Small Business Success Story: Felix’s Famous Cookies

Hi! I’m Felix of Felix’s Famous Cookies. And I started baking and selling cookies when I was just
six years old. Hi! I’m Laura of Felix’s Famous Cookies, I’m co-owner and co-founder of this great cookie company together with my son. When we first started up our business, I knew exactly who I needed to go to and that
was the Small Business Development Center. They are a crucial part of our
company and we owe much to the growth and success to them. Not only have they
helped us with our business plan, they’ve helped us with great marketing ideas. They’ve really helped us strategize our future and plan for the next 5-10 years.
Fernando, our counselor has been amazing and such a critical part of our
management team. He’s helped me meet the most incredible people to help us with
financing. For example, he led us over to a group that has now allowed us to close
on a contract that can potentially lead us to not only national distribution, but
international distribution. So what’s next for Felix’s Famous Cookies? Well, we’re actually looking into obtaining our own kitchen space, which is amazing. It’s gonna allow us to produce more cookies and be able to distribute our product
in way more places than we are. None of this would have been possible without
the relationship that I have with the SBDC. We’re also competing at the Samuel
Adams Brewing the American dream pitch competition, and we’re also looking to
close on new major deals. For example, trying to get into the airports once we
get our certification. It’s a Million Dollar project for us over the next five years. Really? It is. Congratulations, this is truly great news. The best part about all the services offered over at the SBDC Center
is that they’re free. I’m so excited! Let’s see what the future holds for us! Hi, I’m Frank Brisby, director of the Small Business Development and
International Trade Center at the College of Lake County in Grayslake,
Illinois. If you want to explore how we may assist your company like we did with
Laura and Felix, call us today at 847 543 2033. Our program is grant funded, so our services cost you nothing and our
goal is to help you make your dreams a reality.

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4 thoughts on “Small Business Success Story: Felix’s Famous Cookies

  1. hope you guys are achieving much success, love the fact that you son is involved and learning about business from mom.

  2. nothing's free.  these people are probably sifting through the people that come to them to steel their idea.  kine of the way the Patton office does.  they see something with great potential.  they refuse your idea.  then they steel it for their selves.

  3. Loved all of these definitely a bucket list…just like the way we teach food entrepreneurs how to start a food business good luck awesome

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