Small Business tips : Holiday season video 2 ❄

Hey guys I’m Mollie and I work in the
marketing department here at Bitbond we’re currently doing a video series
which is tips for businesses during the holiday season. This is the second
video & these tips are aimed towards small businesses and e-commerce sellers so if
you’re one of them continue watching and hopefully there’s some great tips for
you, to help you maximise those sales over the holiday season. So I’ll get straight into it with tip number one. Which is too check out your data. So look at your data
from last year & look at your most recent data analysing this will help a variety
of different ways from your inventory to figure out where you should put
promotions on and predicting what will sell best etc. But my main point today is use
this data to set some goals make these goals achievable, something to work
towards. The holiday season can be frantic so having these dead set
goals can really help you have a focus. It can also help your employees focus. Also use your employees’ help, let them pick some goals it will not only motivate them
but make the goals be as realistic as possible. Tip number two is if you’ve got
some good social media accounts to maybe do a free giveaway & get some buzz
about Christmas or the holiday season share some holiday content, really
join the conversation and get people excited about your brand. If you
live in a very local community or community that you can physically get
involved in, do so. It is the holiday season after all which is a season to be
giving. so give something back to your community maybe donate to a charity
or go to a community event. Have a presence which is helpful and
warm and has that holiday spirit this will not only help with your
branding but you can also share this on your social media and it’s just generally
quite a nice thing to do Tip number three is deck out your website with holiday images, holiday
everything you can change your hero images your, banners so everything to kind
of match the holiday season that physical shops will be doing this they
will be decorated to the max so you need to match this energy and create
this holiday season experience for those people shopping online now that is
everything from me today I really hope you enjoyed this video and found some
helpful tips if you would like to see more please subscribe and
like the video we actually have a blog post that’s just come out which is
marketing business tips for this holiday season so if you’re interested check
that out I hope to see you on the platform thank you for watching and

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