Small Business Tips: Big Web Design & Marketing Design Mistakes

BETHANY: Hey everyone! Social Media Manager Bethany here with our art directors, Shelley and Sandra. And today we’re going to talk about design and some of the mistakes that you can make, and also some of the things that you can do better maybe in the future. So first question: What are some of the biggest mistakes you all see with design? SHELLEY: I feel that when I look at different pieces, it seems that a lot of businesses try to cram too much
content into their materials, such as websites and direct mailers. So that’s
probably the biggest thing that I see. BETHANY: Yeah, there’s just not a lot of space. It’s just all information, completely everywhere your eye looks. SHELLEY: Your eye doesn’t know where to go first. SANDRA: I agree with that. Hierarchy is really a key, I think, with the typography in general, and just having a clear message and having white space, too. BETHANY: Yeah, so like a goal of what they actually are doing, and why the information is being shared with them. SANDRA: Yes. BETHANY: That’s good. So with that in mind, then, what is one of the, or some of the, design principles that you think of as most important. I mean, they’re all important, but what do
you typically look for or focus on as a designer when you’re making a piece? SANDRA: Especially for websites I would say negative space and balance is really key. You want to stay above the fold, and
balance your elements with typography. BETHANY: OK. So having extra space, again, not having information over every square inch of your website or design. SHELLEY: Right. Speaking of typography, I agree with that. I feel that a lot of times
people try to use too many different fonts in their designs. You want to kind
of look at your brand, and stick with your brand fonts. Just probably use about
two, and stay with that. BETHANY: OK. You don’t want like the script font, and then like a block font, like 20 different fonts converging. SHELLEY: Right, yeah. You kind of have to just use your savvy to know what looks good together. BETHANY: Yeah, OK. And then a final question: So when you’re starting a new
design, whatever it may be, what do you do first to get started and get on the right pathway? SANDRA: What I do first is just collect inspiration visually and through Pinterest, Google Images — things like that. And then I also do thumbnail sketches. BETHANY: Cool! How about you? SHELLEY: I like to look at what
the client has done in the past, and try to figure out what they want the face of their brand to be, so that’s usually my plan of action if it’s something new — if we’re rebranding or if it’s a new client. Try to get a feel. Do some
research. BETHANY: That makes sense so you kind of know more about the client so that you can figure out the vision as it moves forward. SHELLEY: Mm-hmm. Exactly. BETHANY: OK. Well that’s all we have for you guys today. If we didn’t cover your questions, or if you
have more questions for us, feel free to comment below this video wherever you’re watching it, or send us a message. And have a great day!

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