer or new to beer at all, we’ll be able to find you a beer that you will like. I’ve been passionate about beer for quite a number of years brewing my own style and my own beer and wanted to open a brewery that was too expensive so I scaled it back and decided to learn the front of house and the retail first. It gave me an opportunity to basically do what i love. Making sure the staffs there are employed match the venue also care about the business. Everyone that works here to a certain extent does have a passion for the business and they want to see it grow cause we are quite young and they want to be involved int that growth as well. It’s basically given me hr consultant. I don’t have to worry about where the contract is worded correctly or whether or not something is missed out or whether or not someone is getting the right pay. I can just ask Employsure and it confirms what i am doing is right. Making sure you have an idea that you can believe in. It is always going to be long hours with very little reward especially at the start and you don’t know whether that’s going to come through but if you believe in your idea, i guess you will push through that and you will find out whether or not it will work.

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