Small Business Victoria Workshops – Marketing & Online Strategy

Before I attended the workshop sessions
I had a bit of a vision, I had an idea of where I wanted to go but there was a lot
of questions that I had unanswered so attending that marketing basics
workshop actually helped me to be able to learn about creating a brand for my
business and that brand was to create a designed first-aid solution to
companies because no two companies are the same. There are four workshops; two in
marketing and then the other two are in online, so digital business. So in the
marketing workshops the things that’s covered is really you know the essence
of marketing strategy so that’s making sure that you know how to get a good
match for your customer, you know how to identify who your customer is and more
importantly how you’re gonna reach them and then obviously now in the digital
world you’ve got to work out how you also interact with your customers
digitally or online and so that could be social media that could be e-commerce it
could be, you know, selling online. All these things that are available. These workshops made me realize why it is that I wanted to run my own business, gave me the strength gave me the motivation as well as some great knowledge that’s
helped me benefit my business and make it operate much more smoothly. A lot of people sort of say to me after the marketing workshops, “You know, I really
now get it. I didn’t sort of quite get, you know,
why you need to do this or why you need to that but now it’s clearer.” Or, “I
understand the sort of marketing that I know perhaps need to do for my business.” Moving forward, I’ve got some great ideas that I’m currently working on. Things
like a You Tube channel, “First-Aid with James” so that’s something that to
keep an eye out for. Basically I feel that every time I need a little bit of
motivation I’m going to make sure that I attend a session and i hope to be
attending approximately one to two sessions per year just to make sure that
I keep my business fresh and vibrant. Authorised by Victorian Government
1 Treasury Place Melbourne

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