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Gold Coast Website Structure Websites are like houses. They need firm foundations, they need preparation
and they need planning. The three major elements of that… you have
to be very careful about the business name, the URL or the domain name that you choose. If you put a Gold Coast website up like,
that tells neither Google nor your readers what your website is about. On the other hand if you have
people know exactly what it’s all about and so does Google. If you think of it in terms of a filing cabinet,
if you like, the domain name is the filing cabinet. The drawers within that are what we call categories
and you have to make sure that your Gold Coast website is harmonious so that it’s all working
towards the same purpose. So for example if you had a website,
then your categories might be instructional videos, product launch videos, seminar videos,
all things that work together to enhance the actual domain name itself, and then Google
knows exactly what your website is about from the mix of those things. The third thing is your keywords and you really
need to get inside your client’s head and say okay what would people search for. Because if you have a great Gold Coast website
but no one ever sees it, it’s not a great website. You need to have a website where people have
got phrases that you have optimized your website for and they are searching for. So our 24-Hour Emergency Plumbing for example,
that would be one of your keywords because if people look for that, they’re looking for
you in a hurry and they’re looking to buy. The other thing that you need to look at is
that everyone is looking for the latest magic bullet to get you into the top 30 in Google
overnight. The secret to Google is very, very easy. Just give Google what they want. If you try to fool Google, it may work for
a little while but in the long term it just does not work. So good interesting content that is informative
and helpful, that’s what will get your Gold Coast website high in Google. So let’s look at what we’re going to guarantee
for you. First we’ll guarantee that you’ll be in the
top 30 results in Google and Yahoo within 60 days. Secondly we’ll guarantee that your YouTube
video has at least a thousand views within the first 21 days. This is Terry Fisher of
and in the next video we look at integrated web marketing where we put together your website,
YouTube, articles and social media.

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